The Complete Guide to Boston Food Trucks

Boston is a city full of some of the best food in the United States. Even the food trucks Boston has to offer live up to the standard just as well as any brick and mortar restaurant. Whether looking for quick takeout to bring to a picnic in The Common or strolling through the Rose Kennedy Greenway in need of a little pick-me-up, there are meals on wheels nearby to satisfy.

two people stand in front of the order window of a fodo truck
With so many excellent food trucks in Boston, you’ll want to try them all! Photo credit: RODNAE Productions

From ice cream cookie sandwiches to authentic Jamaican food to fresh Greek cuisine, Boston food trucks are a unique and delicious way to support local businesses and fulfill your cravings. Read on for some of our favorite food trucks in Boston (and feel free to bookmark the city’s official schedule for when you find yourself in town).

Local’s Tip: If you love food trucks, we know you’ll love Boston street food and cheap eats in Boston.

Meals on Wheels

Got a big appetite? We’ve got lunch and dinner covered with these can’t miss food trucks.

Bon Me

Bon Me is one of Boston’s beloved original food trucks that made its debut back in 2011. The asian-inspired eatery has now become a staple throughout the city. Their menu consists of three takes on Vietnamese banh mi sandwiches, noodle soups, rice bowls, and seasonal specials.

A person stands at the order window of a blue food truck in Boston. A large, white menu with colorful images stretches across the side of the truck.
Bon me is a well loved food truck in Boston. Photo credit: Todd Van Hoosear

The Chicken & Rice Guys

The Chicken & Rice Guys love to keep it simple with their Middle Easten-inspired menu. With just four protein options to choose from (chicken, gyro, tofu, or a combo) atop your choice of rice or lettuce, the sauce ties it all together.

Bibim Box

Bibim Box, a local food truck with a signature offering bibimbap, Korean rice bowls of white rice mixed with meats, veggies, and a fried egg. Build your own bowl stacked with sumptuous options like chicken or pork with savory-sweet gochujang sauce.

a person stands at the order window of a blue food truck in Boston. Bright yellow letters read "Bibim Box" on the side of the truck.
Try Korean bibimbap on the go! Photo credit: Todd Van Hoosear

The Cod Squad

The Cod Squad delivers the fresh, New England seafood experience on wheels without the high restaurant prices. They disappoint with their top-notch quality and passion for food. While you can’t go wrong with a good lobster roll, we can’t recommend their crab cake sandwich enough!


Moyzilla is one of our absolute favorite Boston food trucks. The hand-folded dumplings come in pork-and-napa cabbage or veggie. They’re served alongside your choice of scallion rice or homemade garlic noodles. Their occasional “Moyzilla Style” cheeseburger dumplings are to die for if you catch them on the menu!

Close up of a brown to-go box filled with Chinese dumplings. The dumplings are from Moyzilla, a popular food truck in Boston.
The dumplings from Moyzilla are so good, you’ll forget you got them from a food truck! Photo credit: charlene mcbride

Jamaica Mi Hungry

Authentic Jamaican food has never been more convenient and delicious than with the Jamaica Mi Hungry food truck. Entrees come with a main protein — jerk chicken, curry veggie stew, jerk tofu, pork, and more — and two sides, like Ernie’s rice and beans and mac and cheese.

The menu also includes sandwiches, such as the jerk chicken or pork sandwich. Don’t forget the plantains!


Compliments serves a small menu of sourdough sandwiches, sides, and sweet treats. Our favorite sandwiches are the We Work Well Together which are beef sliders with cabot cheddar, and the Mr. Fun Guy which is marinated mushrooms with spinach, mozzarella, and tomato. Make sure to also try the Caul Me Out fried cauliflower!

Daddy’s Bonetown Burgers

Daddy’s Bonetown Burgers does not mess around when it comes to comfort food. You will find burgers topped with fried egg, thick-cut meats, and fried jalapeño.

The sides are just as good as the entrees, you have to try their thick-cut french fries and tater tots with toppings like Doritos-infused salt or bacon gravy.

North East of the Border

North East of the Border has brought authentic Mexican tacos to Boston and we can’t get enough! Their menu consists of nine tacos including vegetarian and healthy options, all served on corn tortillas and filled with bold flavors.

The Cochinita Pibil Taco is slow cooked marinated pork, refried beans topped with pickled red onions and their Carne Asada Taco is Tender marinated flank steak and cheese topped with cilantro and onions.

Gogi on the Block

Gogi on the Block offers a simple menu of delicious Korean food. Ordering is simple: Choose from a rice bowl, burrito, or salad, and then pick a protein such as bulgogi (sweet KBBQ beef) or dweji bulgogi (sweet and spicy KBBQ pork). Wash it down with a sweet smoothie made with either Asian citrons or green plums.


Riceburg is one of the most unique food trucks Boston has, offering sandwiches with pieces of seared rice in place of bread. We love the Chicken Katsu riceburg which is a crispy chicken breast filet, pineapple, lettuce, and your sauce of choice, between two crispy pieces of rice.

Not feeling a sandwich? Make it a bowl by choosing your protein, base, and toppings. Complete the meal with bubble tea!

A white food truck covered in black and red lettering. The truck is Riceburg, a popular on in Boston.
A burger between rice buns? We’d try it! Photo credit: Megan Marrs


Pennypacker’s is a family-owned truck known for some of the best sandwiches in Boston. Their seasonal menu consists of sandwiches all served on ciabatta.

Pennypacker’s specializes in the best porchetta which is an Italian skin on roast pork that is heavily seasoned, cured, and marinated in herbs and garlic. Pair that with a side of mac ‘n’ cheese for the most comforting meal.

​​Gourmet Kreyòl

Gourmet Kreyòl was launched in 2021, but has quickly become a Boston food truck staple. Their menu offers four authentic Haitian entrees including Haitian fried chicken or Haitian stewed vegetables served with your choice of two sides (rice, salad, or plantains). If you haven’t tried Haitian food, let this be your sign to keep your eye out for the Gourmet Kreyòl truck!

Naco Taco

Naco Taco spends most of its time parked across from Muji on Newbury Street. While they might have a small menu, but they pack big flavors into their tacos, tortas, and sides.

If you want something with a kick, you’ll love the Pavo (braised turkey leg) torta slathered in jalapeño jam and chipotle aioli. Their “street corn off the cob” is filled with chile de árbol aioli and never fails to hit the spot.

extreme close up of Mexican street corn on a blue and white plate. The yellow corn is dusted with red seasoning and crumbly white cheese.
Anything inspired by Mexican street corn is worth trying. Photo credit: Tim Riley


Revelry is a New Orleans cuisine food truck slinging the tastes of the South all around Boston. Their menu offers a variety of po’boys like fried shrimp, fried oyster, and blackened chicken, served with shredded lettuce, tomatoes, homemade pickles, and remoulade.

Entrees include jambalaya and cajun boiled shrimp remoulade salad. The owners of the truck were both born and raised in the South, and we Bostonians are still thanking them for bringing their delicious food up North!

Just Wingin’ It

Just Wingin’ It food truck made its debut in 2019, and slings some of the best wings around town. They offer six wing options to choose from including Chris’ Greek Wings made with lemon, garlic, oregano, and oregano honey, and Molly’s Garlic Parmesan Wings that are basted in garlic butter and tossed with parmesan cheese. These wings are so good, we aren’t convinced by the name of their truck!

Fresh Food Generation

Fresh Food Generation slings healthy, Caribbean-American cuisine on wheels. Jerk chicken, herbed potatoes, and smoky collard greens are highlights of the menu.

The most popular combination is jerk chicken, mixed kale salad, and sweet plantains. Vegan options include flavorful, slow-simmered red bean stew. Fresh Food Generation sources locally and is filling our bellies with nutritious, well-balanced meals. Fresh Food Generation doesn’t have a schedule at the moment, so keep an eye out for them if you’re in Boston at a food truck event!

People line up to order at a food truck at the Boston food truck festival. The truck is parked on the street with dozens of other food trucks parked in a line fading into the background.
Boston hosts an annual food truck festival. A perfect opportunity to try all the best trucks! Photo credit: Megan Marrs

Sweet Treats & Snacks

These food trucks will satisfy that sweet tooth or and provide that perfect snack to keep you going.

Papi’s Stuffed Sopapillas

Papi’s Stuffed Sopapillas hand-rolls, puffs, cuts, and stuffs each piping hot sopapilla to order. Sopapillas are crispy fried bread that can be made either sweet or savory. For a sweet option, stuff it with ice cream or s’mores! For savory, choose buffalo chicken, steak and cheese, fish tacopilla, and more.


Zinneken’s Belgian waffles are up there for our favorite rolling dessert. The plain liège waffle is delicious and sweet on its own, but toppings like Zinneken’s Belgian chocolate drizzle or fresh strawberries are too good to miss out on.

These waffles are so unique because they are leavened with yeast, making them denser and chewier than your regular, airy waffles. Fair warning, if you do try Zinneken’s, your waffle standards will become incredibly high after you take your first bite.

Clyde’s Cupcakes

On Thursday afternoons, Clyde’s Cupcakes rolls its way into Boston from its brick and mortar store in New Hampshire to sling cupcakes at City Hall Plaza. Clyde’s team is a small, dedicated group of expert bakers whose cupcakes make the best Thursday afternoon pick-me-up snack.

The Cookie Monstah

The Cookie Monstah is the perfect marriage between freshly baked cookies and ice cream. They bake their cookies from scratch each morning before satisfying the sweet tooth of people all over Boston. They’re known for their Cookie Monstah Sandwiches which is a scoop of decadent ice cream between two heavenly cookies.

A person holdes a white bowl with an ice cream sandwich resting atop paper
Monstrous ice cream sandwiches are the signature of as-seen-on-TV Cookie Monstah. Photo credit: charlene mcbride

The Whoopie Wagon

The Whoopie Wagon was created by a couple who share a passion for sweet treats. Co-owner, Mary, is known as “the Whoopie Pie Lady” to many and she lives up to her name. They offer whoopie pies in many incredible flavors like s’mores, pumpkin, and ‘whanolli’ which is whoopie pie and cannoli combined. They have vegan and gluten free whoopie pies as well!