Where to Buy Authentic Flamenco Souvenirs in Madrid

If you’ve come to Spain hoping to lose yourself in the rhythm and passion of flamenco, you’re not alone. Luckily, with so many great places to experience authentic flamenco in Madrid, you won’t be disappointed.

Then, when you’re ready to head home, take a piece of the story with you.

Woman wearing a red dress dancing flamenco.

There are wonderful shops all throughout the Spanish capital where you can buy real flamenco dresses, shoes, instruments and more. Skip the touristy shops hawking inauthentic frilly dresses and head to one of these spots for flamenco souvenirs in Madrid to keep the music going long after your plane lands.

1. For Beautiful Traditional Dresses: Maty

If you’ve always dreamed of wearing a ruffled polka dot dress and shouting olé, then this is the place to go to try on flamenco dresses of every color and design.

A Madrid favorite for costumes and dance wear, Maty sells both modern and more traditional styles of flamenco dresses both for dancing and for dressing up. Step into Spanish folklore at this amazing shop with dresses for every budget.

Flamenco dresses in a brightly lit shop window.
Maty is the go-to spot for incredible flamenco dresses in Madrid. Photo credit: Avinash Bhat

2. For Long-Lasting Flamenco Shoes: Don Flamenco

Don Flamenco specializes in handcrafted leather dancing shoes. Whether you’re planning to take classes back home (or here in Madrid!) or you just want a wearable memory of your flamenco experience, these shoes might just be the answer.

With both classic and contemporary styles, this special shop has something for everyone. In a pair of these beautifully made shoes, you’ll be stomping and tapping with the best. Stop by the shop in the Anton Martin neighborhood to try on the shoes that have earned their spot in flamenco history!

Female flamenco dancer's feet clad in red dancing shoes.
Well-made shoes make all the difference for dancing flamenco!

3. For Guitars & Dress Accessories: El Flamenco Vive

Visit this flamenco palace for everything from elaborate hair combs to guitars.

At El Flamenco Vive, you’ll find the perfect accessories to match any flamenco dress. Bring back earrings, bracelets and mantones (large, embroidered scarves) to keep your flamenco memories alive.

This is also one of the best places to pick up flamenco souvenirs for musicians thanks to their collection of beautiful guitars, castanets and more. The shop also has a great collection of books and CDs so you can experience the passionate sounds of flamenco any time.

Five guitars hanging on the wall of a shop.
A flamenco guitar might just be the coolest souvenir you can bring back from Madrid!

4. For Fans & Castanets: Casa de Diego

If you’re on the hunt for classic flamenco souvenirs like wooden castanets, lace-edged fans, or a typical black hair comb, then look no further.

Casa de Diego in the Puerta del Sol plaza has been selling beautifully made traditional Spanish accessories since 1858. This Madrid institution is the perfect place to find all kinds of unique and authentic gifts for friends and family.

Flamenco Souvenirs FAQs

What is the traditional flamenco costume?

The typical long, ruffled dress worn by female dancers is perhaps the most identifiable symbol of this art form. But sometimes women will even wear a separate blouse and skirt, or even pants. Men typically wear a shirt under a vest, pants, and occasionally a scarf.

What kind of shoes do flamenco dancers wear?

Traditional flamenco shoes are made of leather with a strap across the top. They have a short heel and the sole is embedded with nails to produce sound as the dancer performs.

Do flamenco dancers use castanets?

Some, but not all, flamenco performances incorporate castanets. They are more commonly used in certain styles of flamenco, namely sevillanas, fandango, seguiriyas, soleá, cane, and guajira.

Update Notice: This post was originally published on February 16, 2016 and was updated with new text and photos on April 8, 2021.

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