Hit the Streets for the Best Street Food in Boston

Anthony Bourdain said it best: “Street food, I believe, is the salvation of the human race.”

Street food is one of the best ways to truly experience a culture, a city, and to understand the overall values of the locals. While you may be tasting either exotic or common foods, you’re also “tasting” the new destination you find yourself in. Street food is humble and unifies everyone, no matter where they come from, how much money they earn, or their backgrounds.

A man pays for his food through the window of an orange food truck
Food trucks feed the city and make amazing street food in Boston. Photo credit: Megan Marrs

Street food knits the fabrics of societies and cultures together and, believe it or not, that also applies to street food in Boston, Massachusetts. So when you’re in Beantown, you have to do it right and get the full experience by adding these wicked good street food places to your list of stops!

Boston Public Market

The Boston Public Market easily slips into the number one slot on our list for the best street food in Boston. The Boston Public Market is a year-round, indoor marketplace that is chock-full of any type of street food you’d like, from Vietnamese and French to American and beyond.

This market has about 30 vendors, which are artisans and food producers across New England. While all the vendors are meritable in their own right, there are several favorite food stalls: Boston Smoked Fish Co., Beantown Pastrami Company, Bon Me, and Bon Appétit Crêperie.

Note that these vendors do change periodically, so the aforementioned vendors may not be present when you are. In that case, simply stay calm and shop around. Keep your eyes peeled for places that have long lines because, chances are, those are the ones that are most worth the wait!

People wait in line at a vendor's stall at Boston Public Market, a great spot for street food in Boston
Browse the stalls and grab a bite at Boston Public Market. Photo credit: Sharon Hahn Darlin

High Street Place

If you want an abundance of local eatery options and an energetic ambiance in which to enjoy them, then High Street Place is the place for you. High Street Place is a food hall that offers visitors an assortment of delicious drinks and good grub, from sushi and pizza to oysters and Mediterranean.

While all the stalls in High Street Place are worth a try, there are naturally a few that have stolen the spotlight. Blackbird Doughnuts makes gourmet doughnuts from scratch, providing food hall-goers with both unique doughnuts and classic flavors, too.

Craving something savory and truly satisfying? Then check out Fuji at HSP, which is the ninth location of the JP Fuji Group. This spot offers truly fresh and delectable sushi and sushi bowls, all of which are delectable bite by bite.

A few other mouthwatering spots include North East of the Border (street-style tacos), Tenderoni’s Pizza (who doesn’t love a good slice?), and Wheelhouse (rated Boston’s Best Burger!).

They even have fun events and live music at High Street Place. That combined with the divine food, refreshing drinks, and cool atmosphere, it’s really no wonder why it ranks so high on our list!

A black bowl atop a black table filled with sushi ingredients
Sushi bowls as street food? It’s possible at High Street Place in Boston. Photo credit: Jesse Ballantyne

Saus Boston

When in search of some truly heart and soul-warming late night grub, look no further than Saus Boston. This spot is known far and wide for its flavorful sauces and crispy fries in particular, but especially their scrumptious poutine.

They offer other notables in their casual eatery, such as the Cauli-Falafel and fried chicken sandwich. Don’t forget to finish off your evening with one (or possibly another) glass of fantastic wine or beer, as they have an impressive selection of both!

Union Park Pizza

Is there really anything quite like biting into a fresh, saucy, cheesy, and crispy slice of pizza? We really don’t think so. When in need of satisfying your pizza craving, head on over to Union Park Pizza to make the magic happen.

Union Park Pizza is conveniently located in the South End and offers a diverse menu to match anyone’s tastebuds. They use only the freshest of dough and sauce for their pizzas, both of which they make in-house daily. Their dough is made with imported Italian organic flour while the sauce is composed of solely local herbs and vegetables, along with organic tomatoes and Italian imported wine.

All in all, it makes for a pizza you won’t soon forget. Plus, the staff is passionate and friendly. What more could you ask for?

A slice of cheese pizza on a white paper plate is peak street food in Boston.
A good, old fashioned slice is a favorite Boston street food. Photo credit: Adam Kuban

Chicken & Rice Guys

Chicken and rice is a culinary dynamic duo– and the Chicken & Rice Guys do it right.

This Boston-based halal and kosher catering company masterfully creates Middle Eastern street cuisine, serving to Bostonians by means of food truck. They use only the best lamb and beef (or tofu!) for their gyro plates and top them all off with homemade, mouth-watering sauces, like their beloved white sauce.

A round aluminum container filled with cooked chicken, rice, lettuce, and pita all topped with drizzles of red and white sauce made by Chicken & Rice Guys, a street food vendor in Boston
The Chicken & Rice Guys serve up mouthwatering halal and kosher street food in Boston. Photo credit: Sang-Min Yoon

Tandoor & Curry on Wheels

Speaking of meals on wheels, that brings us to yet another exemplary one: Tandoor & Curry on Wheels. This family-owned and operated business offers street food lovers scrumptious and truly flavorful Indian cuisine all from their state-of-the-art food truck.

Their menu is fraught with Indian favorites, such as chicken tikka, garlic naan, and saag paneer. They use only the finest of ingredients, spices, and herbs to create irresistible dishes. Plus, the staff is extremely knowledgeable, friendly, and welcoming.

The Cookie Monstah

Much like you would after any savory meal, we had to finish off our list with something sweet. The Cookie Monstah food truck is precisely the best option for those looking to satisfy their sweet tooth!

Cookie Monstah was featured on Travel Channel’s “Bizarre Foods: Delicious Destinations,” which alone speaks volumes to their quality and overall business. Their menu is filled to the brim with fan favorite cookies, like the classic chocolate chunk, double chocolate, and oatmeal raisin.

But not to worry: there are plenty of other unique and melt-in-your-mouth cookie options, too, like s’mores, ginger molasses, and birthday cake. They also offer ice cream sandwiches, which include two of their homemade (or, rather, “truckmade”) cookies and cold creamy ice cream.

A person holdes a white bowl with an ice cream sandwich resting atop paper
Monstrous ice cream sandwiches are the signature of as-seen-on-TV Cookie Monstah. Photo credit: charlene mcbride

And there you have it, foodies: the seven best places to grab street food in Boston. No matter the craving, Boston can supply–even when you’re wandering the streets and need a quick feast!

Counting down the days to your trip to Boston so you can start devouring all the delicious food? We feel you—that’s how we travel, too. 

Let’s hang out while you’re in town, preferably on our Best of Boston food tour! Let us feed your curiosity and show you our Boston.