Best Gelato in Naples: 6 Artisanal Gelaterie to Satisfy Your Sweet Tooth

While Naples may be best known for its pizza, its bounty of fresh ingredients and strong emphasis on local production means that the gelato here is absolutely delicious. And since Napoli has a hot summer and a mild winter, its perfectly suitable to eat this chilled sweet year-round.

In the Parthenopean city, you won’t find many national chains like Venchi or Grom; the best gelato in Naples proudly served by small chains and independent family-run shops. Whether you go for a classic like nutty pistacchio or opt for something more seasonal, like pannetone, your palate is sure to be pleased by these six artisanal gelaterie.

Person's hand holding a small cup of pink gelato garnished with a cookie
In the seaside city of Naples, gelato is enjoyed 365 days per year. Photo credit: Jenna Day


Gay-Odin has a couple different locations around the city, but its most centrally located shop is at Via Benedetto Croce, 61. The historical business, founded in Naples over 100 years ago, is best known as a cioccolateria but their gelato shouldn’t be overlooked.

Gay-Odin’s wooden paneling and vintage-style decor hint at their long established place in the Neapolitan culinary scene. They have several different variations of chocolate gelato, and all of them are rich and flavorful. One of our favorites is the cioccolato foresta, inspired by their flaky chocolate logs, which is well-loved amongst locals and visitors alike.

Cioccolato Gay Odin
A Napoli institution since 1894. Photo Credit: Jerzy Kociatkiewicz


Walking around Naples, you’ll probably notice Mennella, a gelato business which has various locations across the city. It’s a vegan-friendly place as they always have four to six different sorbets, which often include seasonal fruits like fig, mulberry, or apple.

If you do eat dairy, try the Menella Rock –it’s one of their signature flavors, which features sweet cream interspersed with chocolate and hazelnut swirls and butter cookie pieces.

Insider Tip: Mennella’s extra thick whipped panna (cream) also merits a mention! Ask for it for no extra charge on top of your cup or cone.

Their seasonal sorbet is also perfect for when you need something refreshing. Photo Credit: Roman Odintsov

Casa Infante

Another well-known local chain is Casa Infante. As a quality pastry shop as well as a gelateria, Casa Infante has options for all type of dessert-lovers. You can find traditional sweets like babà and chocolatey caprese cake, or you can opt for their equally as tasty gelato.

Their sorbet is also outstanding; we’re particular fans of their tangy lemon, which tastes like summer, no matter what month it is. Is your mouth watering yet? Because ours is.

A deeply colored chocolate Caprese cake dusted with cocoa powder sits on a white plate
For the best of both worlds, pair your tarta caprese with some fresh gelato. Photo credit: Mark Manguerra


A relative newcomer on the scene is Valenti (Via dei Tribunali, 53), which is located in the heart of centro storico. Conveniently near some of Napoli’s the most famous pizzerias, it’s a great spot to get dessert after lunch or dinner.

Offering quality versions of traditional classics like stracciatella, Valenti also mixes it up with flavors like salted caramel or their seasonal pannetone. And if you’re really feeling it, they also serve Sicilian cannoli stuffed with gelato!

Metal bins with gelato on display in many different colors
From nocciola and fiori di latte to fragola and limone, the combinations are endless. Photo credit: Hilda Gea


Rol (Via Partenope, 12/M) boasts a strategic seaside position, perfect for those who are in need of something sweet while taking a stroll along the lungomare. Founded in 2018, this female-owned business is bringing seasonal flavors made with the freshest ingredients to Napoli’s gelato-loving population.

Rol does have seating, but like many coffee bars and pastry shops, the prices are higher if you get table service. If you’re on a budget, we recommend getting your gelato to-go and heading across the street to enjoy the sea view.

Insider tip: Even when you order a small cup or cone of gelato, you can choose two different flavors to try together. Rol also offers gluten-free cones, so it’s a great option for those with intolerances.

Close up of a person scooping gelato
Grab some top-notch gelato at Rol and head seaside to take in Napoli’s impressive views.


If you find yourself in Vomero, the area up the hill from centro storicoSoave is absolutely worth a try. Founded in 1950, they have all the classic flavors from coffee to hazelnut, and a variety of delightful ice cream cakes. If you’re a Nutella lover, try their nutellona, a dark and smooth gelato inspired by the iconic chocolate spread.

Located on the elegant Via Scarlatti, Soave is also a great spot to do some people-watching in a neighborhood different from the historical center.

Gelato cone
Deliciously decadent. Photo Credit: Kyle Hinkson

So much gelato, so little time! Local gelato shops reign supreme in the city of Naples, providing residents and tourists alike with high-quality sweet treats.

Can’t decide where to go? Don’t worry too much about it. You really can’t go wrong with any of them. Buon appetito!


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