Best Spanish Wines to Try in Spain

Two glasses of red wine being poured.

Beer might be making a comeback, but here in Spain, we’ve always been wine lovers at heart. Luckily for us (and for you), Spain is one of the best places in the world to drink wine! Whether you’re a wine-curious newbie or a budding sommelier, this guide to the best Spanish wines will help you […]

50 Free Things to Do in Madrid

Busy city plaza with a statue of a bear eating from a strawberry tree in the foreground.

You don’t have to break the bank to make the most of Spain’s vibrant capital. In fact, many of these free things to do in Madrid are among the best ways to enjoy the city, period. So go ahead and put your wallet away—here’s how to make the most of Madrid without spending a single […]

Where to Eat Near the Westin Palace in Madrid: Our Top 8

Table full of multiple small tapas plates and glasses of red wine.

So, you’ve booked a trip to Madrid—yay! You’re staying at the iconic Westin Palace—lucky you! All that’s left to do is make your dinner reservations…but where? That’s where we step in—Devour Madrid is at the ready to help you decide where to eat near the Westin Palace in Madrid! Smack-dab in the middle of Madrid’s […]

48 Hours in Madrid: 2 Days in Madrid Itinerary

Exterior of a large, grandiose royal palace as seen from across an expansive plaza on a clear day.

Home to world-class art museums, breathtaking architecture, and a dining scene in a class of its own, Madrid is a true feast for the senses. If you only have 48 hours in Madrid, you’ll want to make the most of every moment. Follow this itinerary to experience the Spanish capital at its best—from the legendary […]

Rooftop Pools in Madrid: An Insider’s Guide

When the dog days of summer hit, there’s no better place to be than poolside. That’s especially true when it comes to rooftop pools. Hanging out by the pool is always a must in summer. But when you’re practically on top of the world surrounded by stunning views of Madrid, it gets even better. These […]

10 Comforting Spanish Winter Dishes

Bowl of lentil soup with chorizo and green pickled peppers

No place does cold-weather comfort food like Spain. Whether it’s a soul-warming stew served as the main course at an hours-long lunch, a sweet breakfast of churros and chocolate before heading out to brace the cold, or anything in between, you’re spoiled for choice when it comes to Spanish winter dishes. Madrid in winter is […]

15 Typical Foods from Valencia No Trip Would Be Complete Without

Small mussels (clochinas)

This blog post was originally posted on June 26, 2017 and was updated on February 5, 2021. Typical foods from Valencia include everything from mouthwatering seafood to delicious desserts. As the third-largest city in Spain, Valencia attracts millions of tourists every year. Its sunny Mediterranean climate and prime beach location on Spain’s eastern coast make […]

Romantic Things to Do for Valentine’s Day in Madrid

Two glasses of red and white wine beside a pen and sheet of paper on a kitchen surface

Spain is one of the world’s most passionate and romantic destinations. So if you’re thinking of spending Valentine’s Day in Madrid, you’ve made an excellent choice! El día de San Valentín may not be the most Spanish of holidays—its roots actually date back to ancient Rome. That said, Madrid is the perfect place to celebrate without […]

Top 20 Must-Try Typical Foods In Madrid

Plate of cocido madrileño: blood sausage, chickpeas, cabbage, pork, potatoes

Madrid is home to food from every region of Spain and much of the rest of the world. But we can’t forget about the home-grown classics! This breakdown of the most typical foods in Madrid will help you narrow down what to try! Spain’s capital city is a melting pot of typical food from every […]

The Ultimate 2020 Holiday Gift Guide for Spain Lovers

Plate of cured ham from Cinco Jotas in southern Spain

This post includes affiliate links. That means that if you purchase something we recommend, we may earn a small commission (which we’ll definitely spend on tapas). Rest assured that we only recommend a place or company if we honestly love it! Spain is the kind of place that sticks with you. It’s the kind of […]

Los Reyes Magos: The Spanish Christmas Tradition

Los Reyes Magos (the Three Kings)

This blog post was originally posted on December 28, 2012 and was updated on November 20, 2020. In Spain, Santa Claus isn’t the star of the show when the holiday season rolls around. Instead, it’s the Three Wise Men—or los reyes magos—who take center stage during the winter holidays. They’re the ones who bring Spanish children […]

Pisto Recipe (Spanish Vegetables)

Tapas in Spain tend to feature fresh ingredients, like the gorgeous seasonal vegetables in this pisto.

It’s not uncommon for visitors to think that Spanish cuisine is a bit lacking in the vegetables department. And it’s understandable why you might think that. In a land of neverending pork products (including our beloved jamón), some of the world’s best seafood, and everything in between, you have to look a little harder to […]

The Ultimate Guide to the Best Brunch in Madrid

Eggs benedict brunch in Madrid

This blog post was originally posted on March 7, 2013 and was updated on October 16, 2020. Let’s keep it real: brunch is not a Spanish tradition. But it’s a fun affair, and it’s a weekend activity more and more Spaniards are signing up for. While we’ll always be more inclined to go out for […]

58 Small Businesses in Madrid You Can Support Right Now

Alfonso making churros at Chocolat cafe in Madrid

2020 has changed Madrid in unimaginable ways. Our co-founder James noticed an interesting, if sad, phenomenon upon heading out into central Madrid to film a recent video. Some of the most iconic parts of the city that are normally bustling with life—Puerta del Sol and Plaza Mayor among them—are eerily empty these days. The reason? […]

All About Spanish Rice: Paella and Beyond!

Delicious seafood Paella from Valencia. To be true paella it has to be this thin!

This blog post was originally posted on April 28, 2017 and was updated on September 15, 2020. Paella is just the beginning when it comes to Spanish rice dishes! Depending on where in the country you are, the type of pan your rice is cooked in and the ingredients it contains, rice can go by […]

How to Order Coffee in Spain: The Complete Guide

Pouring milk into glass of coffee

Who among us can’t start the day without coffee? We sure can’t, so we wouldn’t dream of sending you out in Madrid without a helpful rundown how to order coffee in Spain. Whether you like it black or with more milk than espresso, iced or piping hot—we’ve got you covered! Without further ado, here’s how […]

Best Rooftop Bars in Madrid for Drinks with a View

3 drinks with fruits on table

This blog post was originally posted on May 20, 2018 and was updated on September 2, 2020. Pleasant weather throughout much of the year combined with a jaw-dropping cityscape make Madrid the ideal place to enjoy rooftop drinks. In addition to being perfect for enjoying good vibes, drinks and views, the best rooftop bars in […]

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