30 Ideas for Awesome Christmas Gifts from Madrid

This blog post was originally posted on November 30, 2014 and was updated on November 3, 2017. 

As Christmas draws closer, the shopping season springs to life in the Spanish capital. Madrid is home to its fair share of great Spanish gifts.

When it comes to Christmas in Madrid, there is a whole host of amazing gifts you can buy to take a piece of Spain back home with you. Here are our top picks for the best Christmas gifts from Madrid, perfect for wowing friends and family back home!

Looking for perfect Christmas gifts from Madrid? Try any of our 30 tips for great Madrid souvenirs and gifts like ceramics, leather, wine, books and more!

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Food and Drink

Did you expect any less from us? We’ve already compiled a great list of foodie souvenirs from Madrid, but for quick reference here are some of our favorite food gifts from Madrid!

Typically sold in sealed packs, turrón, a delicious nougat treat, will sit nicely in your suitcase and make for the perfect Madrid Christmas gift
Turrón is a delicious festive treat, and incredibly easy to get into your luggage!

1. Violet candies from La Violeta

2. Turrón from Casa Mira or Turrons Vicens

3. Cava from La Cava de la Villa

4. Spices and teas from Spicy Yuli

5. Sweet wine from El Anciano Rey de los Vinos

6. Embutidos (think jamón, chorizo, and all that is pork) from Ferpal

7. A bottle of vermouth from La Hora del Vermut (try Casa Mariol if they have it!)

8. Rabitos Royales (chocolate covered figs) from Cortes Inglés

9. Extra Virgin Olive Oil and other gourmet products from Dónde Sanchez

Leather goods

Shoes, purses, briefcases, gloves… Spain is all about leather so here are some great places to buy leather goods in Madrid.

These leather shoes, seen in a variety of colours, make for the perfect Christmas gift from Madrid
Cute leather shoes are a typical Spanish gift you can find in Madrid

10. Taller Puntera for handmade leather goods in Madrid

11. Aplauso shoe stores for Made in Spain leather shoes

12. Guantes Luque for exquisite handmade Spanish gloves

Spanish Ceramics

Yes, ceramics are a quintessential gift from Spain but that’s because they’re beautiful! Madrid is quite close to Talavera de la Reina, one of the country’s most important towns for ceramic goods. You can find ceramics at select shops in the city. Here are three of our recommendations for some of the most one-of-a-kind gifts from Madrid.

These bowls, vases and plates, in traditional blues, yellows and some more Moiorish inspired colors, make for the perfect Madrid Christmas gift
Stunning ceramics are another amazing Christmas gift from Madrid

13. For incredible ceramic art in a shop that should be a museum, check out Antigua Casa Talavera

14. For ceramic souvenirs from all over Spain at great prices try San Miguel Artensania

15. For a trip back in time, visit Amparo at her tiny ceramics shop La Cacharrería on Calle Echegaray– she’s been there since she was a child and her parents owned it since the 1940s!

Spanish Cookware

Once you’ve sampled all the delicious food Spain has to offer, you need to be able to replicate these delicious dishes in your own kitchen. Here are some shops that have you covered.

Finding good paella in Madrid can be hard, but El Caldero is one delicious place to try. Plus, you can take the paella to go!
Pick up a paella pan for Christmas!

Pick up a pan for a Christmas paella!

16. Mini Cooking: All the supplies you need, and in mini form too!

17. Alambique: One of Madrid’s most famous cooking shops, you’ll find paella pans, mortar and pestles and much more! These make the perfect gifts from Madrid for any aspiring chef.

Spanish Cookbooks

There’s no point in having great Spanish cookware without the Spanish cookbooks! Here are our favorite Spanish cookbooks, which you can easily purchase on Amazon (leaving a little more room in your suitcase!).

Tortilla Española
Give the gift of classic Spanish recipes, like tortilla de patata!

18. Delicioso! The Regional Cooking of Spain

19. 1080 Recipes

20. La Cocina de Mama: The Great Home Cooking of Spain

21. The Food of Spain

Tip: You can also pick up fun Spanish cookbooks at the La Central bookshop and café (Calle Postigo de San Martin, 8) in the center of Madrid.

Made in Spain

Madrid is filled with markets and boutiques selling handmade goods, and what a better way to support the Spanish economy than by buying something local! These gifts from Madrid are sure to be unique, so no worries about having to return them.

The holidays are finally upon us, and Madrid is ready to celebrate! Get out to enjoy the city with our ultimate list for what to do in Madrid in December!
You can find a wide array of festive gifts at the Plaza Mayor Christmas Market!

22. Casa Hernanz: For custom fitted espadrilles (this place supposedly invented the espadrille!).

23. Codo 3: Hidden away on the quaint Calle Codo (steps away from the Plaza Mayor) you find a lovely jewelry shop that specializes in Spanish made jewelry.

24. El Rastro Flea Market: The main drag is filled with souvenirs but on the side streets you can find unique art, clothes and antique items.

25. Mercado de Motores: This funky market is help a couple times a month at Madrid’s railway museum. You’ll find everything from customized baby booties to a leather wine sack!

26. Mercado Central de Diseño: This cool market only happens once a month, but when it’s in town it’s definitely worth a visit for the selection of handmade art, clothing, shoes, and accessories.

27. Plaza Mayor Christmas Market: Madrid’s most famous Christmas market sells nativity figurines, decorations and ornaments.

Flamenco Gear

While most people won’t be in the market for a €300+ flamenco dress, flamenco accessories and knock off gowns make great gifts for future Halloween costumes and kids’ dress-up ensembles. You can also find castanets, Spanish fans, flamenco aprons and flamenco music, and if you are staying in Madrid for the holidays the city is home to some of the best live flamenco shows in the world!

Spanish festivals you won't want to miss - Feria de Abril
Just imagine the look on your loved one’s face when they unwrap an incredible flamenco dress!

28. Grab cheap flamenco souvenirs at El Flamenco Vive

29. For quality flamenco gear (still starting at very low prices) check out Disfraces Maty

30. Check out the flamenco show at Cardamomo or Cafetín la Quimera, and the flamenco jazz at Off de la Latina (Calle de los Mancebos, 4). Or even better, join us on our Tapas and Flamenco Tour, where we’ll visit an authentic show, and enjoy some classic tapas in locally loved eateries!

Are we missing anything?! What are your favorite Christmas gifts from Madrid? And if you could get only one item on the list, what would it be?

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