Where to Eat Near Seville’s Cathedral: Top 7 Picks

Despite its popularity among tourist crowds, Seville’s iconic cathedral is surrounded by plenty of authentic, local bars and restaurants.

You might just have to look a little harder to find them! Figuring out where to eat near Seville’s cathedral can be a tall order, especially if you’re not used to navigating the narrow, winding streets in the historic center. Here, we’ve done the hard work for you and narrowed down where to eat near Seville’s cathedral for an authentic, local experience.

Wondering where to eat near Seville's cathedral? We've got 7 incredible places picked out!

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1. Bodega Santa Cruz

This classic tapas bar is bound to be packed with locals and visitors alike. Bodega Santa Cruz is one of the most emblematic bars in the neighborhood of the same name. It’s often standing-room only, but if you don’t mind being on your feet, it’s great for a casual lunch or as a stop on your evening tapas crawl. As you eat, the staff will keep track of your tab using chalk on the bar—old-school style! This is where to eat near Seville’s cathedral if you want to try the city’s famous montaditos. These yummy little sandwiches are great for sharing and fairly priced.

AddressCalle Rodrigo Caro, 1A

Wondering where to eat near Seville's cathedral? Head to Bodega Santa Cruz and order up some montaditos!
Nothing beats sharing a plate of montaditos with good friends!

2. La Azotea

This local favorite is so popular that they’ve opened up multiple locations around Seville! However, if you’re wondering where to eat near Seville’s cathedral, head to the La Azotea location on Calle Mateos Gago. Modern tapas prepared with fresh, seasonal ingredients make up an ever-changing menu that keeps things interesting. Their passionate kitchen never closes throughout the whole day, making it the perfect choice if you’re not eating at standard Spanish mealtimes!

AddressCalle Mateos Gago, 8

If you're wondering where to eat near Seville's cathedral, La Azotea is the answer!
Tiny clams and artichokes in a delicious homemade sauce: one of our favorite dishes at La Azotea!

3. Petit Comité

Just a five-minute walk away from the cathedral, Petit Comité is home to traditional flavors making up nutritious food. The lovely little space often fills up, so calling ahead is encouraged, and is perfect for a leisurely meal and great conversation with friends. The modern, innovative tapas have their roots in traditional recipes and are prepared with hand-picked quality, local ingredients.

AddressCalle Dos de Mayo, 30

4. Bar La Moneda

Bar La Moneda is where to eat near Seville’s cathedral for some of the best (and freshest) fish in town! Founder José Luis hails from the nearby seaside town of Sanlúcar de Barrameda and, in 1991, brought his skills for cooking up spectacular seafood tapas to Seville. They feature everything from maritime twists on classic Spanish favorites (shrimp tortilla, anyone?) to unique, innovative seafood tapas you won’t find anywhere else.

AddressCalle Almirantazgo, 4

If you're wondering where to eat near Seville's cathedral that has great seafood, head straight to Bar Moneda!
Who knew you could find such great seafood in landlocked Seville?

5. Bodeguita Romero

Wondering where to eat near Seville’s cathedral for some of the simplest, most classic tapas in the city? Look no further than Bodeguita Romero. This cozy, comfortable bar serves up Andalusian classics at their best: simple, homemade and unforgettably delicious. We recommend their tasty pringá sandwich, best washed down with an ice-cold beer or a glass of local wine.

AddressCalle Harinas, 10

Bodeguita Romero is where to eat near Seville's cathedral for local classics, such as spinach and chickpeas.
Bodeguita Romero does a delicious chickpeas and spinach tapa, too!

6. Enrique Becerra

Traditional, Moorish-inspired flavors meet modern flair at Enrique Becerra. This father-son restaurant features impeccable service with a smile in a lovely traditional setting. It’s the perfect place for anything from casual tapas to a sit-down dinner. Their innovative recipes have led the way in Seville for more contemporary twists on classic dishes. Don’t miss their fabulous wine selection, either!

AddressCalle Gamazo, 2

7. Freiduría La Isla

This no-frills local favorite may not look like much from the outside. However, all you have to do is step through the door and experience the mouthwatering scent of freshly fried fish to be convinced! Family-run since 1938, what makes Freiduría La Isla stand out are their simple yet delicious seasonings and marinades. The piping hot, expertly fried fish is among the freshest in Seville and especially perfect for a casual lunch after visiting the cathedral.

AddressCalle García de Vinuesa, 13

Freiduría La Isla is where to eat near Seville's cathedral for the best fried fish in town.
Serving up spectacular fried fish at Freiduría La Isla!

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