Our Favorite Andalusian Wines to Order in Granada

This blog post was originally posted on May 2, 2018, and was updated on April 16, 2019. 

Spain is home to more than 70 diverse wine regions, and some of the best are found in the south!

Without a doubt, Granada’s privileged, relatively central location within Andalusia means that it’s within reach of some of the best wines in the country. The warm, Mediterranean climate in southern Spain helps produce some especially delicious vino, and all of it is within reach of Granada. However, so many delicious choices might be overwhelming to newcomers, so we decided to narrow it down. Here are our all-time favorite Andalusian wines to order in Granada that will delight both budding sommeliers and wine newbies alike!

Drink like a local by trying one of our picks for the five wines to order in Granada.

1. D.O. Granada

First of all, one of the best wines to order in Granda comes from the surrounding region itself! D.O. Granada wines are produced right here in the province of Granada. The especially unique terrain formed by the Mediterranean and the Sierra Nevada mountains help to create some of the highest quality Andalusian wines that are quickly making a name for themselves throughout Spain. With this in mind, take a day trip and visit a local vineyard to taste these wines straight from the source.

Not sure which of the many delicious wines to order in Granada? Start with the local specialty: D.O. Granada!
Granada’s rich reds are among our favorites!

2. Sherry

Think sherry is just that sickly sweet stuff your grandma drinks at Christmas? Think again. Sherry hails from the Jerez region in Cádiz province and captures the diversity of Andalusia. From crisp, bone-dry manzanilla to dark, rich Pedro Ximenez (the sweetest wine in the world!), there’s something along the sherry spectrum that everyone will enjoy. This makes it one of the most diverse wines to order in Granada—there’s a sherry for everybody!

Sherries from Jerez are among our favorite wines to order in Granada!
Not sure which sherry to order? The darker, the sweeter!

3. Montilla-Moriles

Among the lesser-known yet highest quality wines to order in Granada, Montilla-Moriles wines come from nearby Córdoba province. A lesser-known cousin of sherry, these wines undergo a very similar production process, with the exception of fortification. And because only 10 of the 170 producers in the region export their wines, Montilla-Moriles is virtually unknown outside Andalusia even among die-hard wine fans.

Among the lesser-known wines to order in Granada are Montilla Moriles wines, which are similar to sherry but not fortified.
As sherry’s lesser-known cousin, Montilla Moriles wines are definitely worth a try!

4. Málaga/Sierras de Málaga

Just southwest of Granada lies the sun-soaked province of Malaga, home to two wines with the prestigious denominación de origen status: D.O. Málaga and D.O. Sierras de Málaga. The first of the two is a sweet, rich fortified wine, similar to the sweeter varieties of sherry. The latter consists of traditional, delicious whites, reds and rosés. Whichever you choose, both are equally valuable as some of the best Andalusian wines to order in Granada!

When it comes to wines to order in Granada, anything from nearby Malaga is a great choice!
Sweet Malaga wine makes a perfectly tasty addition to any gathering!

5. Condado de Huelva

One of the least-known wines to order in Granada comes from the far-flung, westernmost Andalusian province of Huelva. Even if you can’t find it on a map, the wines from D.O. Condado de Huelva are absolutely worth a try. A historical winemaking region, these vineyards produced the first wines to make it to the New World (Columbus’s crew stocked their shop with plenty of Huelva wine!). These light, refreshing wines go especially well with freshly caught local seafood.

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