Drink Up: 6 Great Places to Enjoy Craft Beer in Madrid

Modern influences from all over the world mean that it’s possible to enjoy all kinds of delicious craft beer in Madrid.

Long gone are the days when your only options upon entering a bar were Mahou or Mahou Sin Alcohol. While we love Madrid’s classic, historic old man bars, sometimes we’re looking to try something different as far as beer goes. The craft beer revolution has taken Europe by storm in recent years, and Madrid is catching on as well. If you’re wondering where to enjoy great craft beer in Madrid, here are six excellent bars you can’t miss.

Looking for the best craft beer in Madrid? We've got you covered. Here are our 6 favorite bars.

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1. Irreale

As one of the first bars dedicated solely to craft beer in Madrid, you can find it all at Irreale. With 16 taps and a fully-stocked cooler, it’s home to an amazing variety of craft beers from near and far. From classic wheat beers to dark, rich porters to hidden gems from the monasteries of Belgium, it’s the perfect place to discover your new favorite cerveza. Their friendly staff truly know what they’re doing and can rattle off information about any one of their hundreds of beers at the drop of a hat.

AddressCalle Manuel Malasaña, 20

As the first bar dedicated solely to craft beer in Madrid, Irreale is a must for cerveza lovers!
Busy, bustling Irreale is popular for a reason. Photo credit: James Blick

2. Fábrica Maravillas

You might have to elbow your way through the crowd to find a spot at Fábrica Maravillas, but that’s just a testament to its well-deserved popularity. It’s one of the few places to drink craft beer in Madrid that was brewed on-site. As the capital’s first microbrewery, they offer five freshly brewed beers that take inspiration from American and Belgian brews. It draws beer lovers from all over Spain, eager to see how this tiny brewpub is creating a revolution on the Spanish beer scene.

AddressCalle de Valverde, 29

Fábrica Maravillas is one of our favorite spots for craft beer in Madrid. We love their homemade brews!
Simple, delicious beers brewed on-site make Fábrica Maravillas a local favorite. Photo credit: James Blick

3. El Pedal

Want to drink craft beer in Madrid on a picturesque terrace? El Pedal is the place to be. Their peaceful garden terraza in vibrant Lavapiés is a must-visit for any beer lover. They offer more than 100 craft and international beers as well as a delicious array of tapas and raciones. This classic neighborhood bar will take you off the tourist-beaten path and into a day in the life of a local in Madrid, but the friendly, English-speaking staff will help you feel at home among the madrileños.

AddressCalle Argumosa, 33

4. La Tape

Fresh, artisanal ingredients and products are the name of the game at La Tape. This philosophy extends to their incredible selection of craft beer. With seven taps and dozens more beers available by the bottle, this vibrant, contemporary bar is a must for lovers of craft beer in Madrid. They even offer quite a few gluten-free craft beers, making it a great place to eat and drink regardless of dietary needs.

AddressCalle de San Bernardo, 88

La Tape is fresh, innovative and one of our favorite places to enjoy craft beer in Madrid.
La Tape has a great tapas menu, too! Photo credit: James Blick

5. The Stuyck Co.

If you’re looking for some of the most unique craft beer in Madrid alongside eclectic, international tapas, head to The Stuyck Co. in the heart of colorful Malasaña. From 14 constantly flowing taps, they serve up some of the most unique brews you won’t find anywhere else. Additionally, their food selection is unbeatable, with some of the most unique tapas that will take you on a culinary journey around the world right from this little bar in Madrid. Can’t decide what to try? Check out one of their regular tasting events!

AddressCalle Corredera Alta de San Pablo, 33

We love drinking craft beer in Madrid!
Try a flight to sample all kinds of beer! Photo credit: CK Golf

6. Fogg Birras & Cheese

Do you like beer? What about cheese? If you answered “yes” to both of those questions (and who wouldn’t?), Fogg Birras & Cheese is the place for you. In addition to some of the best local craft beer in Madrid poured fresh from the tap, they also serve up delicious and innovative cheese-based tapas. Founded by a father and daughter and managed by a friendly team of eager local beer experts, you’ll love the buzzing atmosphere here. Additionally, their dedication to working with small, local producers guarantees that everything you eat and drink will be fresh and of the utmost quality.

AddressCalle de Moratín, 5

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