Where To Eat In Seville: Santa Cruz Neighborhood

The Santa Cruz neighborhood has it all – history, beautifully decorated squares, an inviting atmosphere and, if you can dodge the tourist traps, some exceptional food!

Santa Cruz is one of the most difficult neighborhoods to navigate in all of Seville! In spite of that, the city’s old Jewish quarter remains a huge hit with both visitors and locals alike, with a number of history tours focusing on this part of the city. While there are many tourist traps in the neighborhood, if you know where to look, there are some spectacular places to eat in the area too. Here are our top picks for where places to eat in the Santa Cruz neighborhood.

Wondering where to eat in Seville? Avoid the tourist traps in Seville's old Jewish quarter with our picks for restaurants in the Santa Cruz neighborhood!

Bodega Santa Cruz (Las Columnas)

Located by the Cathedral, Bodega Santa Cruz (known locally as Las Columnas) bucks the tourist-trap trend of its neighboring restaurants and continues to sell traditional tapas at reasonable prices. This bar screams tradition – they even still take note of your bill on the bar in chalk, and for an authentic sevillano experience while you take a break from exploring the center of the city, it can’t be missed! Make sure you try their pringá montadito, a small sandwich with a pulled-pork style filling – so delicious!

Address: Calle de Rodrigo Caro, 1A

Taberna Peregil

Taberna Peregil is one of our favorite historic bars in all of Seville, and is hugely popular with locals. While the bar may be famous for introducing delicious orange wine (vino de naranja) to the city, it also provides a menu of tasty traditional tapas. Sip your orange wine with some of their manchego cheese or delicious chicharrones (slow-roasted pork belly slices). Step into their hole-in-the-wall tavern to soak up the local feel or move up a few doors and sit down in their larger restaurant. Either way, you won’t regret it!

Address: Calle Mateos Gago 20 & 22

The slow roasted pork belly slices, or chicharrones, served at Taberna Peregil are one of their many magnificent tapas! Given Peregil is so near the cathedral, i's a great option if you're looking for somewhere to eat in Seville
The slow roasted pork belly slices from Taberna Peregil are just one example of the delicious, traditional food served the the tavern.

Vineria San Telmo

Vineria San Telmo is regularly mentioned as one of the best restaurants in the city, and justifiably so. Tucked away behind the gardens of Seville’s Royal Alcazar, both the interior of the restaurant and its menu seamlessly combine cherished tradition with modern flare. For traditional food, try the crepe filled with delicious morcilla (blood sausage), but the highlight of this restaurant’s eclectic menu has to be the squid ink spaghetti with garlic and grilled scallops – one of the best fusion tapas in all of Seville!

Address: Paseo Catalina de Ribera, 4

La Azotea

La Azotea Santa Cruz, one of the three locations of Seville’s fabulous La Azotea restaurants, is a stylish, chic restaurant reinventing traditional Andalusian tapas in a modern way. The menu may have just a small number of options, but each dish is carefully chosen and beautifully prepared. Don’t leave this restaurant without trying their salmon tartare or, for something more traditional, try the special of croquettes with a new filling each day.

Address: Calle Mateos Gago, 8

The delicious salmon tartar from La Azotea, beautifully presented and full of flavor, is one of the restaurant's standout dishes. Unsure where to eat in Seville? La Azotea is a great option!
The salmon tartar is one of the highlights from the small, but exceptional menu at La Azotea. Photo Credit: La Azotea

Las Teresas

With legs of delicious jamón swinging from the ceiling and a whole host of memorabilia from Holy Week, The April Fair and Seville’s bullfighting tradition covering the walls, Las Teresas lives and breathes Seville’s history. As one of the best places to drink sherry in Seville, they boast an extensive sherry selection and their tapas are fantastic! Make sure you try a slice of melt-in-your-mouth ham or their espinacas con garbanzos (spinach with chickpeas) with a glass of dry manzanilla, local eating at its finest!

Address: Calle Santa Teresa, 2

La Bartola

La Bartola is another one of Seville’s premier modern tapas bars and a personal favorite of ours! The menu is full of traditional cuisine all prepared using modern techniques, and its selection of veggie options make it a great place for vegetarians in Seville. Standouts on this menu include the the zucchini flowers stuffed with cheese and the zucchini ravioli. If you’re unsure where to eat in Seville, the homely and welcoming atmosphere in this bar makes it a great place to spend an evening in the city!

Address: Calle San Jose, 24

La Bartola has many amazing dishes, and the zucchini ravioli stuffed with a vegetable ragu of quinoa and béchamel sauce is one of their best! Perfect if you're not sure where to eat in Seville!
The zucchini ravioli stuffed with vegetable ragu is one of many popular dishes at La Bartola. Photo Credit: La Bartola

Catalina Bar de Tapas

Catalina Bar de Tapas may have an unassuming exterior, but with quality food and pleasant service, you won’t regret sitting down to some tapas here! This restaurant provides top quality traditional tapas with a modern twist. The menu del día is always a good shout, reasonably priced and really tasty, but the beef loin with foie is without a doubt Catalina’s standout dish.

Address: Paseo de Catalina de Ribera, 4

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