Want Authentic Souvenirs? Here’s Where To Buy Souvenirs In Seville

This blog post was originally posted on June 27, 2015, and was updated on February 16, 2017.

It’s always nice to take home a little memory from your travels. In a city like Seville, there is no shortage of interesting bits and pieces that make the perfect souvenir.

All over the city, you will see souvenir stores selling flamenco aprons, cheap spotty flamenco shoes, and generally low quality, mass produced items. However, there are also some great spots to get authentic products and handicrafts. So where should you go to buy souvenirs in Seville?

Among all the tourist traps in Seville, traditional, authentic souvenirs can be tricky to find! Struggle no more, here's where to buy souvenirs in Seville!


Photo Credit: Justin Fincher


One thing you can’t fail to spot in this city is all the ceramic tiles that line the buildings. Yes, Seville is known for its ceramics, and what better souvenir to take home from Seville than some ceramic goods. Sure, you will find the usual mass produced items in the touristic areas of the city, but why not pay a visit to the area where ceramics are produced in Seville?

Across the river, the neighborhood of Triana is known for its ceramics, and there are still a few surviving ceramic shops in the area. Our favorite shop to visit is Ceramica Ruiz (Calle San Jorge, 27) for a whole host of travel-friendly souvenirs like plates and tiles.

Triana is the best neighborhood for buying ceramics to take home as souvenirs!
Ceramics in Triana – Photo Credit: Sandra Vallaure


We are famous for our shoes in Spain, and it’s not uncommon for a pair of Spanish-made shoes to be high on the top of any shopping list. In Seville, we make shoe shopping easy. The zapaterías are mostly found in the same area, centered around Calle Cordoba in Seville’s Alfalfa neighborhood. Shoe shops are lined up side by side, making it easy to jump from one to the other until you have found the perfect pair of espradrilles or flamenco shoes.


We love handicrafts – whether it’s cute hand-bound notebooks or handmade earrings, craft markets always get us excited! In Seville, we have a small but wonderful craft market called Mercado de Artesania El Postigo, located just a short walk from the cathedral. The market is laid out like an art gallery so shoppers can easily browse the work of 20 local crafters and artists, ranging from artworks to jewelry and accessories.

Flamenco Dresses & Accessories

Seville is synonymous with flamenco, and seeing a traditional flamenco show is a must in the city! Sometimes our visitors want to take a part of this energetic culture home with them, but be warned! Flamenco dresses are not cheap – expect to spend at least €200 on a dress, and that’s before we have even mentioned the accessories such as hairpieces, earrings, and shawls – but you can’t get a souvenir any more Sevillano than this!

Flamenco dresses and accessories are popular souvenirs to bring back from Seville!
Women in flamenco dresses dancing at the April Fair in Seville


Wine is a popular choice for a unique souvenir or gift for someone back home. Many varieties of wine you’ll find in the wine bars throughout the city aren’t available in other parts of Spain. There are two particular types of wine that visitors often find themselves packing into their suitcase. The first is vino de naranja (orange wine), a fortified white wine which has had orange peel and caramel added during the fermentation, resulting in a pleasant sweet-but-bitter flavor.

Sherry is another popular wine from this region and there are plenty of places to drink sherry in Seville. Our favorite is Manzanilla, a very dry wine which is unique to Seville and the surrounding area. Why not make a quick stop in at Oleo-le? It’s better known as an olive oil shop, but also a great spot to pick up a bottle of vino de naranja and other varieties of local wine.

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  1. Stephanie says
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    We took the Seville tour with Vivian. She was a wonderful guide. The food, drink and new friends made this an unforgettable experience. Highly recommend the tour and the earlier into your stay the better.

    1. Cyra Alcock says
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      Hi Stephanie, thanks so much for your feedback and I am really pleased to hear that you enjoyed your tour with Viviana! You are right– definitely the earlier the better as we make sure you are loaded with information and ready to explore Seville 🙂 I hope you enjoyed the rest of your time in the city!

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