Where to Eat in Poble Sec: Barcelona Neighborhood Restaurant Guide

This blog post was originally posted on December 29, 2014 and was updated on July 27, 2017.

Daunted with the decision on where to eat in Poble Sec? There’s so much to choose from when you go off the beaten path and land in one of the most booming foodie areas of the city.

We’ve put together a great list of some of our favourite places in the beautiful neighborhood that is Poble Sec. We hope you’re hungry!

Wondering where to eat in Poble Sec, Barcelona. Our neighborhood restaurant guide will tell you all about some of our favourite places to visit as you wander the streets of this fantastic area.

Are you trawling through restaurant reviews and blogs wondering where to eat in Poble Sec? This great neighborhood, right outside Barcelona’s old city center and sandwiched between the immense Parallel Avenue and Montjuic, is undoubtedly one of the most exciting areas for foodies right now.

Throughout its history, the humble neighborhood of working class families has always maintained a proud sense of local identity, and in recent years they have even more to boast about as the likes of Adrià brothers and other world-famous chefs have come to set up their latest michelin-star-aiming restaurants on the pretty slanted streets. Deciding will be hard, so read up on where to eat in Poble Sec in our Barcelona Neighbourhood Restaurant Guide!

Casa Xica

There’s something inside us that lights up as soon as we see a restaurant with the word Casa in it’s name, which means house in Catalan. Owned and run by a lovely Catalan couple who have travelled the world in search of their perfect dish. On their return teamed up with their childhood best-friend and between them have managed to create something so magical at this house! With the tastiest Menú del Día  you will find in the neighborhood, coming in at just over €10, it’s definitely one of the top of our list for where to eat in Poble Sec.

Address: Carrer de la França Xica, 20

We love case xica's food and vibe it truly is one of the top places to go when deciding on where to eat in Poble Sec!
The owners of Casa Xica are as colourful and fun as their creations! Photo credits: Plate Selector


For a unique, Venetian-style dinner in a cozy restaurant packed with some of Barcelona’s coolest locals, head to Xemei. This is no ordinary Italian joint—you can tell by the alternative atmosphere as well as the impressive menu, where each dish is clearly created with the upmost precision and care. You cannot leave without trying the ceps i ous de reig carpaccio, which is a Catalan mushroom carpaccio that we guarantee will knock your socks off.

Address: Passeig de l’Exposició, 85

Quimet i Quimet

If you’re confused about where to eat in Poble Sec—worry no more! Trends may come and go, but local gems like Quimet i Quimet will never go out of style. The place itself looks a lot like one of the many colmados, or old-school grocers that populate the city of Barcelona. With one of the best wine cellars around, amazing mussels, razor clams and montaditos (little sandwiches), Quimet i Quimet is an emblematic part of the city. One which is perfect to get a taste of that classic Barcelona that we all love so much.

Quite i Quimet is one of the most delicious places to try. Especially if you're trying to find where to eat in Poble Sec
Just one of the delicious tastes that can be found at Quimet i Quimet. Photo credits: The Boy Who Ate The World

Mano Rota

What would a guide on where to eat in Poble Sec be without mentioning this incredible little find just around the corner from Poble Sec Metro. On their website, they describe the restaurant as, “a place for the most restless palates” and we agree. It’s fine dining in hipster surroundings with traditional flavours and fusion style. It’s everything you could want and more. The foodie in us absolutely loves their tasting menu. Definitely one worth ordering. (You can thank us later!)

Address: Carrer Creus dels Molers, 4

The tastiest creations in one of our favourite places on the Where to Eat in Poble Sec Guide.
Pulpo perfection. Just one of the delights on offer at Mano Rota. Photo credits: Mano Rota

La Tasqueta de Blai

You really can’t go wrong on Blai street. A strip of buzzing bars and restaurants, it can often be quite hard to choose where to go! But, if you’re looking for dinner on the cheap, la Tasqueta de Blai is perfect for one euro pinchos and house-made vermouth. Serve yourself at the bar, that’s how pinchos work, and they will give you a numbered glass to toss the toothpicks until it’s time for the check. Repeat as often as desired!

Address: Carrer Blai, 17

Of course, the best part of Carrer Blai is going from place to place sampling the huge array of tapas on offer. Tapas aren’t just something that you eat, they are so much more than that. It’s all about the lifestyle and an incredible lifestyle it is. But which ones to choose? Get the inside guide from our co-founder, James Blick on some of the Must-Try Tapas in Barcelona!

Blai street is a fantastic area to go explore the wonderful food in Barcelona. There are tapas bars galore, with a special attention to pinchos, a Basque style tapa!
Blai street at its calmest…this street fills up at night with hungry locals! Photo Credit: Oh-Barcelona on FlickrCC.


We couldn’t possibly do a post about where to eat in Poble Sec and it’s gastronomic scene without mentioning the Adrià brothers, two of the biggest chefs on the contemporary Catalan cuisine forefront. Pakta, one of the newer creations under the the brilliant eye of Albert Adrià, is a Japanese and Peruvian fusion restaurant offering two different tasting menus. Each are awe-inspiring in their creativity and presentation. Make your reservations online only, but expect to pay for what you’re getting!

Address: Carrer Lleida, 5

We know there are too many awesome finds to count! So what’s your favorite place to eat in Poble Sec? We will include it on our next list!

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