The Most Beloved Local Bakeries in Venice

You probably already know that the Italian carb trinity is made up of bread, pizza, and pasta. Italians love carbs with breakfast, lunch, and dinner, and Venetians are no exception. Like every Italian, they wholeheartedly believe that the day can be improved with the right morning pastry or the perfect afternoon sandwich. There’s no better place than Venetian bakeries to put this faith to the test. Read on to discover the best bakeries in Venice with us!

Prepare your stomachs because you are going to want to visit each one of these bakeries in Venice. Photo credit: Tran


The first name that pops into every Venetian’s mind when you ask about bakeries is Pasticceria Tonolo. A point of reference in Dorsoduro, it strikes you for being such a small place. Always packed with tourists and locals, you won’t have to wait too long for breakfast. The barmen are so fast that you’ll be out of this pasticceria in just a few minutes. 

Tonolo makes many types of baked goodies, but their specialty is the frittelle. A frittella is a little ball of fried dough, a sweet that will blow your mind. Traditional frittelle are seasoned with raisins and pine nuts, but we prefer the modern twist. Here you can try fritelle with a silky filling of pistachio cream, custard, zabaglione cream, and even Nutella!

The only time of the year when you can find frittelle is during Carnival. Even if you have a Venetian nonna of your own, they’d never defy the tradition and prepare them any other time.

fried dough balls with powdered sugar in black bowl
Tonolo has been serving their specialty carnival Frittelle since 1886. Photo credit: Wikimedia commons

Pasticceria Nobile

Pasticceria Nobile (Cannaregio, 1818) has everything you could want from a traditional bakery: croissants, jam-filled donuts, and even the traditional pan del doge—a crusty cake made with short-crust pastry, raisins, almonds, and hazelnuts.

But among all the bakeries in Venice, Pasticceria Nobile stands out for its pizzette. Unlike big pizzas, these pizzette are small and molded like little boats, so that the millefeuille can contain more tomato sauce and a tiny piece of mozzarella. Every pizzetta is a small, heavenly bite.

There aren’t many places to sit outside: we really recommend you not to extend your visit, and enjoy your pizzetta on the go!

small heart shaped pizzas
Pasticceria Nobile is located just a few steps from the Grand Canal. Photo credit: Jérôme Decq

Pasticceria dal Mas

Another one of the best bakeries in Venice, Pasticceria dal Mas has exactly what you need to start your day with the right kick. Located a few steps away from the rail station, this small pasticceria will impress you with its drool-worthy showcases. You’ll see here perfect little pastries, neatly arranged in tidy lines. They are all equally delicious, which makes choosing very hard! 

If you’re craving something more than a simple breakfast, you won’t be disappointed. Pasticceria dal Mas is not only the perfect breakfast spot, it’s also a chocolate shop. (They proudly claim to serve one of the best chocolates in the world!) But in their pastry shop, this raw material is turned into small works of art. Every chocolate praline has its own balanced flavor and design, down to the smallest detail.

Pasticceria dal Mas has been a local favorite for over 100 years. Photo credit: Marzeta Bodden

Pasticceria Italo Didovich

Did someone say fancy treats? You must come here if you want to have some refined pastry. 

Pasticceria Italo Didovich (Campo Santa Marina) is a family business run by Giovanna and her dad, Italo Didovich. They specialize in sweets from the Austrian tradition, like Sacher, Kranz, and Strudel.  Does that sound strange? Yet, it’s not: don’t forget that Venice and the whole Venetian area were under the domination of the Austro-Hungarian Empire until the middle of the 19th century.

Regional Italian delicacies also have their place at this Venetian bakery. Nestled next to Austrian treats like Linzer cookies you’ll also find Sicilian cannoli and classic Italian cornetto filled with cream.

But the real reason why you should choose Italo Didovich as your sweet spot is the unbeatable atmosphere. During summer days, you can sit in a little square for an experience that feels perfectly elegant and gorgeously decadent.

chocolate cake with whipped cream
This decadent Sachertorte is just one of the delicious Austrian pastries you’ll find at Pasticceria Italo Didovich. Photo credit: Michela Simoncini

Pasticceria Rosa Salva 

If the true sweet tooth connoisseur can recognize quality, then Pasticceria Rosa Salva will surely be on their radar. The bakery is a city institution, and one of the finest places to have your breakfast. And its long history proves it – the café was born in 1876. Not the oldest café in town, but still a mandatory visit for pastry lovers. 

Rosa Salva has different locations scattered around Venice, and each one of them has a beautiful view. Our favorite is the one in Campo San Pietro e Paolo, which has vistas overlooking one of the city’s most beautiful churches. Since it’s off the beaten path, you’ll find a family atmosphere and a little haven of peace from the crowded calli in the city.

round pastries with cream
Bignè, babà and sfogliatelle are just a few of the delicacies served at Pasticceria Rosa Salva. Photo credit: Jean Beaufort

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