Best Luggage Storage in NYC: Where to Safely Leave Your Bags

Looking for luggage storage in NYC? We’ve been there – exploring New York requires a lot of walking around.

Sometimes, you arrive at the city before your hotel check-in or need to check out way before your departure time. Other times, you just happen to have some luggage and need a place to leave it for a few hours. Or, perhaps there’s a day trip from NYC you need to take before checking into new accomodations.

Couple walks down a busy street carrying suitcases
You’ll find convenient places for luggage storage all over New York City. Photo credit: Jim Pennucci

Whatever the reason, there are plenty of places where you can store your things for the day (or even longer). From shared-economy companies to public lockers and even your hotel’s reception, keep keading for the best options for luggage storage in NYC.

Luggage Storage Companies

The system of most of these storage companies resembles the shared-economy concept of Airbnb, but for luggage. They find places around the city that can work as storage units for travellers, like souvenir shops, hotels, convenience stores, etc. These places usually open early and close late, so you can drop off and pick up your luggage anytime.

There are lots of companies that specialise in luggage storage. Some will charge you for the hour, while others have a flat fee for the entire day. Some need you to drop your stuff at one of their units, while others will send somebody to pick it up for you.

Person holds up a clear umbrella that says "I love NY" above a rainy urban landscape
Inclement weather is another reason you might seek out luggage storage in NYC. Photo credit: Horacio Rojas


Bounce is the best-rated luggage storage company in New York, with over 300 units spread around the city. The app connects you to safe storage spaces, like hotels, restaurants, and local shops, and all you need to do is show your reservation once you arrive. They charge $5.90 per bag for 24 hours, which includes $10,000 insurance coverage.

Luggage Hero

Luggage Hero has around 130 storage units throughout the city (coffee shops, hotels, restaurants, stores, etc.) and offers hourly and flat rates. For around $1/hour or $7.95/day, you can feel safe with $3,000 insurance coverage and flexibility upon arrival.


With over 150 locations in New York City, Vertoe is one of the largest short-term storage companies in the Big Apple. Many of their units are close to strategic locations, like Penn Station, JFK Airport, and Grand Central Terminal, among others. They charge low rates for the day (around $5.95/day) and insurance if something happens to your belongings (around $5,000).

What’s more, you can read reviews for each location before checking in your bag!

Traveler looks up at steel beams in ceiling inside of a modern train station.
Penn Station is one of the many locations where you’ll find Vertoe luggage storage in NYC. Photo credit: Eden, Janine and Jim

Radical Storage

Radical Storage also has many storage units, called “Angels,” around the city. At a rate of around $4.90 per item per day, you can store your luggage at units close to train stations, bus stations and airports. The check-in is pretty quick, but keep in mind that reservations need to be made online.

Luggage Storage: Other Methods

Aside from these companies, there are also a bunch of other ways to store your luggage while you spend the day in the city. If you have a friend who lives in New York, you can always ask for their help to hold on to your bags for a few hours.

You can also ask your hotel reception to keep your bags before check-in and after check-out until your departure time arrives. Most hotels will do it for free.

Airports also offer storage services, which are a little pricier than the other options. If you want to skip finding a storage unit and drop off your stuff, this is a quicker and more secure way to keep your bags safe as you explore the city.

Person pulling a suitcase through the World Trade Center subway station in NYC in winter
When you want to travel lightly, sometimes luggage storage is the only way to go. Photo credit: Nic Y-C

Luggage Storage in NYC: A Final Note

Storing your luggage is a great way to spend the day on your feet. Sometimes our travel time doesn’t match our accommodation reservations, and we must spend some hours with our luggage. Sometimes we make a one-day pit stop in New York when heading to another place. You can count on these luggage storage companies, your hotel, or the airport to keep your belongings safe whenever that occurs.

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