10 Best Michelin Star Restaurants in San Francisco

Feed your curiosity and discover the unique flavors of San Francisco by booking a dining experience at one of the best Michelin star restaurants in San Francisco.

San Francisco has many options and each offering incredible dining experiences. Reservations for these restaurants are hard to get, so book the minute you know your travel dates. We’ve selected a few of San Francisco’s Michelin-starred restaurants to highlight, but there are several more out there for you to enjoy. Here’s which Michelin-starred restaurants you should eat at in San Francisco.

Fine dining at a restaurant
Enjoy one of the many Michelin star restaurants San Francisco has to offer. Photo credit: Jay Wenningtoon

A quick guide to understanding the Michelin system

Michelin, a French tire manufacturer, was founded in 1889. Édouard and André Michelin (founders and brothers) revolutionized the automotive industry by introducing the Michelin Guide in 1900, providing travel information and restaurant recommendations to boost demand for cars and consequently, tires.

Michelin stars are awarded to restaurants by the prestigious Michelin Guide, which rates restaurants on a scale of one to three stars.

A one-star rating means the restaurant offers high-quality cooking worthy of a stop, while a two-star rating signifies innovative dishes that warrant a detour. Finally, a three- star rating is the ultimate accolade reserved for restaurants with exceptional cuisine (here, these are the can’t miss San Francisco restaurants).

michelin man cartoon
The first Michelin Guide was compiled in 1900. Photo credit: Don O’Brien

Michelin restaurants in San Francisco with one star

Angler SF

The scent of wood-fired grilled seafood, meat, and veggies welcomes diners into Angler SF’s cabin-inspired interior. Michelin’s word for the restaurant is “meticulousness,” referring to the transformational roasting of locally sourced cauliflower. Angler’s meticulousness is also experienced through their partnerships with growers and harvesters, selecting only the best ingredients for the restaurant.

Try something from the ever-changing menu, like wild swordfish steak or wood oven-grilled whole chicken. Or let the chefs pick what you’ll eat from a prix fixe family-style meal.

Melon sorbet at Michelin star restaurant in San Francisco
Angler SF serves up intricate works of art. Photo credit: T.Tseng


Be a part of something delicious at Osito. Chef Seth Stowaway’s smoke-infused dishes are served around a single communal dining table—where strangers become friends. Stowaway enjoys creating community by feeding people nourishing food he and his team prepare over live fire.

Osito’s ingredients are sourced daily from local farmers markets and served in the cozy Mission District restaurant. Michelin notes the “elemental and elevated” cooking techniques wielded to create fine dining over hot flames.

People enjoying a meal at a communal table.
Eating at communal tables gives a unique experience where you can meet locals. Photo credit: Priscilla Du Preez

San Ho Won

San Ho Won’s doing Korean BBQ right, grilling savory cuts of meat over hot lychee wood charcoal. In 2021, fine dining chefs Corey Lee and Jeong-In Hwang opened their vision for a casual Korean restaurant in the Mission District.

Using the best local ingredients, they create traditional flavors with modern techniques. Soy sauce-enhanced dishes with sides of kimchi complement meaty main courses. Prime beef short ribs or glazed pork ribs go through a round of aging, fermenting, and marinating until they’re devour-ready.

BBQ being grilled on a fire
Come to San Francisco to find out how they do Korean BBQ. Photo credit: Emerson Vieira


At Sorrel, food presentation is an art form. Michelin praises the Pacific Heights neighborhood restaurant for its handcrafted pasta and colorful small bites. Find California-inspired dishes with a touch of San Franciscan Italian flare featuring seasonally harvested ingredients from Bay Area farmers markets and the restaurant’s rooftop garden. Make reservations to experience Sorrel’s set tasting menu or try the à la carte menu at the first come, first served eight-seat bar.

lines of wine bottles
Enjoy Sorrel’s carefully curated wine list with an emphasis on Californian, Italian, and French wines. Photo credit: Bruno Cantuária

State Bird Provisions

Asian flavors and customs highly influence State Bird Provisions’s contemporary Californian cuisine at its Japantown location. Waitstaff push carts or carry trays full of plated food for a dim sum-style tray service showing seated guests what’s available to eat. Point to the restaurant’s namesake locally raised quail, spreadable duck liver mousse over almond biscuits or thick browned sourdough sauerkraut ricotta pancakes for a taste adventure. Be sure to check out their extensive cocktail menu for creative drinks with a twist.

mussles over ice on a cart in Japantown
Watch the hustle and bustle as waiters bring you delicious entrees with their tray service. Photo credit: City Foodsters

Michelin restaurants in San Francisco with two stars

Lazy Bear

There’s fierce competition to book dinner reservations at Lazy Bear, one of San Francisco’s most unique dining experiences. The restaurant’s tasting menu is full of hyper-seasonal ingredients transformed by innovative cooking techniques served over two and a half hours. Lazy Bear chefs have perfected a process for slow-cooking pork worthy of being the savory course finale. Cuts of wagyu are often featured in Lazy Bear dishes, even found sandwiched between two golden crispy fried green heirloom tomatoes.

Dessert menu at Michelin starred restaurant in San Francisco
Be sure to check out their dessert menu for a tasty treat. Photo credit: City Foodsters


A contemporary Mexican restaurant, Californios transforms San Francisco Bay Area’s plentiful fresh ingredients into an elevated nightly tasting menu. Choose to eat in the cozy outdoor garden dining area or the colorfully inviting indoor dining room. Michelin notes Californios’s focus on heritage is found in dishes like arepas (grilled cornmeal cake), ceviche (cured raw fish salsa), and tacos—often served with a twist—like venison filling.

Close up of mussle at Californios in San Francisco.
Take a seat at Californios where the experience will take all of your senses on a journey. Photo credit: Lou Stejskal


sea urchin dish at Saison in San Francisco
Originality and decadence makes Michelin star restaurants in San Francisco stand out. Photo credit: City Foodsters

As they dry out, herbs, red peppers, and persimmons dangle overhead in Saison’s kitchen prep area. Preferring to make seasonings and prepare exotic meats in-house, such as salted and dried albacore and antelope, the two star Michelin restaurant has a lot of unique, yet local, ingredients hanging around.

Saison’s chefs cook over a wood-fired flaming hearth and hot coals inside the red brick San Francisco warehouse. Guests can watch the artful plating of their next course as the chefs work in the dining room’s connected kitchen.

Michelin restaurants in San Francisco with three stars


On a walk through San Francisco’s South of Market neighborhood, passersby can peer into Benu’s street-level laboratory, we mean kitchen, where all sorts of creative dishes are being prepped. Michelin notes the chefs mastery of specialized techniques that transform exotic ingredients into bites of culinary magic. The three-hour tasting menu dinner service will include flavorful surprises from citrus marigold on fried river eel to crispy frog leg sautéed in hot chili.

A colorful dish at Benu in San Francisco.
At Benu each dish is its own culinary masterpiece. Photo credit: City Foodsters

Atelier Crenn

In 2023, Atelier Crenn’s meat-free menu, with the exception of delicious local seafood, evolved from French cuisine to elevating local flavors of the Californian landscape. Chef Dominique Crenn grows the restaurant’s organic produce at her Bleu Belle Farm in Sonoma, CA.

Sit down for a three-hour tasting tour of the Golden State. The experience could wrap up with a taste of ice cream incorporating greens from land and sea—like Marin County-made matcha with Monterey Bay-sourced seaweed in a crunchy nori cone.

Forest inspired creation at Atelier Crenn's Michelin-starred restaurant in SF.
Take a trip through Atelier Crenn’s moss garden dessert your taste buds won’t forget. Photo credit: City Foodsters

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San Francisco is home to many eateries that will satisfy your taste buds. Photo credit: Kina