Naples Walking Tour: A Self-Guided Stroll of Napoli’s Must-See Spots

There’s a lot to see in the vibrant city of Naples, and even better, a lot of delicious food to eat. This guide will take you on a loop around the city, experiencing everything from the charming small streets called vicoletti to the sweeping views of the sea and Vesuvius. You’ll have food recommendations for each and every stop, so you can eat and drink like a true Neapolitan. Andiamo! (Let’s go!)

The city of Naples seen from above

Get to know the heart of Naples with our self-guided walking tour. Photo credit: Ahtziri Lagarde

Start at Piazza Dante

Whether you’re just in Naples for a day, or are staying for longer, we’ll start this Naples walking tour at the centrally located Piazza Dante. If you’re coming from the port or the central station, you can take the Metro Linea 1 directly to the Dante stop.

The most important morning routine in Naples: espresso

The historical Bar Mexico (Piazza Dante, 86) makes some of the best coffee in the city. Espresso a bit too strong? Order a caffè macchiato, or an espresso with a little milk instead. For breakfast try a sfogliatella frolla or riccia, a rich pastry filled with citrus flavored ricotta.

Piazza Dante in Naples during the day with several people walking by
Don’t miss the statue of poet Dante Alighieri while strolling around Piazza Dante. Photo credit: Mike Steele

Into the historical center

Head through the archway at the corner of Piazza Dante, called Port’alba, to enter the historical center. Continuing straight, you’ll find yourself on Via dei Tribunali. Take in all the sights and sounds of this area that dates back to the times of the ancient Greeks.

Insider’s tip: The streets of Naples tend to be chaotic with people, bicyclists, and motorcyclists. Always pay attention to your surroundings!

San Gregorio Armeno

Experience one of the most unique traditions of Naples by making a right from Via dei Tribunali onto San Gregorio Armeno. This narrow street is home to artisan shops that make tiny figurines for nativity scenes. You can find both traditional characters, like Mary, but also modern characters, like soccer players.

Spaccanapoli and a city of churches

Turning right at the end of San Gregorio Armeno, you’ll find yourself on a bustling street that divides the entire historical center in half, locally called “Spaccanapoli.”

Did you know Naples has over 500 churches? You can find two of our favorites by wandering down Spaccanapoli – San Domenico, with its breathtakingly high ceiling, and Gesù Nuovo, known for its incredible stonework.

Spaccanapoli neighborhood in Naples from above and skyline

You won’t find this street on any map, but Spaccanapoli is one of Napoli’s must-see spots! Photo credit: Sony SLT-A57

Lunch in the Pignasecca Market

After reaching the spacious Piazza del Gesù Nuovo, continue straight on Spaccanapoli until you reach Via Pignasecca. This historical market district has two great options for pizza: Pizzeria Da Attilio and Antica Pizzeria & Trattoria al 22. Not in the mood for pizza? Get some seafood pasta at Pescheria Azzurra (Via Portamedina, 3/4 5).

If you’re feeling like a pick-me-up after lunch, head to the coffee bar in Piazza Pignasecca (Piazza Pignasecca, 20) and grab a table outside for some people watching in the bustling market.

Fresh fish for sale at a market in Naples
Fish for sale at the Pignasecca Market. Photo credit: Paul Asman and Jill Lenoble

A view from above: San Martino

For a breathtaking view of the city, grab the funicular from Montesanto station, and get off at Morghen.

Insider’s tip: When you go into Montesanto station, head straight back to the stand that says “Tabacchi” and ask for two funicular tickets.

Once you’re up the hill, head to San Martino. You’ll see the city, the sea, and Vesuvius in all their glory!

Views of Naples and Mount Vesuvius from San Martino
San Martino has views of Naples that you really can’t miss! Photo credit: Maria Bobrova

Snack time on Via Toledo

Once you’ve gotten your fill of the view, head back to the funicular, but this time take the funicular down from Piazza Fuga (just a five minute walk from the other station). You’ll come out on Via Toledo, where there are some delicious snack options!

If you love fluffy donuts, head to Chalet Ciro and order a graffa. You’ll get a freshly fried and sugared donut. In the mood for gelato? Try an artisanal gelato from Mennella.

Insider’s Tip: Have more time to spare? Check out our guide to making the most of Naples in 3 days.

Piazza Plebiscito and Lungomare

After a snack, make your way down Via Toledo until it opens up into the grand Piazza Plebiscito. You’ll be able to see the sparkling sea in front of you. Wander along the seaside, also known as lungomare, where you can see fishing boats and get another stunning view of Vesuvius.

Piazza Dante with statue at dawn in early morning NaplesPiazza Plebiscito is a common meeting place, and also a great spot for more gorgeous views. Photo credit: Yahya Momtaz

The legend of the Egg Castle

You might be wondering – what is that massive castle on the seaside? That’s Castel dell’Ovo, and it’s free to enter! It’s worth going in and having a look around. It’s the oldest standing structure in Naples, dating back to the 6th century B.C.

Castel dell’Ovo gets its curious name from the poet Virgil, who claimed to have hidden a magical egg under the castle. The legend has it that the egg must never be crushed, or the city will fall.

Naple's famous Castel dell’Ovo surrounded by the sea
Naple’s famous Castel dell’Ovo. Photo credit: Egor Myznik

Dinner and Spritz in the Quartieri Spagnoli

Once you’re ready for dinner, go back the way you came, turning left just after Piazza Plebiscito. In the neighborhood called the Quartieri Spagnoli, you can find a number of high quality but inexpensive restaurants. One of our favorites is called Osteria Il Gobbetto. Their antipasto misto (mixed appetizers) is a must-order: they bring out small plates, one after the other, to give you a real sampling of the traditional cuisine. Their pasta dishes are massive, too!

Quartieri Spagnoli at night with restaurants and bars in central Naples
If you only have one evening in Naples, we recommend having dinner in the Quartieri Spagnoli. Photo credit: Yahya Momtaz

The day wouldn’t be complete without an after-dinner drink. When you exit Osteria Il Gobbetto, turn left then make the first right to land yourself on Via Speranzella. You’ll now wander through the heart of the Quartieri Spagnoli, a popular place for nightlife. At Il Grillo wine bar (Via Trinità degli Spagnoli, 41/A), you’ll find regional wines like Falanghina or Aglianico. For thirst-quenching spritzes of various types, check out Stà Ben (Vico Due Porte a Toledo, N°7).

As they say when making a toast in Naples, alla salute nostra (to our health)!


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