Where to Buy Spanish Leather Goods in Madrid

Without a doubt, one of the best parts of traveling is picking up the perfect souvenir. And given Spain’s rich, centuries-long history of leather making, it only makes sense to buy leather goods in Madrid!

Close up of a person's feet clad in brown leather ankle boots
Treat yourself to some beautiful handcrafted leather pieces in Madrid. Photo credit: Verity Sanders

As with many of the best-known Spanish products that are still around today, we have the Moors to thank for Spain’s excellent leather goods. Starting around 800 AD, Moorish inhabitants of the city of Cordoba perfected ancient leather making techniques. The results were excellent quality, highly prized pieces that all of Europe was eager to get their hands on.

Soon, craftsmen across the continent began to imitate the prestigious technique that originated in Spain. Today, leather pieces are produced and sold all over the world; however, given their historic and cultural ties to Spain, you’ll definitely want to pick up some leather goods in Madrid. Here’s where to get them!

1. Taller Puntera

For a truly artisanal experience, stop by Taller Puntera. This storefront workshop in the picturesque Plaza Conde de Barajas near the Mercado San Miguel.

Here, a small group of artisans designs beautiful bags, accessories and furniture. Their diverse collection ranges from elegant purses to adorable pencil cases. The best part is that the prices are very reasonable, and by shopping here you are supporting local artisans!

A man in a workshop using a special machine to produce leather goods
Artisans in Spain have been perfecting leather making techniques for hundreds of years. Photo credit: DEVN

2. Salvador Bachiller

Whether you need an extra suitcase to bring home all those perfect gifts, a replacement cosmetics bag or a snappy new leather case for your iPhone, Salvador Bachiller is the place to be.

This multi-level shop stands right in the center of the city. In addition to having some of the best leather goods in Madrid, the best part is the hidden tea room and rooftop garden with great views. However, arrive early as this hidden gem is no longer Madrid’s best-kept secret, and is popular among visitors and locals alike!

Leather handbag in the shape of a vintage camera in front of a pink, gray, and white striped wall
A quirky leather handbag from Salvador Bachiller! Photo credit: Duunn

3. Portegna

Portegna is a Spanish brand that showcases especially unique, high-end looks for handbags, shoes and wallets all made using the finest materials and impeccable design. While they’ve expanded to London, why not buy leather goods in Madrid from their original store here in the capital?

The flagship location is located in the stylish Barrio Salamanca, where you will find great boutique hotels, wonderful places to eat, and plenty of stores where you can prolong your shopping spree.

4. Loewe

Loewe is the undeniable king of Spanish leather goods. Founded in Madrid in the mid 1800s as a cooperative of leather workers, it skyrocketed to international fame in the 20th century as royalty and celebrities began using their pieces.

Today, Loewe has reached international luxury status and is one of the best places to buy high-quality leather goods in Madrid. Their store in the upmarket Salamanca neighborhood give you the perfect excuse to splurge on truly sensational handbags—and feel like Spanish royalty as you do so!

Interior of a luxury fashion boutique with chandeliers and a spiral staircase.
The stunning Loewe boutique in Madrid. Photo credit: Natt Muangsiri

5. Curtidos Carlos Hernández

Need a new wallet—or even a whole new suitcase to bring back everything you bought in Madrid? Curtidos Carlos Hernández is the place to be.

This family-run leather goods shop in Madrid has been selling their artisanal, hand-crafted products since 1968. They specialize in travel products, making it the perfect place to get accessories for your next trip while supporting a local business at the same time!

Leather Goods in Madrid FAQs

Is Spain known for leather?

Yes—in fact, leather goods from Spain have been highly sought out since the early Middle Ages! The Moors perfected the craft of tanning and leather making, and the resulting products soon gained fame across Europe. Leather making continues to be an important industry in modern Spain.

Which regions in Spain produce leather?

Leather making in Spain has its roots in Cordoba, where the Moors developed the iconic style of leather known as cordovan. The city has continued to be an important leather producer for centuries. According to the Spanish Tannery Association, other regions of Spain with a strong presence in the leather making industry are Catalonia, Valencia, and Murcia.

Update Notice: This post was originally published on November 18, 2015 and was updated with new text and photos on June 7, 2021.

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