Best Michelin Star Restaurants in Naples, Italy (+ Ischia & Capri)

Naples is well-known for its homestyle cooking, excellent pizza, and street food. It’s a city where you can eat well for a very reasonable price. Sometimes, though, it’s nice to have a more luxurious experience. This is where Naple’s Michelin star restaurants come into play. 

dark dining space of fine dining restaurant
Looking for a special occasion meal in Naples? Check out these outstanding Michelin-star restaurants. Photo credit: Adrien Olichon

There are many creative restaurants to choose from that have Michelin stars, both in the city and in the surrounding area. In fact, the Campania region tied for second place for the region with the highest number of Michelin-starred restaurants in Italy in 2022! Read on to discover the high-end cuisine that the city has to offer, as well as a couple of majestic restaurants on the islands.

Palazzo Petrucci – 1 Michelin Star

In the chic heart of the Posillipo neighborhood, lies Palazzo Petrucci (Via Posillipo, 16 C). Its panoramic windows face the sea, giving clients an epic view of the bay and Vesuvius. It’s situated right next to one of the most famous buildings in Naples, Palazzo Donn’anna, built in the 17th century. The location on the beach next to a historical building sets the perfect scene for chef Lino Scarallo to elevate Naples’s food culture to the next level. 

Treat yourself to succulent seafood—sometimes raw—paired with an excellent wine list. If you want to be surprised, choose the Lino fai tu (Make whatever you want, Lino) menu to let the talented Neapolitan chef take the reins.

Palazzo Donnanna in Naples Italy
Nothing like the beautiful views of Palazzo Donn’anna to accompany a delicious meal at Palazzo Petrucci. Photo credit: Rutger van der Maar

Aria – 1 Michelin Star

Aria is centrally located in the University district, but this restaurant breaks free from the traditions followed by most other trattorie in the area. Sicilian chef Paolo Barrale aims to respect the food culture of the city but playfully mixes it up with international ingredients like nori, coffee-infused tapioca pearls, and coconut milk. Try a little bit of everything with a 5- or 7-course tasting menu (€120 and €150, respectively). 

white plate of food over table with white table cloth
Always exciting and surprising, you’re bound to have a unique experience at Aria. Photo credit: PxHere

George Restaurant – 1 Michelin Star

Just above the Chiaia neighborhood, there are two Michelin-starred restaurants within a 5-minute walking distance of each other, Veritas and George Restaurant. George Restaurant is located in a luxe 5-star hotel founded in 1870. It also has a terrace overlooking the sea with a breathtaking view of Castel dell’ovo and Vesuvius. Neapolitan chef Domenica Calenda worked in top French restaurants for years and merges the quality ingredients of the region with creativity learned abroad. His seasonings and sauces are particularly tantalizing. Fermented raspberry jus, black truffle-scented mascarpone cream and lime-flavored rum sauce are just a few examples.

Indaco – 1 Michelin Star

It’s worth mentioning two spectacular restaurants on the islands, one on Ischia and one on Capri. Indaco is located in the charming area of Lacco Ameno on Ischia. It boasts a view of the bay and serves strictly fish-based gourmet cuisine. Chef Pasquale Palamaro (a native of Ischia) uses his island’s resources to create unforgettable seafood dishes, offering two options of a tasting menu (€150) or a-la-carte selections.

man pouring white wine into glass at a table
We recommend also getting Indaco’s impressive wine pairing. Photo credit: Kenneth

L’Olivo – 2 Michelin Stars

Andrea Migliaccio, originally from Ischia but now living in Capri, has created a work of art with L’Olivo. Away from the main neighborhood of Capri, L’Olivo, located in Anacapri, maintains the chic atmosphere of Capri but makes it more comfortable. Think plush chairs and a welcoming open plan that extends to a sea-view terrace. Enjoy high-end dishes like red prawns with caviar, foie gras, green apple, and gin tonic. Migliaccio effortlessly combines innovation with the best traditional ingredients and wines to give guests an unforgettable meal.

different dishes on ceramic plates
Sit down, relax and enjoy an unforgettable meal at L’Olivo. Photo credit: Jer Chung

For the full list of Michelin-starred restaurants in Campania or any other region, make sure to check out the Michelin guide website. There are so many options for haute cuisine in the region for a birthday, anniversary, or just for an extra-special treat. Go ahead, you deserve it! Buon appetito!


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