8 Cheap Eats in Florence For Every Budget

Eating well in Florence doesn’t always mean emptying your wallet! There are plenty of excellent cheap eats in Florence enjoyable for every kind of traveler.  

Overhead shot of two whole margherita pizzas with tomato, basil, and mozzarella cheese
Good news: great pizza in Florence can be yours without burning a hole in your wallet. Photo credit: Vincent Rivaud

Hundreds of street food vendors offer budget friendly grab-and-go options, but these eight restaurants in particular are so delicious and representative of Florence food culture that they are worth a visit no matter the size of your budget. 

Expert’s Tip: When roaming around Florence, notice where there are college campuses around the city. Nearby eateries may have budget-friendly items to attract students. 

1. Fedora 

The Fedora School Pastry Shop is a quiet haven just a few minutes’ walk from the Duomo. The public cafe of the APICIUS International School of Hospitality, Fedora serves up fresh pastries and drinks in their beautiful courtyard.  

The rotating lunch and dinner menu is planned and prepared by the talented culinary students of the APICIUS school. Since the kitchen is staffed by chefs in training, the costs are very reasonable. 

A pastry chef wearing a black shirt and white apron sprinkling powdered sugar over small food items on a baking tray
The talented future chefs at Fedora make some of the best value pastries in Florence. Photo credit: Elevate

2. Ganzo

Get a fine dining experience for half the cost! Ganzo (Via de Macci 85R) is the high-scale restaurant of the APICIUS school. Like Fedora, the seasonal menu is planned and prepared by culinary students.  

Splurge a little and enjoy the tasting menu of modernized Italian dishes including an appetizer, three courses with individual wine pairings, and dessert for €35. Service depends on the academic calendar, so it’s best to send an email 72 hours in advance to make your reservation and get more info. Don’t worry, they speak English!  

Modern presentation of an octopus and vegetable dish served on a black plate
Ganzo’s talented chefs-in-training craft upscale Italian dishes with excellent value for money.

3. Bistrot a Modo Mio 

Chef Alesso Boddi puts an “International Tuscan” twist on seafood dishes at Bistrot a Modo Mio (Via di San Niccolo’ 48R). Think gyoza dumplings but in a carbonara style. Aperitivo specials are just €8 for a cocktail and a perfectly prepared snack like mixed fried seafood. 

If you’re hungry for more, plates cost around €15 or you can order a boccone—a “bite”—for €5. 

Expert’s Tip: Save a few euros (and reduce waste!) by refilling your own water bottle at one of the many drinking water fountains around Florence. 

4. Gino’s Bakery 

For an authentic Italian bakery experience in addition to some of the best cheap eats in Florence, look no further than Gino’s Bakery (Via de’ Guicciardini, 3/5). The welcoming and friendly atmosphere is only made better by fresh baked pastries and sandwiches prepared entirely in-house. Gino specializes in Italian classics like cannoli, sfogliatelle, biscotti, and crostata. 

Three cannoli on a plate dusted with powdered sugar
You don’t have to go all the way to Sicily to find amazing cannoli. Photo credit: Valeria Boltneva

5. Trapizzino 

Located inside the Mercato Centrale, Trapizzino makes Roman-style triangle-shaped pizza pockets that also make for some of the best cheap eats in Florence. Try classic combinations like meatballs in tomato sauce and eggplant parmesan, or go for one of the seasonal variations. After enjoying your €4 pizza pocket, browse the stalls of Mercato Centrale for local products. 

6. Vino e Ravioli 

When an Italian man and a Chinese woman fall in love, they open a wine and dumplings restaurant. At least that’s true for the international couple of Vino e Ravioli! (Via del Ponte Alle Mosse 7R) Get the best of Asian-Italian fusion with fresh steamed dumplings paired with a glass of wine for around €7. 

Chinese dumplings served on a black dish
Chinese dumplings and Italian wine are an unexpected match made in heaven. Photo credit: SJ

7. Panetteria e Stuzzicheria De Neri 

A favorite of local students, Panetteria e Stuzzicheria De Neri (Via dei Neri, 18R) specializes in anything that can be served on homemade dough. Get a true Neapolitan-style pizza Margherita for €5, or visit for aperitivo and grab a cocktail for €4. Seating is limited but intimate, so consider stopping by for takeaway. 

Two margherita pizzas on a restaurant table
De Neri serves up excellent pizza in the heart of Florence. Photo credit: Zaria Wright

8. Antica Friggitoria 

Antica Friggitoria (Via dell’Albero 16R) is a Neapolitan street food restaurant with all your Southern Italian favorites like pizza, baked or fried calzones, and rice fritters. Try their panuozzi, a sandwich made with pizza dough that’s a specialty in Naples.