Strictly Spritz: Naples Spritz Crawl

While aperitivo is a wonderful pre-dinner tradition all over Italy, this guide will not talk about aperitivo. We’re here to talk strictly business, and that business is spritz in Naples. 

row of glasses of spritz
There is a spritz for every budget in Naples. Photo credit: Federica Ariemma

The drink has its origins in the Veneto region in the North as far back as the 1800s and is made with prosecco, bitter aperitif, and a splash of soda water. The most common type by far is the Aperol spritz, but the Campari spritz is also popular. If you like a more bitter drink like an old fashioned, go for the darker red Campari, and if you like a sweeter drink, stick with Aperol. Andiamo!

Insider’s tip: Some of the places in this guide will offer stuzzichini, or little nibbles, with your drink, but some won’t. We recommend lining the belly with pizza or pasta before this spritz crawl…and finding a strong Neapolitan coffee the morning after!

pizza and spritz
You can even have Spritz and pizza at the same time! Photo credit: PxHere

1 Euro Spritz

Yes, you read that right. In Naples, there are plenty of places to find a spritz for one euro. If you’re a spritz connoisseur, you might want to skip the one-euro spritz and head straight to the next section. If you’ve drunk as many spritzes as we have, you’ll taste a difference in quality, but then again…these spritzes do cost only one euro. We say it’s at least worth a try!

Many of the bars that offer one-euro spritz are located in the narrow streets of the Quartieri Spagnoli neighborhood. The most well-known is called Cammarota Spritz. But if there’s a long line, its neighbor Pisadog 19 (Vico Lungo Teatro Nuovo, 31) also serves 1 euro spritz. The narrow street is lively but often crowded, so if you feel claustrophobic head up to Spritz e Baracche (Vico Figurella a Montecalvario) or A’picio Spritz (Vico Lungo Trinità degli Spagnoli) which have tables available.

If a chaotic street scene isn’t your cup of tea, head instead to the wide-open Piazza Monteoliveto for La Piccola Enoteca Siena (Piazza Monteoliveto, 8). 

Not near any of these locations? On the other side of the Centro Storico, near the Duomo, Forcella Spritz (Via Vicaria Vecchia) has got you covered with an unpretentious atmosphere and economical spritz.

Insider’s tip:: In many spritz bars, especially around the Quartieri Spagnoli, they advertise one-euro spritz with the caveat that you need to ask clearly for a one-euro spritz (or a spritz piccolo). They usually have different sizes with different prices and will automatically give you a medium or large spritz if you don’t specify. 

spritz chips and olives on wooden table outside
The smaller size of the 1-Euro makes them perfect for a Spritz crawl in Naples. Photo credit: PxHere

2-3 Euro Spritz

Once you’ve had a couple of one-euro spritzes, it’s time to graduate to the two or three-euro spritz! If you started in the Quartieri Spagnoli and don’t feel too energetic, stay in the same neighborhood with a sit-down spritz at Cikospritz or Stà Ben (Vico Due Porte a Toledo, N°7). Both places offer classic Aperol spritz for a low price, but also have creative variations for a euro or two more.

If you’re feeling amped or ready to mingle, head to the legendary Caffè dell’Epoca—which everyone just calls Peppe Spritz—in Piazza Bellini (Via Santa Maria di Costantinopoli, 82/83). It’s a popular place for travelers and locals alike and is a guaranteed friend-making spot if you’re traveling alone.

Happen to be staying in Vomero, the neighborhood up the hill? Take a walk to the historical Mercato di Antignano. It’s a vibrant market district by day where you can find a two-euro spritz at Spritzerò (Largo Antignano, 1) in the afternoon and evening.

Spritz, olives and fried potatoes
Cikospritz has some great snacking options with your Spritz. Photo credit: Dennis Schmidt

4+ Euro Spritz

After you finish off your one and two-euro spritz, it might be time to check out some higher-caliber bars where you can sip slowly and enjoy the ambiance. Museum Cafè has a vaulted stone seating area to create the atmosphere of an ancient cantine. You might even catch some musical guests on their small and intimate stage. 

Spazio Nea acts both as a contemporary gallery and a cocktail bar. Their charming terrace allows you to soak up the beauty of Piazza Bellini without the chaos. Nearby Libreria Berisio (Via Port’Alba, 28) is a cozy, rainy-day mainstay with book-lined walls and soft warm lighting.

The well-to-do neighborhoods of Chiaia and Vomero are home to many beautifully decorated bars with excellent mixologists. If you’re not staying in those areas, though, be careful—public transit closes at 11 pm. 

Classy speakeasy style L’Antiquario (Via Vannella Gaetani, 2) and botanical-themed Barril are two of the best bars in Chiaia. Their spritz cost, well, a bit more than one euro but the high quality of the prosecco justifies the price. In Vomero, Barrio Botanico (Via Alessandro Scarlatti, 139) serves spritz in a courtyard garden and Fonoteca (Via Raffaele Morghen, 31 c/f) doubles as a record store.

Man pouring soda into Aperol Spritz
The more high-end versions of Spritz in Naples are a worthy splurge. Photo credit: Gabriella Clare Marino

Some Useful Naples Spritz Expressions

Whether you start your night at the top or the bottom of the spritz price ladder, a spritz crawl in Naples is sure to be a fun and boozy adventure! Let’s wrap up with a couple of different ways to say “cheers”. In Italian, it’s common to either say salute or cin cin (pronounced cheen cheen). In Neapolitan, though, there’s a more elaborate ritual: aiz’ aiz’ aiz (as you raise your glass high), acal’ acal’ acal’ (as you touch your glass to the table), accost’ accost’ accost’ (as you cheers in the middle), a salut nostr’ (to our health)! It translates to up, down, and center. However, you choose to say cheers with your spritz, here’s to your health!


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