Navigating the Natural Wine Scene in Barcelona

Looking to make your diet more organic? Why not choose one of Barcelona’s natural wines to wind down with after a hard day’s work at the office? 

Catalonia is fast-becoming Spain’s number one producer of natural wine, and is now home to some of the most famous natural wineries in Europe thanks to the growing demand for organic produce. In recent years, with environmental and health consciousness becoming hot topics in the press, there are more bars and restaurants in Barcelona than ever before selling natural wine.

So what makes wine “natural”? Where possible, natural winemakers practice a holistic, ecological, and ethical approach to grape growing. They make sure the wine is organically produced, without herbicides, pesticides or any other chemicals. Not only this, but the waste produced in its production is returned to the earth so it can decompose naturally, making it environmentally sustainable. 

Wondering where to drink natural wine in Barcelona? Read on to find out which bars serve them. 

A guide to where to drink natural wine in Barcelona

1. L’Ànima Del Vi

In opening L’Ànima Del Vi in El Born 10 years ago, owner Benoît Valée had one mission: to expose natural wine to the inhabitants of Barcelona. Recognizing that at the time it was almost non-existent, he imported the wines from France. With the growing popularity of natural winemaking in Spain, he now stocks an impressive selection of Spanish and French natural wines. This charming and rustic bar is the perfect place to sample a variety of organic wines, while soaking in the vibrant culture of El Born. 

L'Ànima Del Vi natural wine bar in Barcelona
L’Ànima Del Vi was a pioneer on the Barcelona natural wine scene. Photo credit: Kent Wang

2. Bar Salvatge

At Bar Salvatge, natural wines are served in abundance. Located in the heart of Gràcia, Barcelona’s artisanal neighborhood, Bar Salvatge is a funky, hipster drop-in on the natural wine bar trail.

Serving natural wine directly from eight rotating tapped barrels, this bar is truly unique. Glasses range from €2 to €6 and the bar offers a selection of locally inspired tapas including patatas bravas and ibérico ham. If you’re looking for a natural wine bar with great music, cool interiors and service with a smile, then this is your place! 

Fun fact: Representing its quirky side, the bar’s logo is a hippopotamus bartender, with an apron, corkscrew and bottle in hand. Make sure to check it out! 

Natural wine on tap in Barcelona
At Bar Salvatge, you can enjoy natural wine straight from the barrel. Photo credit: Bar Salvatge

3. Viblioteca

With the innovative idea of opening up a wine library, sommelier Yolanda Villegas simply mixed the Catalan words for wine (“vi”) and library (“biblioteca”), and thus Viblioteca was born. With a wine list featuring around 150 different labels, both conventional and natural, this cozy wine bar tucked away within Gràcia has something for everyone. Yolanda’s curiosity to unearth new wines pushes her to renew the catalogue regularly, so new organic wine discoveries are always on offer. 

Insider’s tip: For cheese lovers, this is the perfect spot with more than 50 varieties of cheese on the menu, which staff expertly match to your wine selection.

4. Somorrostro 

Hidden in La Barceloneta, Somorrostro (Carrer de Sant Carles, 11) prides itself on its organic, local and eco-friendly produce. One of the only biodynamic wine bars in Barcelona to serve slow food, they offer a mouth-watering menu to accompany their local selection of natural wines. They are dedicated to a philosophy of working with local, organically grown products, free from chemicals and following the natural rhythm of the seasonal produce. Great for eating and drinking clean! 

Insider’s tip: The restaurant is named after Barceloneta’s old barracks, which was a shanty town home to 15,000 people and the birthplace of famous Spanish flamenco dancer Carmen Amaya

5. Bar Torpedo 

A small, green-walled locale, Bar Torpedo offers Spanish tapas, juicy hamburgers, craft beers and an extensive range of organic wines. Opening in 2019, owner-chef Rafa Peña has created a laid-back spot with a vintage feel where good quality food is served and wine flows. Seeing as one of the benefits to drinking natural wine is that, due to its clean ingredients, it reduces the risk of hangovers and headaches, this is the perfect watering hole to hang out at! 

6. Can Cisa/Bar Brutal 

Originally an old bodega opened in 1949, Can Cisa was transformed into one of Barcelona’s best spots for natural wine in 2013. Owned by the natural wine distributor Joan Valencia, the bar stocks around 300 organic wines from all over the world. Free from added sulfites, other additives, foreign yeasts and colorants, these wines are 100 percent natural. The perfect place for sipping wine, this taverna-style space full of rustic wooden tables serves a menu of Mediterranean sharing plates to die for. 

Can Cisa wine bar in Barcelona
Can Cisa is the rustic wine bar of your dreams. Photo credit: Can Cisa

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