Huevos Rotos Recipe: Spanish Broken Eggs

Huevos Rotos at Casa Lucio Madrid

Eggs are not a breakfast food. At least not in Madrid. Order a plate of eggs for breakfast here and you’re likely to get some strange looks! That’s because eggs have traditionally been served only at lunch at dinner, alongside other savory tapas dishes. Some egg dishes, like the famous tortilla de patatas are more […]

How to Read a Spanish Wine Label

Seven Spanish wine bottles lined up on a shelf.

With some of the best wine for value out there, it’s no wonder the world is finally starting to catch on to the wonders of Spanish vino.  However, if you aren’t familiar with Spanish wine and don’t understand some of the concepts and terms that are unique to Spain, a Spanish wine label can seem […]

5 Spots Serving the Best Croquetas in Madrid

Devour food from cookbook

Spanish croquettes are the perfect tapa for any occasion! But it helps to know how to separate the great from the merely good. At these places that make the best croquetas in Madrid, you’ll soon see that not all croquettes are created equal. You know a tapa is truly legendary when it has a whole […]

The Ultimate Self-Guided Walking Tour of Madrid

Large statue of a man on horseback in the middle of a public square.

With so much to history, culture, and incredible food to be found in Spain’s capital city, it’s easy to get overwhelmed. But as you’ll find out, the vast majority of its must-see sites are located smack dab in the center. They’re perfectly walkable from one another—which means a self-guided walking tour of Madrid is the […]

Best Sherry Bars in Madrid: Our Top 5

Six glasses of brown amontillado sherry wine lined up on a wooden bar top.

From wine connoisseurs and craft cocktail drinkers to curious wine drinkers, everyone is talking about sherry wines these days. It’s no wonder that so many curious travelers are looking to satiate their interest. And for those who haven’t yet delved into the world of this fascinating Spanish wine, there’s no better place to do so […]

Can You Drink Tap Water in Madrid?

Clear glass of water on a wooden table

Can you drink tap water in Madrid? And if so, how can you order it? What if you do want a bottle? We’ve got all the answers and the context behind them—plus tips for staying hydrated in Spain. It’s a classic tourist question, both for those headed to Madrid and elsewhere: “Can I drink the […]

Madrid in February: Best Things to See & Do

Trees full of light purple flowers in bloom along a road.

It may be low season, but here in Madrid, we’re keeping busy and staying warm. As the European equivalent to the city that never sleeps, there’s always something going on in Spain’s bustling, vibrant capital. We’re talking world-class museums, cozy cafes, lively tapas bars and so much more. Grab a warm coat and a stylish […]

Where to Find the Best Menú del Día in Madrid

Grilled tuna on a bed of chilled tomato soup.

One aspect of Spanish dining that almost never ceases to pleasantly surprise visitors is the concept of the menú del día, or menu of the day.  Ubiquitous, affordable, and traditional, it is a great way for any visitor to Spain to see how Spaniards dine on weekdays when lunches are shorter (read as: when lunch […]

Eating in Ávila – Our Guide to the City’s Best Bites

El Almacén is one of our favorite restaurants in Ávila and comes complete with stunning views of the city walls.

Within Ávila’s fortified walls, you’ll find a wealth of history, heritage, culture…and cuisine. From grilled meats to local sweets, these are the specialties that every visitor should sample! Located just over 100 kilometers (70 miles) northwest of Madrid, Ávila makes for the perfect day trip from the Spanish capital. Its impressive medieval walls have been […]

Madrid in January: Best Things to See & Do

A statue of a bear eating from a tree, partially covered in snow.

Here in Spain, the holiday season doesn’t end when January 1 rolls around. In fact, there’s plenty of festive fun happening all month long! Spain’s gorgeous capital isn’t just one of the best places to celebrate the new year—it’s also a great place to spend some time at any point in January. Here’s everything you […]

7 Must-Visit Centennial Establishments in Madrid

Centennial businesses in Madrid are honored with this special gold plaque.

Madrid is a fascinating mix of historic and modern.  On such streets as Fuencarral, you can find symbols of globalization and modernization such as Starbucks, Dunkin’ Donuts, and an Adidas shop. However, nestled amongst the commerce, you will find the small Virgen de la Soledad chapel, dating back to 1712.  But the hidden gems don’t […]

Centennial Businesses Madrid Infographic

Forget about the sleek, Instagram-worthy tapas bars and restaurants. Here in Madrid, we're fans of the places that have been around forever—more than 100 years, to be exact. This infographic map will give you plenty of ideas and inspiration for the best centennial businesses in Madrid—stop by one of them on your next trip to Spain's capital, and do some shopping (or have a bite to eat) at a place that's steeped in history! #Madrid

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Where to Eat in Madrid at Christmas 2021

Not sure where to eat in Madrid on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day? Restaurante Haroma offers fabulous options on each day, with menus created by a MIchelin-starred chef!

If you’re not sure where to eat in Madrid at Christmas, you’re not alone. Holiday schedules can be confusing—if restaurants are even open at all—but this guide will help you narrow things down! It’s no secret that Christmas Eve and Christmas Day are among the most important days of the year in Madrid. All throughout […]

Madrid in December: Best Things to See & Do

Large stone gateway decorated with blue holiday lights with pink and white flowers in front.

Bundle up and get ready to indulge in plenty of seasonal treats. The holiday season has officially arrived in Madrid, and we couldn’t be more excited! There are plenty of fun activities in store when it comes to what to do in Madrid in December. If your holiday itinerary includes the Spanish capital (and it […]

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