Top 14 Things to Do in Madrid for Kids

If you’re a parent who’s traveled with kids, you probably know that going sightseeing with little ones can be a bit of a challenge. After all, kids might not understand the historical or cultural significance of many attractions, meaning they’ll get bored more easily. And the last thing any parent wants to deal with is […]

Prado Highlights: Famous Paintings & Hidden Gems

Exterior of the Prado Museum in Madrid decorated with columns, with a statue out in front

If there’s one must-see attraction in Madrid, it undoubtedly has to be the Prado Museum. It’s undoubtedly one of the world’s greatest collections of art—but with over 2,000 paintings (and hundreds more sculptures, prints, and drawings), it can be hard to know where to start. For that reason, planning what you want to see in […]

Madrid with Kids: How to Plan the Perfect Family Trip

A little girl carrying a clipboard while walking through a busy city with a young boy and two women

With its glamorous palaces, plentiful parks, and sweet treats galore, visiting Madrid with kids makes for a memorable vacation that everyone will love. This guide will help you make your dream family getaway a reality. Madrid—and Spain in general—is the perfect place for a family getaway. There are plenty of things to do for kids, […]

50 Free Things to Do in Madrid

Busy city plaza with a statue of a bear eating from a strawberry tree in the foreground.

You don’t have to break the bank to make the most of Spain’s vibrant capital. In fact, many of these free things to do in Madrid are among the best ways to enjoy the city, period. So go ahead and put your wallet away—here’s how to make the most of Madrid without spending a single […]

48 Hours in Madrid: 2 Days in Madrid Itinerary

Exterior of a large, grandiose royal palace as seen from across an expansive plaza on a clear day.

Home to world-class art museums, breathtaking architecture, and a dining scene in a class of its own, Madrid is a true feast for the senses. If you only have 48 hours in Madrid, you’ll want to make the most of every moment. Follow this itinerary to experience the Spanish capital at its best—from the legendary […]

Rooftop Pools in Madrid: An Insider’s Guide

When the dog days of summer hit, there’s no better place to be than poolside. That’s especially true when it comes to rooftop pools. Hanging out by the pool is always a must in summer. But when you’re practically on top of the world surrounded by stunning views of Madrid, it gets even better. These […]

Romantic Things to Do for Valentine’s Day in Madrid

Two glasses of red and white wine beside a pen and sheet of paper on a kitchen surface

Spain is one of the world’s most passionate and romantic destinations. So if you’re thinking of spending Valentine’s Day in Madrid, you’ve made an excellent choice! El día de San Valentín may not be the most Spanish of holidays—its roots actually date back to ancient Rome. That said, Madrid is the perfect place to celebrate without […]

The Ultimate Self-Guided Walking Tour of Madrid

Large statue of a man on horseback in the middle of a public square.

With so much to history, culture, and incredible food to be found in Spain’s capital city, it’s easy to get overwhelmed. But as you’ll find out, the vast majority of its must-see sites are located smack dab in the center. They’re perfectly walkable from one another—which means a self-guided walking tour of Madrid is the […]

Madrid in February: Best Things to See & Do

Trees full of light purple flowers in bloom along a road.

It may be low season, but here in Madrid, we’re keeping busy and staying warm. As the European equivalent to the city that never sleeps, there’s always something going on in Spain’s bustling, vibrant capital. We’re talking world-class museums, cozy cafes, lively tapas bars and so much more. Grab a warm coat and a stylish […]

Madrid in January: Best Things to See & Do

A statue of a bear eating from a tree, partially covered in snow.

Here in Spain, the holiday season doesn’t end when January 1 rolls around. In fact, there’s plenty of festive fun happening all month long! Spain’s gorgeous capital isn’t just one of the best places to celebrate the new year—it’s also a great place to spend some time at any point in January. Here’s everything you […]

7 Must-Visit Centennial Establishments in Madrid

Centennial businesses in Madrid are honored with this special gold plaque.

Madrid is a fascinating mix of historic and modern.  On such streets as Fuencarral, you can find symbols of globalization and modernization such as Starbucks, Dunkin’ Donuts, and an Adidas shop. However, nestled amongst the commerce, you will find the small Virgen de la Soledad chapel, dating back to 1712.  But the hidden gems don’t […]

Madrid in December: Best Things to See & Do

Large stone gateway decorated with blue holiday lights with pink and white flowers in front.

Bundle up and get ready to indulge in plenty of seasonal treats. The holiday season has officially arrived in Madrid, and we couldn’t be more excited! There are plenty of fun activities in store when it comes to what to do in Madrid in December. If your holiday itinerary includes the Spanish capital (and it […]

Madrid in November: Best Things to See & Do

Clay jars and steel pots of stew simmering on a stove.

It’s the calm before the holiday storm. Before you know it, Madrid will be all decked out for Christmas and Three Kings Day. We love the festive winter atmosphere in the city, but the last few days of autumn are a time worth taking advantage of as well. As the crisp November air and clouds […]

Madrid in October: Best Things to See & Do

Orange trees in a park on a fall day with a small lake and clear glass structure in the background.

Madrid bursts with colorful energy at the arrival of fall. After the summer crowds clear out and low season sets in, Madrid takes on a much more relaxed vibe. Pleasantly sunny days and crisp, lively nights bring the best of both worlds. Fall in Madrid is beautiful, with some of the best weather of the […]

Madrid in September: Best Things to See & Do

A crowd of people gathered around to watch a band of street performers play.

While most places see September as the beginning of fall, summer fun is still in full swing here in Madrid. The city enjoys pleasantly warm temperatures, but not the scorching heat common in July and August. And as locals return from their beach vacations, the city retains its authentic atmosphere. If you’re visiting Madrid in […]

Madrid in August: Best Things to See & Do

Exterior of a large brick and stone building with people standing in line under shady umbrellas outside.

This blog post was originally posted on July 2, 2018 and was updated on July 1, 2019. The dog days of summer are in full swing, but Madrid still boasts plenty of fun in the sun throughout August. From days spent lazing by the pool with a drink in hand to sultry summer nights taking […]

5 Free Museums in Madrid You Should Check Out

Not much can top an afternoon spent in one of Madrid’s many museums—except when that afternoon comes free! That’s right, Spain’s capital city is home to some of the most revered history and art museums in the world, and several of them also offer free entry for guests. So if you love the Prado but […]

Madrid in July: Best Things to See & Do

A person lying in the grass next to a body of water to tan in the sunshine.

During the scorching summer months, Madrid is full of life. Festivals pop up throughout the city, celebrations fill the streets, and people take to the bars for beer and tapas. The weather may be sweltering, but who says that’s going to stop madrileños from having fun? Visiting Madrid in July is hot—we’ll just say it […]

Madrid in June: Best Things to See & Do

Riverside beach area full of people in bathing suits relaxing under umbrellas.

Sunny skies—check. Long, leisurely afternoons—check. Plenty of cultural activities—check. We might be biased, but Madrid is the place to be in June. It’s that perfect time of year right before spring melts into scorching hot summer, and Madrid is thriving. As Spain’s answer to the city that never sleeps (except for when siesta time rolls […]

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