7 Trendy Restaurants in Florence You Need to Try

As opposed to what you might think, eating out in Florence doesn’t have to be all pasta al ragu, Fiorentina steak, and ribollita. Florentine cuisine on its own can be quite diverse, but sometimes you might just get a craving for something a little non-traditional.

Modern presentation of meat and green vegetables in sauce on an oblong white plate
Florence’s hottest restaurants masterfully combine great food and vibes. Photo credit: Priscilla Du Preez

Staying in this beautiful historic city doesn’t mean you always have to stick to the classic Italian meal. Here’s a look at a few of our favorite trendy restaurants in Florence, from contemporary fine dining to international bites for every budget.  

Il Santo Bevitore 

A beautiful setting for one of Florence’s trendiest restaurants,  complete with an impressive vaulted ceiling and wood paneling. Il Santo Bevitore (Via Santo Spirito, 64r) is bustling, filled on weekend evenings with a crowd who loves good food and fine wine.  

The menu starts from a base of creative regional cuisine with a focus on seasonality and local ingredients.  

You’ll find a delicious menu of soups, pasta, and risotto, not to mention the irresistible main dishes of roast pig, lamb, and more. Even dessert is sure to wow you with a little something unusual.  

And the real winner of the whole experience: the wine list. It’s complete with wine by the glass from multiple regions, not only the usual Chianti. 

Spaghetti served on a white plate with ground meat and fresh herbs
Incredible pasta at Il Santo Bevitore. Photo credit: Darren & Brad


Ready for a really glamorous dinner? Gurdulu is sure to amaze you. It’s a beautiful restaurant and cocktail bar near the Santo Spirito area of Florence.  

The restaurant has a refined retro feeling, with a very reminiscent 1950s style. The perfect spot for a special dinner. 

Gurdulu’s menu is innovative and changes often, including creative seafood and craft cocktails. The cocktail menu makes it a great spot to stop by for aperitivo or an after-dinner drink as well. 

Keep in mind the price point here is a bit higher so you might want to save this restaurant for a specific event. 

Gucci Osteria 

We’ve mentioned the Gucci Cafe and museum as a must-visit in Florence. Included in the Gucci Garden complex is the Gucci Osteria. The Osteria itself is truly like walking into a fashion garden with green velvet furniture and floral porcelain.  

Chef Karine Lopez takes inspiration from Emilian cuisine, Lopez’s own Mexican background, and international classics. This means the menu includes creative grilled octopus with black garlic, spicy pork belly buns, and of course tortellini in a delicious sauce of Parmigiano.  

A stop at the Gucci Garden is really a special treat, and while it may not be the typical Florentine meal, it is a one-of-a-kind experience in the city. 

Small cup of espresso served in a porcelain mug with the emblem "Gucci Museo" with one white and one brown sugar cube in the shape of 2 interlocking Gs
Beauty and elegance permeate every detail at the Gucci complex. Photo credit: Mathieu Lebreton


For something more budget-friendly, you might want to sneak in a stop at Zeb (Via S. Miniato, 2r). Think a modern and sophisticated take on a diner, with all bar and counter seating, but in a warm, crisp environment.  This great find quickly made its way to being one of our favorite trendy restaurants in Florence. 

The kitchen is run by a mom and son who are both within reach, happy to chat with customers while they pour some of their great wines by the glass. 

Classic to Italian tradition, the menu changes daily all dependent on what they find at the market that morning. You’ll find Italian cuisine that doesn’t always stick to the classic Florentine menu, rather switching it up for some creative ingredient blends and mixing regional specialties.  

For being a little hole in the wall, this restaurant is a Michelin Guide favorite, year after year. Definitely worth a try during your trip to Florence! 

Large pasta noodles in a light cream sauce with green vegetables and poppyseeds
A fantastic homemade pasta dish at Zeb. Photo credit: noaml

Mercato Centrale 

The absolute best place to meet up with your new Florentine friends, Mercato Centrale is located in the steel and glass market building of the San Lorenzo Market.   

On the bottom floor, you’ll find one of our favorite food markets, where many locals head daily to pick up fresh fruit, vegetables, and more. Head upstairs and your mouth will start watering with the wonderful smells and sites of all the tasty counters. 

A foodie’s heaven, the Mercato Centrale is divided into different counters or small stores, each serving something different. You’ll find classic Italian pasta and a stand to grab a plate of your favorite Tuscan charcuterie, but way more than just that. You can even find some more particular stands whipping up Asian cuisine or unique dishes from all over the country. 

This is the perfect spot to meet your group of friends who can never decide on what to eat! Now, it may be a bit overwhelming at first, take a giroa little walk around—and scan what’s being offered before you order! 

Overhead shot of people eating at tables inside a food market
Florence’s best-known market is a great place to grab a bite after exploring the stalls! Photo credit: Mercato Centrale

Le Vespe 

When in Florence, especially these days, you won’t have to miss out on your favorite American dishes. Of course, if you are only here for a short trip, you might want to fill up on all the delicious Italian cuisine you can. But if you are moving here, or staying in the city a bit longer, you’d be forgiven for having those brunch cravings. 

Brunch has become very popular in many Italian cities, and here in Florence, Le Vespe is one of the best places to enjoy it. 

Offering breakfast wraps, eggs, fresh juices, mimosas, and all the savory and sweet breakfast fillings you’ve been dreaming of. Luckily, you don’t need to wait for the weekend for this tradition—they offer it daily from 9 a.m. 


Another craving you might really want to satisfy in Florence is a real juicy burger. Well, Cloud59 (Via de’ Ginori, 59/r) is there to grant your wishes. This burger spot is not only popular with visitors to the city, but also with plenty of Italian locals. 

As one of the best trendy restaurants in Florence, Cloud59 uses 100 percent grass-fed local Tuscan beef. This is what gives it such a great flavor—the beef of Tuscany is in fact prized throughout the peninsula!   

You’ll find your simple classics plus some creative options on the menu like the Truffle Royale, complete with shaved truffles and truffle oil! 

Not big on meat? All burgers can be swapped for a vegetarian or vegan burger and toppings!