Nightlife in Barcelona: Get Ready to Party in the Catalan Capital!

Barcelona is an incredible city with so much going on from dusk until dawn. Read on for some of our must-visit places to experience nightlife in Barcelona at its finest.

Experience the best of nightlife in Barcelona with our great guide on all of the best places to enjoy the best night in this city! From hardcore party-goers to cocktail lovers, we have something for everyone's tastes!

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Yes, it’s true—Barcelona has a great nightlife scene! While we may not have the same reputation as New York, we come very close. When we nap, we usually do it in the afternoon (the joys of the siesta), ahead of a long night of partying in the Catalan capital. No matter what your idea of the perfect night out is, the nightlife in Barcelona is as diverse as the food! Here are some of our favorite places to party until the sun comes up!

La Terazza

Where better to experience the nightlife in Barcelona than on a mountain-top castle, in the Poble Espagnol village, a beautiful man-made village created in 1929. Find this incredible renovated chateau at the top of end of a winding street, dotted with numerous bars and clubs. The first thing all party-goers notice is the lack of a roof, which is unsurprisingly why it is referred to by locals as “the open-air circus.” This grand venue, complete with light shows and visual effects guarantees some of the best nights in the city. Dance under the stars, among the palm trees until the small hours of the morning. This truly is one of the best ways to experience nightlife in Barcelona, with a difference!

Address: Avenida Marquès de Comillas, 13


If you want something a little more hardcore than dancing underneath the stars, this place is for you. The music is loud, the lights are brighter, and the crowds are definitely ready for the full Barcelona clubbing experience. Think smoke-boxes and laser lights with DJs spinning the latest techno hits. Razzmatazz is made up of five rooms, each with a different theme. From the top 40 hits room to the hard house zone, any music lover will be spoiled for choice. This club also doubles as a concert venue that sees some very famous artists gracing its stage on a regular basis.

Address: Carrer dels Almogàvers, 122

Local’s Tip: This place is big, which also means it’s easy to get lost in one of its many rooms. Make sure you have plenty of phone battery, just in case you get separated from your group.

Experience the best of nightlife in Barcelona with our top guide to some of our favorite venues in the city!
Big lights, loud music and an incredible atmosphere are always on the menu at Razzmatazz! Photo Credit: Jaume Escofet

Club Opium

What’s not to love about this famous club in the heart of Barceloneta? This place is definitely the epitome of nightlife in Barcelona, from its swanky interior to its beachfront location. This is classy clubbing at its max. The club itself is immense, spanning across a number of bars and dance floors. Furthermore, if things get too hot for you inside, you can head outside to the beach! A beautifully lit patio area, complete with large sprawling leather couches is one of our favorite parts of the nightclub. Sip on a cocktail as you take in the sea fresh air before going back inside to dance the night away!

Address: Passeig Marítim de la Barceloneta, 34

Local’s Tip: Come dressed to impress as this place has a strict dress code. Leave those sneakers at home!

We love a good cocktail! Especially before we head off to enjoy some of the great nightlife in Barcelona!
We love perfectly presented and pretty cocktails! Photo Credit: Despunkt


Right next door, Shôko is a well-known hotspot among locals for its glamorous, themed nights. Not only that, but you won’t go hungry here either. This trendy Asian-inspired restaurant serves a range of fusion and Thai food, including an incredible selection of sushi not to be missed. Just like Cinderella though, as soon as the clock strikes 12, everything changes. After that, expect full-on glamour and endless hip-hop hits until late. Bbeach-side glamour with a twist!

Address: Passeig Marítim de la Barceloneta, 36

The Born Neighborhood

If you’re not into the intense nightclub scene, why not take a trip to the beautiful neighborhood of the Born? Here you will enjoy a whole host of great cocktail bars and smaller clubs to party your evening away. For a more laid-back and less formal affair, why not visit a local bodega to really spend a night like a local. We love Bodega Maestrazgo nestled in the heart of this area. Sit back, relax and unwind while enjoying some of the best wines Catalonia has to offer.

Local’s Tip: Make sure to order a vermouth before you head out for the night. It’s one of our favorite ways to start a Saturday evening with friends. Enjoy it just like a local with top tips from our lovely guide and wine expert Victoria!

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