Wine Bars in Madrid: 10 Incredible Spots

Spain is home to some of the best wine in the world, and there’s no better place than Madrid to try it. Whether you prefer Ribera, Rioja or anything in between, you’ll be able to find your vino of choice in Spain’s capital.

Sipping wine among locals is an essential Madrid experience, but where exactly should you go? We’ve narrowed down our eight favorite wine bars in Madrid for the perfect evening out.

Glass of white wine on a wooden surface

Before you head out to one of these excellent wine bars in Madrid, make sure you know what you’re ordering! In the video below, wine expert and friend of Devour Luke shows you how to order wine in Spain so you can drink like a local.

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Ready to start sipping some incredible Spanish wine? Without further ado, here are the best wine bars in Madrid that all enophiles should check out!

1. Vinoteca Vides

Located just north of Gran Vía, the trendy Chueca neighborhood isn’t exactly off the beaten path. But it is packed with some fantastic little hidden gems that locals adore and that many visitors to the city overlook. Case in point: Vinoteca Vides.

Owner Vicente opened the shop as a passion project and turned it into one of the most unique wine bars in Madrid. Vicente grew up in a winemaking family and has traveled the country in search of the best quality, lesser-known varieties. In his shop, you’ll find his handpicked selection of the best wines you’ve never heard of.

The clientele at Vides is mostly comprised of young, in-the-know locals who are responsible for Spain’s recent wine renaissance. Pop in for a glass and discover your new favorite bottle!

Two glasses of red wine being poured.
Enjoy expertly selected, underrated wines by the glass at Vinoteca Vides!

2. García de la Navarra

Brothers Pedro and Luis, chef and sommelier respectively, run the show at García de la Navarra, a short walk from lovely Retiro Park. Spectacular home-cooked Spanish food made with seasonal local products and more than 700 references of wine from all over Spain steal the show at this Madrid favorite. You can even sip on old vintages of Rioja from the 1930s!

What makes this one of the best wine bars in Madrid is more than just the impressive selection, though. The impeccable service and simple decoration will immediately make you feel like home. To take your experience up a notch, join the locals eating at the bar!

Three glasses of red wine on a table among several small tapas-style dishes.
Wine and homemade tapas = a match made in heaven.

3. Bodegas Rosell

Time seems to stand still at Bodegas Rosell, considered one of the best wine bars in Madrid since 1920. The classic, unpretentious decor and friendly servers make for the start of a fantastic gastronomic experience, but the food and wine truly steal the show.

Once home to a bulk wine seller, this simple bar in the Palos de la Frontera neighborhood is steeped in history and home to gigantic cellars holding more than 200 varieties of Spanish wine. There’s a perfect wine for each traditional Spanish food item on the menu. We especially love their delicious, creamy croquetas!

Two men talking outside of a bar with blue window paneling and old-fashioned tiled advertisements.
Bodegas Rosell is the kind of place that’s been the same for ages, and that’s a good thing. Why mess with perfection?

4. De Vinos

You might have to squeeze into this bar in the heart of the city, but once you’re inside you’ll see why De Vinos is one of the most popular wine bars in Madrid! Even when they’re not hosting a wine tasting or concert, they continue serving up some of the most unique wines in town.

Owner Yolanda not only knows her stuff when it comes to wine, but she’s also more than happy to share her wealth of knowledge with guests. She’ll introduce you to some of Spain’s lesser-known yet equally delicious wines, which you can enjoy by the glass or bottle at the bar. Enjoy one of the incredible homemade tapas while you drink as well!

Three glasses of white wine in front of a basket of breadstick crackers.
Spain’s red wines are world famous, but the lesser-known whites deserve some love, too!

5. Stop Madrid

When it was founded in 1929, Stop Madrid was one of the first specialty charcuterie shops in the city. Even today, it remains one of the 20 oldest bars in the capital! If you’re looking for one of the best wine bars in Madrid to experience an integral part of the city’s history, this is the place to go.

The simple chalkboard menus and wine barrel tables evoke the Madrid taverns of the past. The original dark wood shelves hold an impressive selection of expertly chosen wines from all over the country. Choose from one of 40 wines available by the glass and enjoy the simplicity of a Madrid classic.

Cured ham and breadstick crackers on a white plate on top of a wooden barrel with a glass of red wine
Wine and jamón: what more could you want?

6. Casa Gonzalez

Taste your way across Spain at Casa Gonzalez, home to one of the most incredible selections out of all of the wine bars in Madrid. At this historic bodega, you can enjoy every type of wine imaginable. Sip a popular variety from one of the best-known regions or try a rare bottle from an obscure winemaking zone—or both!

The bar doubles as a deli, making it possible to enjoy some of Madrid’s best cured meats and cheese with your wine. In fact, many of the deli products have been cured to perfection over a period of two years!

Row of wine bottles on the shelf at a shop
Just a fraction of the incredible selection at Casa Gonzalez!

7. La Venencia

Escape to sunny southern Spain without leaving the capital! La Venencia only serves sherry wines, each carefully selected from selected bodegas in Andalusia. This isn’t your grandma’s sherry—crisp, dry manzanilla and fino are the stars of the show, but each of the five varieties available are worth a try.

Dating from the 1930s, this sherry bar looks much the same as it did when Ernest Hemingway enjoyed a drink here decades ago. This historic watering hole was also a favorite during the Spanish Civil War among anti-Fascist troops, who would meet here to exchange stories from the battlefield over glasses of sherry.

Two glasses of sherry wine (one amber-colored and one light yellow) in front of a dish of olives on a wooden tabletop.
If you haven’t tried sherry wines yet, what are you waiting for?

8. Tienda de Vinos (“El Comunista”)

While the official name of this historic joint is Tienda de Vinos, its popular nickname “El Comunista” comes from its status as a meeting point for Leftist supporters during the Franco days. Its days as a political hangout are long past, but you’ll still be able to enjoy its classic menu, which has remained virtually unchanged for decades.

Decades before the Spanish Civil War, though, the bar originally opened as a simple wine seller. Perfectly chosen, high quality wine remains the heart and soul of this place. Ask your server (two of whom are the great grandchildren of the original founder!) for recommendations and they will be happy to help you find the perfect glass.

Two glasses of red wine being poured
Bold Spanish reds are always a winner.

9. Angelita

Another gem in hip and happening Chueca, Angelita is Madrid’s most prestigious wine bar and an essential stop for any vino aficionado. Proudly run by two brothers from a local family of restauranteurs, their selection of 500 bottles includes 70 wines available by the glass.

Angelita is also famous among madrileños for their exquisite cheese plates, curated from a handpicked variety of local cheeses. Order one alongside your wine for the ultimate upscale tapas experience.

Close up of four different kinds of cheese on a black tray.
The only way to make wine even better: Add cheese.

10. Bendito Vinos y Vinilos

Last but not least, we have Bendito Vinos y Vinilos at the bustling San Fernando Market. This place isn’t just one of the best wine bars in Madrid, but it also has the unique honor of being the city’s first bar to specialize exclusively in natural wines.

Owner José works closely with small winemakers to ensure that Bendito carries only the finest selection. He and his team are the type of people who clearly love what they do, and are always happy to provide recommendations or even let you sample a wine if you’re feeling indecisive.

Wine Bars in Madrid FAQs

How do I order wine in Spanish?

In Spain, the overwhelming majority of wines are ordered by their region—not by the grape! Once you’ve decided on a type, you can ask for una copa for a glass and una botella for a bottle. So “una botella de Rioja” will get you a bottle of Rioja!

What are some popular kinds of Spanish wine?

Rioja is arguably Spain’s best-known wine, followed closely by Ribera del Duero. Both regions are famous for their red wines, but also produce some fantastic whites (especially Rioja). Rueda and albariño (an exception to the order-by-the-region rule!) are great for white wines.

Also worth trying are cava (Spanish sparkling wine), sherry (available in a whole spectrum of colors and flavors), and of course, Spanish vermouth!

Update Notice: This post was originally published on January 29, 2018 and was updated with new text and photos on June 9, 2021.

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