Breakfast in Madrid: 10 Can’t-Miss Spots

We take our breakfast seriously here in Spain, and to really immerse yourself in local life, you should do the same. Join us at these spots for breakfast in Madrid to start your morning off right!

A person's hand holding a clear glass of coffee, with a woman laughing while eating churros and chocolate visible in the background

Breakfast is so important here in Spain that on many days, we eat it twice.

First up is a cup of coffee and a small bite before leaving the house in the morning. Then, around 10–11 a.m., you’ll see the neighborhood cafes and coffee shops filling up with madrileños on their midmorning break for second breakfast. It’s a great way to relax and disconnect for a bit, as well as tide you over until our famously late lunch time.

Ready to start your day on the most delicious note possible? Here’s where to find the best breakfast in Madrid!

Breakfast Foods in Spain

Before heading out for breakfast in Madrid, it helps to familiarize yourself with some of the most typical foods available in the morning. While the specific offerings can vary depending on where you go, here are a few options you’ll be able to find at many spots.

  • Tostada, or toast, with your choice of toppings. A common savory combination is olive oil, crushed tomato, and cured ham (tostada con aceite, tomate, y jamón). For something on the sweeter side, order yours with butter and jam (tostada con mantequilla y mermelada).
  • Pastries such as croissants, napolitanas, and soletillas
  • Churros dipped in chocolate for an extra-indulgent treat
  • Pincho de tortilla, or a wedge of Spanish omelet

And of course, you’ll need something to drink! Most breakfast spots in Madrid serve coffee, tea, and freshly squeezed orange juice.

Pouring milk into glass of coffee
A classic Spanish café con leche (coffee with milk).

Where to Eat Breakfast in Madrid

1. Café de Oriente

How about an amazing view to go with your breakfast? Located just opposite the Royal Palace, Café de Oriente is one of our favorite spots for a traditional Spanish breakfast in Madrid.

Keep it classic with a typical tostada con tomate y aceite (tomato toast with olive oil olive oil) and wash it down with a café con leche. Throw in a glass of freshly squeezed orange juice, and you’ll have a Spanish breakfast trifecta.

Toasted bread with fresh pureed tomato
Nothing beats a classic Spanish tostada con tomate.

2. HanSo Café

For most locals, the most important part of breakfast in Madrid is the coffee—and we tend to agree! Whether you’re grabbing it to go or enjoying your cup in-house, few places do coffee better than HanSo Café.

Located in the hip Malasaña neighborhood, HanSo has everything from traditional café con leche to matcha tea lattes with almond milk. The friendly baristas take their craft seriously and are more than happy to offer suggestions if you’re not sure what to order.

And of course, we can’t forget about the food! In addition to great coffee, HanSo also has a tasty selection of pastries, tostadas and sandwiches, and even some non-traditional bites such as yogurt bowls and waffles.

Overhead shot of waffles sprinkled with nuts next to a small cup of light brown sauce.
Sometimes all you need are waffles. Photo credit: Taylor Kiser

3. Chocolatería San Ginés

Did you wake up craving something sweet? Local institution San Ginés has your ultimate breakfast in Madrid: churros con chocolate.

Although you can find churros throughout Madrid, San Ginés has been serving them up the longest. Since 1894, the world-famous chocolatería has been satisfying people of all ages with its freshly-fried churros and steaming cups of thick hot chocolate. They’re open late so you can stop in any time—just don’t forget to drink whatever chocolate your churros leave behind!

Insider’s Tip: Don’t forget to try porras, the thicker, richer version of churros. Devour Madrid expert guide Joy provides her top churro tips—and busts lots of churro myths—in the video below.

4. The Toast Café

Brunch is still a relatively new concept in Spain, but it’s quickly gaining popularity as a substitute for breakfast in Madrid.

Popular among locals and the international community alike, The Toast Café uses quality ingredients to create trendy American homemade dishes (peanut butter and jelly pancakes, anyone?). And what’s brunch without a breakfast cocktail? Toast also serves mimosas and Bloody Marys to complete your brunch experience

Local tip: On the weekends, this brunch joint can fill up quickly, so we highly recommend making a reservation online.

Eggs Benedict with smoked salmon served on a white plate
Nothing beats the perfect brunch in the perfect city! Photo credit: Scott Eckersley

5. Federal

Located near Plaza de España, Federal is our go-to choice for a healthy breakfast in Madrid. (Because unfortunately, one cannot live on wine, jamón and churros alone).

This Australian-style cafe uses organic ingredients and fresh produce to create unforgettable breakfast dishes. As a bonus, they even have an amazing selection of gluten-free options.

Egg dish served in a small black bowl with bread on the side
A cozy breakfast dish at Federal. Photo credit: Trevor Huxham

6. Mazál

It used to be difficult, if not impossible, to find a good bagel in Madrid. Luckily, when Mazál opened up shop in 2020, that changed.

Mazál’s American founder, Tamara, started selling her homemade bagels out of her Madrid apartment, and demand quickly skyrocketed. Today, she and her team operate this cozy café in Chamberí, selling authentic New York-style bagels as well as homemade cakes and cookies. This spot is especially popular for brunch on the weekends, so be sure to call ahead!

Two bagels on a small plate next to a larger plate with toppings such as salmon, cream cheese, and vegetables
A delicious and colorful spread at Mazál. Photo credit: Mazál

7. Chocolat

If you’re craving churros but prefer a quieter, more laid-back atmosphere than the popular San Ginés, Chocolat is just the place for you.

In 2003, a local waiter named Alfonso noticed that many of the longstanding churrerías in the Huertas neighborhood were sadly pulling down their shutters for good. Not wanting the area to lose these incredible local establishments, he opened Chocolat—and nearly 20 years later, it’s still going strong!

What sets Chocolat apart is the fact that the churros are freshly fried to order each morning and afternoon (for merienda, or the mid-afternoon snack). And as you probably guessed from the name, they also make some pretty fantastic chocolate: low in sugar, high in cocoa, and thickened to the perfect texture for dipping churros.

Child's hand dipping sugar-covered churros into a mug of thick hot chocolate
Chocolat is a beloved spot for churros in the Huertas neighborhood.

8. Plenti

Another wonderful option for breakfast in Madrid is Plenti, a cozy little cafe tucked down a side street near Antón Martín.

Plenti achieves the perfect balance of classic and contemporary. Here, you can order simple and traditional favorites such as tostadas. But they also keep things fresh with options you won’t find at many other typical breakfast spots, like hearty baked egg dishes and vegan oatmeal.

Close up of barista pouring milk into a cup of coffee
Plenti has fantastic coffee, too! Photo credit: Fahmi Fakhrudin

9. El Riojano

Want to enjoy breakfast in Madrid like royalty? El Riojano is calling your name.

This spot was founded in the 19th century by the former personal pastry chef of Spains’ royal family. In fact, Queen Isabella II herself helped decorate the opulent space—the tea room in the back is one of Madrid’s most beautiful spaces to have a cup of coffee and a pastry!

Still locally owned and operated, El Riojano maintains its status today as one of Madrid’s highest quality pastry shops. Try their heavenly soletilla (ladyfinger) cookies with hot chocolate for a simple yet indulgent treat.

Cookies and pastries on display behind a glass case at a bakery.
The gorgeous selection of cookies and pastries at El Riojano in Madrid!

10. Carmencita

Lastly, no list of where to eat breakfast in Madrid would be complete without Carmencita, one of the city’s hottest brunch locales in the Malasaña neighborhood.

Start off with a round of mimosas, then dig into one of their incredible brunch plates. This place is known for their huevos rancheros, but they also offer some great vegan and vegetarian options, too.

The good news: Carmencita serves brunch every day, not just on the weekends. However, reservations are highly encouraged to ensure your spot.

Two mimosas served in champagne flutes on a wooden table
Mimosas, anyone? Photo credit: Briona Baker

Breakfast in Madrid FAQs

What is a typical breakfast in Madrid?

Traditional breakfast foods in Madrid include toasted bread (tostadas) with toppings like olive oil and crushed tomato, a wedge of Spanish omelet (pincho de tortilla), or pastries. On weekends and special occasions, many people opt for churros and chocolate.

What time do people eat breakfast in Madrid?

Many Madrid locals eat breakfast twice a day! First is a small bite to eat and a cup of coffee before leaving home in the morning, around 7–8 a.m. Later, many people head to cafes around 10–11 a.m. for their second breakfast, which is usually a bit more substantial.

Update Notice: This post was originally published on February 25, 2014 and was updated with new text and photos on October 21, 2021.

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