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Italy is a bucket list destination for millions of visitors, and for good reason. It offers incredible regional diversity, a vibrant and colorful culture, and most importantly, lots of great food and wine.  

The beautiful thing about Italian cuisine is that it’s very regional. Rustic Roman fare, the original Neapolitan pizza, creamy risotto from the north, and everything in between—there’s no one singular definition of Italian food, and we’re okay with that. 

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  • From Florence to Cinque Terre: The Ultimate Guide

    Easily accessible from Florence, Cinque Terre is an idyllic destination on the Ligurian sea made up of five villages that comprise one of the most famous national parks in Italy. From Vernazza’s picturesque landscapes, to Riomaggiore’s crystal-clear water; Monterosso’s winding streets, Corniglia’s sweeping views, or Manarola’s stunning buildings, each town has a different atmosphere worth […]

  • The Ultimate Procida Day Trip from Naples

    Procida is a tiny, colorful island off the coast of Napoli that was formed by now-submerged volcanoes. It’s less glamorous than Capri, and much smaller than Ischia, but has a lot to offer for a day trip. It was named Italy’s Capital of Culture for 2022, making it the first island to ever win the […]

  • The Best Vegetarian Restaurants in Florence

    Once upon a time, if you asked the average Florentine waiter for a meat-free meal and then took issue with the bits of pancetta in your greens, you’d hear something like, “That’s not meat, it’s flavor”. Completely devoid of the sarcasm you might assume would accompany such a retort. Yes, Florence loves its carne. But […]