Vegetarian Food in Lisbon: Our Ultimate Guide

Portugal is known for its seafood and black pork, but Lisbon’s vegetarian scene is rapidly picking up steam.

Truth be told, Portugal has never been known as a vegetarian paradise, and it probably never will be. The coastline is too rich in fish, and the interior is rich in beef. But in cosmopolitan Lisbon, there’s a growing trend toward meat-free, plant-based, and flexatarian restaurants for locals and visitors alike. Here’s a guide to our favorite spots for vegetarian food in Lisbon.

Vegetarian food in Lisbon is becoming more and more common. We rounded up 23 of our favorite spots!

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Vegetarian Restaurants in Lisbon

1. Jardim das Cerejas

The buffet at this informal spot includes four or five hot dishes, brown rice and basmati rice, couscous, soup, sliced ​​pizza and vegetable bread. They also have a cold table with salads and raw veggies.

2. Ao 26

Another spot for veggie takes on Portuguese cuisine, Ao 26 was one of the pioneering restaurants for vegetarian food in Lisbon. The toasted sandwiches are consistently great.

3. O Botanista

Well-prepared vegetables, not faux meat, are the star of the show at this new restaurant by the proprietors of Ao 26. The vegan desserts as especially delicious.

4. Eight – The Health Lounge

This on-trend plant-based restaurant embraces whole foods and Instragram-worthy dishes. Expect smoothie and savory bowls, toasts, tumeric lattes and wellness shots.

With bright, beautiful dishes and a commitment to helping guests eat well, Eight is easily one of our top spots for vegetarian food in LIsbon.
Eight’s fresh, colorful menu items, like their Wow Feta Bowl, exemplify their commitment to eating and living well. Photo credit: Eight

5. Graça 77

The vegetarian and vegan dishes at this cozy spot are well-prepared, prettily plated, and always inventive. The menu includes a number of meat-free versions of Portuguese classics, like pica-pau with mushrooms.

6. My Mother’s Daughters

Maria Jose Vasconcelos opened this organic-leaning hipster café with her daughters, Cristina, Ines and Magdalena, last year. The “mother” in the name also refers to Mother Nature, as the menu changes every three months to use whatever is most in season. Trendy, healthful foods are always on offer, such as a pre-meal elixir of ginger, tumeric, and lemon, chia pudding with activated charcoal, and all sorts of bowls.

7. Os Tibetanos

Obviously there is excellent Tibetan food at this long-running establishment, but it’s not the only thing on the menu. There are also some inventive dishes like mango curry with tofu. The garden is a particularly pleasing place to dine.

8. PSI

Fifteen years ago, this was among the first vegetarian restaurants. The garden that surrounds it was inaugurated by the Dalai Lama, and that’s just part of its history and lore. Chef Yasser Saiyad graduated from the Le Cordon Bleu Cooking School in Lima, Peru. Here he incorporates influences from India, Thailand, North Africa and Italy. There are vegan and gluten-free options as well at this favorite spot for vegetarian food in Lisbon.

9. House of Wonders

It’s worth a train ride out to Cascais to feast on the vegetarian fare here. Downstairs, there’s an ever-changing buffet. Upstairs, there’s a counter where you can order mezze plates with various dishes. And on the rooftop there’s a tranquil, sunny garden.

When it comes to vegetarian food in Lisbon, you can't get much better than House of Wonders.
House of Wonders certainly lives up to its name. Just look at these colorful bowls packed with plant-based goodness! Photo credit: House of Wonders

10. Jardim dos Sentidos

This “garden of the senses” serves lacto-vegetarian and vegan dishes made according to Ayuvedic principles. Along with a daily-changing buffet, there’s an a la carte menu that roams the world. It ranges from portobello mushroom lasagne with spinach and ricotta to pad thai to Indian thalis.

11. The Food Temple

Tucked away in a corner of Mouraria, the Food Temple is not easy to find. But it’s worth the effort for the tapas-style vegetarian and vegan food. Sometimes the chefs get creative, offering dishes like vegan “fish” and chips. Bonus points for the outdoor seating and extra-friendly service.

Vegetarian-Friendly Restaurants in Lisbon

12. Café Janis

Surprisingly for a French-style restaurant, Café Janis serves a number of satisfying vegetarian and vegan dishes. These include avocado tartare (as well as the expected toast), a raw zucchini goat cheese salad, and a vegan bowl that’s brimming with crispy roasted chickpeas, artichokes, mushrooms and other goodness.

Cafe Janis is one of our favorite spots for vegetarian food in Lisbon, with plenty of veggie-friendly dishes available on the menu.
Who said salads have to be boring? Cafe Janis is home to several colorful, delicious options, like their zesty fruit salad and raw zucchini goat cheese salad. Photo credit: Cafe Janis

13. Jacaré

Vegetarian food in Lisbon had clearly gone mainstream when Portugal’s biggest celebrity chef opened a partly vegetarian restaurant. José Avillez’s new Jacaré, in the fine-dining food court atop El Corte Inglês, takes its name from the alligator. That animal has an omnivorous diet, and Avillez made a menu that’s partly carnivorous and significantly vegetarian. The veggie dishes aren’t afterthoughts.

14. The Food for Real

Although chicken and tuna make (very rare) appearances on the menu, the food at this cheerful café is largely vegetarian. There are many vegan and gluten-free options, with everything clearly marked on the menu of toasted sandwiches, salads and açai and smoothie bowls.

15. Natural Crave

The Sweetgreen of Lisbon, this counter-service spot lets you build your own salad or grain bowl, or just from some suggested combinations. There are plenty of veggie proteins on offer.

Natural Crave's build-your-own-bowl concept makes it a standout on the scene for vegetarian food in Lisbon.
Building your own bowls has never been so fun, and that’s why we love Natural Crave! Photo credit: Michael Chase for Natural Crave

16. In Bocca al Lupo

Lisbon’s first organic pizzeria still remains one of the few places to find a vegan or gluten-free pie. The chef makes his Roman style pizzas with ingredients directly sourced from producers in Portugal and Italy. Everything is fresh, and the crusts are impossibly light.

In Bocca al Lupo is one of our favorite spots for Italian vegetarian food in Lisbon. We love their meatless pizzas!
If you order their tasty caprese pizza with buffalo mozzarella, just be sure to save us a slice! Photo credit: In Bocca al Lupo

17. Chutnify

Of course you can find vegetarian options at almost any restaurant in the world. But Lisbon’s Chutnify stands out for the groovy design of its dining room and its health-ified takes on Indian street food. The papdi chaat (crispy wafer, chickpeas, tamarind, mint, yoghurt and pomegranate) is addictive, and the vegetarian dosas are lighter than air.

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With its fast-casual take on Indian street food, Chutnify is a must for vegetarian food in Lisbon.
The only problem with the papdi chaat at Chutnify: you won’t be able to stop eating it! Photo credit: Laura Tomás for Chutnify

18. Hamburgueria do Bairro

Yes, a hamburger restaurant. Lisbon is made for gourmet burgers at the moment, and most of the better burger shops have a token vegetarian option. But Hamburgueria do Bairro outdoes them all, with five vegan burgers on the menu. They’re made with ingredients like portobello mushrooms, falafel, black beans and tofu and dressed just as lovingly as the meaty versions.

19. Organi Chiado

There’s a bit of sustainable seafood on the menu at this pretty spot. But it’s mostly known for its vegan patés and lentil curries.

In addition to a gorgeous dining area, Organi Chiado also happens to be one of our favorite spots for vegetarian food in Lisbon!
Organi Chiado is worth a visit for the gorgeous dining space alone! Photo credit: Fotografia com Alma Dez for Organi Chiado

20. Santa Clara dos Cogumelos

Every dish on the menu—even desserts—at this quirky spot is made with mushrooms. In some cases, the mushrooms are an accompaniment to meat or fish, but in many others they’re the star. Expect mushroom ceviche, mushroom soup, mushroom risotto, plurotus pica-pau and shiitake bulhão pato. 

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