Where to Buy Wine in Paris – 6 of Our Favorite Shops and Cellars

In Paris, wine is everywhere you look—but don’t settle for the standard liquor store. Buying wine in France is a spiritual experience, and we’ve got the inside scoop on the city’s best selections.

French wine isn’t just about alcohol; it’s much, much more. It’s about terroir, grape, flavor, climate and region—and in France, wine is also about people. Winemakers tell a story, and we want to help you hear it, smell it and taste it. That’s why we’ve created the ultimate guide on where to buy wine in Paris.

Wondering where to buy wine in Paris? These are our favorite wine shops in the city.

This list includes some of the most passionate wine merchants in the city. Because selling wine isn’t just a job here; it’s a calling. And shopping isn’t just spending money; it’s a spiritual experience. Keep an open mind, be ready to try things you’ve never heard of, and make some room in your suitcase for all the bottles you’re going to fall in love with!

1. L’Etiquette

L’Etiquette is located in the geographical and historical center of Paris. It’s our favorite wine shop on the Île Saint Louis, with a totally natural selection and a pretty radical wine specialist on hand!

Hervé will help you discover some low-intervention, rare finds—bottles by young French winemakers you won’t get anywhere else. To learn more, book a one-hour wine tasting with him. He’ll give you the rundown of what natural wine is, and why we should all be drinking it.

Fall in love with natural wine at L’Etiquette.

Tip: You can even store your luggage here while you explore the area around Notre-Dame!

2. Crus et Découvertes

Tucked away in the 11th arrondissement of Paris, Crus et Découvertes is an Aladdin’s cave of wine. With an amazing selection and two incredibly knowledgeable wine guys, it’s a place for connoisseurs and curious novices alike.

Be prepared to let the staff guide you, and to share your ideas and reservations. What occasion is the wine for? A celebration? A drink with new friends? A quiet night with you and your book? When buying wine, don’t be afraid to share your ideas, reservations and feelings. This is a unique shop, with a rare selection and valuable knowledge, so make sure to take your time and ask questions.

What’s more, it’s located on the cutest of backstreets, with some wonderful places to eat and drink in the area. Nip in next door to Terroirs d’Avenir to grab a saucisson and some cheese to accompany your apéritif, and visit celebrity baker Cyril Lignac’s La Pâtisserie for the perfect baguette.

3. Chai Sophie Cotté Sud

This lovely little wine shop is named after its owner, who provides a wide selection from winemakers with a close connection to the land. Chai Sophie Cotté Sud focuses on the South of France, with particular emphasis on the Languedoc-Roussillon region.

Languedoc is France’s biggest wine-producing region, accounting for a third of all French wine. Just because it’s especially known for bold, full-bodied reds, that doesn’t mean you should overlook the whites. We especially love Languedoc winemaker Opi d’Aqui—light, bright and totally surprising!

Don't overlook the wonderful white wines at the best places to buy wine in Paris.
French white wines are more than deserving of your time!

Before visiting Chai Sophie, the perfect morning can be spent wandering around the nearby Marché d’Aligre, one of Paris’ only markets that runs six days a week. Try Les Provinces for lunch; it’s basically a butcher shop with tables (not recommended for vegetarians)!

4. La Cave des Papilles

La Cave des Papilles has something of a mythical quality among Parisian wine drinkers. Championing natural wine and small winemakers since 1996, this cellar has all the biggest names in French natural wine.

You’ll often find the winemakers in the shop, too! Once a month a different winemaker is invited to host a tasting, usually before a crowd of adoring fans. Keep in mind that the tastings are always in French, but the staff speak great English.

The selection at a wine bar on the Devour Paris wine tasting tour
There’s no end to the magic you’ll discover in Paris’ best wine cellars.

5. Délicatessen Cave

Two steps from the trendy Marais district, Délicatessen has a huge selection of wine, beer and spirits. Selling bottles with personality, this family-run cellar pays special attention to small winemakers and craft breweries.

Check out the special selection of local Parisian beer! And if you need to take some weight off those tired feet, they have their own little bar just next door. It’s the perfect place to refuel before heading off with your treasures.

6. Ma Cave Fleury

Run by a member of the Fleury family, this little bar should be the first port of call for Champagne lovers. The family has been making Champagne since 1895, and working without pesticides or other chemicals since 1989. The results are astounding.

Ma Cave Fleury isn't just one of the best places to buy wine in Paris—it's one of the best champagne bars!
Learn about France’s best bubbles from one of the biggest names in the game. Photo credit: Ma Cave Fleury
If you decide to stick around at Ma Cave Fleury for a few glasses, we suggest the tasting flight to get a true understanding of the range of their Champagne. If you’re only looking for a bottle to take away, we love the Sonate 2004 or the Fleur de l’Europe (any year)!

Craving more wine? Join us on our Paris Latin Quarter Tasting Tour for a curated selection of the best bites Paris has to offer. These are perfectly paired with the drinks locals love, including natural sparkling wine.

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