Rise and Shine: The Best Places for Breakfast in San Sebastian

Whether you love the traditional tostada or those oh-so-indulgent churros, we’ve found the best places for breakfast in San Sebastian for you!

San Sebastian is a city known worldwide for its top quality cuisine, and breakfast is no exception. Most people pair their desayuno with a coffee or freshly squeezed orange juice and while some go sweet, others prefer savory. Thankfully, San Sebastian has you covered on all fronts. They say breakfast is the most important meal of the day, so why settle for anything less than the best? Check out our favorite spots to get a delicious breakfast in San Sebastian and ensure you eat breakfast like a local!

From sweet to savory, and everything in between, here our the best places for breakfast in San Sebastian!

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Ambigú Estación

This cozy café, located on the square of the iconic Mercado La Bretxa in the old town, is one of our favorite spots for breakfast in San Sebastian. The quirky interior is pleasant and inviting, complete with antique-style furnishings and funky light fixtures. And, most importantly, the food is amazing! Ambigú Estación has it all, from typical tostadas (lightly toasted bread with various toppings) to the indulgent chocolate croquettes for those with a sweet tooth. And they offer a full brunch menu on Sundays too—an incredible way to kick off your day!

The Loaf Panadería

There is nothing quite like the taste, smell and texture of freshly baked bread. The Loaf Panadería is a sensory experience you don’t want to miss. With a huge selection of fresh bread to choose from each day, the toasts at this bakery are out of this world. While they offer the simple olive oil or butter and jam variations, the magic is in their heartier toast toppings. Check out the thick tomato spread they offer or the meat options and you will not be disappointed. Also, swing by The Loaf later in the day and taste their focaccia and delicious stuffed sandwiches. The perfect nibble to tide you over until your pintxo feast through the Gros neighborhood begins!

When it comes to breakfast in San Sebastian, you can't miss the delicious churros at Santa Clara!
The churros and chocolate at Santa Lucía are so indulgent—and so good!

Santa Lucía Churrería

You simply can’t discuss breakfast in San Sebastian without mentioning the iconic Santa Lucía Churrería. As one of a small number of places in San Sebastian offering authentic (and incredibly delicious) churros, every true local has experienced the magic of this bar. Opened in 1957, the old-style interior and bench-like seating create a unique, inviting atmosphere.

However, Santa Lucía is not just popular among locals, it has even been host to icon Barbara Streisand. And with good reason, their churros really are incredible, and something the whole family can enjoy. And what would churros be without the indulgent cup of chocolate to dip them in? It may seem like a heavy choice for breakfast, but we can assure you you won’t regret it. As their famous slogan says, “A recent study has revealed that 9 out of 10 people like chocolate. The 10th…is lying!”

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Pastelería Barrentexea

The Barrentexea family has been involved in baking since 1699, and owner Hector has been working in the industry for more than 50 years. So, to say they know a thing or two about delicious baked goods is certainly an understatement. Unmissable treats here include their specialty almond cake—trust us, you’ll spend the rest of the day dreaming about it. Also, in order to feel like a true local, try their luxurious hot chocolate. Locals love treating themselves to a cup of thick melted chocolate in San Sebastian, and we’d argue the hot chocolate at Pastelería Barrentexea is among the best.

These almond cakes are a specialty at Barrentexea and not be missed if you're searching for something delicious for breakfast in San Sebastian
These delicious almond cakes are just one of an array of delicious treats available at Barrentexea.

Old Town Coffee

Located inside the Mercado San Martín, one of a number of amazing food markets in San Sebastian, Old Town Coffee is at the forefront of the specialist coffee movement in San Sebastian. Brazilian duo, Márcio and Ricardo are master coffee brewers and take huge pride in their craft. And the magic of this super busy stall in a popular central market? No matter how overwhelmed, the owners always take a second to exchange a few words with their customers.

With just a few bar stools outside the market stall, there’s not much room to sit and linger. But, if you’re in San Sebastian on a sunny day, enjoy your coffee in one of the beautiful parks in the city. And, of course, breakfast is not just coffee! Try out some of the amazing, organic baked goods, with a great selection of gluten free options on offer.


Using locally sourced, fresh products, Café Iturralde presents a comfortable environment and some of the best Colombian brew coffee you can find in all of San Sebastian. This local establishment is renowned for its personalized service, attention to detail and brilliant central location. While many people focus on the coffee, nobody can deny the delicious sandwiches and tostadas available at Iturralde are of a similar high quality. Swing by as you wander the narrow streets of the center of the city and ensure your breakfast in San Sebastian is the best quality possible.

Many people love a nice sweet breakfast in San Sebastian, and a breakfast muffin is the perfect way to tame your sweet tooth first thing!
Sometimes there’s nothing better than a delicious muffin to kick-start your day! Photo Credit: Food Blog South

La Guinda

Located in the up-and-coming, surfer area of Gros, by the stunning Zurriola beach, La Guinda is one of our favorite spots for a non-traditional breakfast. This café manages to present a minimalist interior while still feeling inviting. Boasting some incredible coffee, take note also of the huge selection of juices, smoothies and vitamin drinks you can buy here. For the best value, get their set breakfasts, each of which comes with a juice and coffee. You can enjoy some delicious scrambled eggs and bacon, croissants or sandwiches, so there’s something for every taste.

Café Alabama

Another gem located in the Gros neighborhood is Café Alabama. This cozy space serves up a variety of ECO dishes, using only the finest local produce at every turn. In line with the sporty vibe of the Gros neighborhood, Café Alabama offers a selection of healthier options (fruit bowls, salads, cereal) as well as the typical tostadas and pastries. With a stunning location and delicious food and drink, this is the perfect place to enjoy breakfast in San Sebastian.

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