Best Food Trucks in NYC: Our Favorite Bites on the Go

With its sidewalks filled with hungry people, spacious streets, and plenty of parks and street-food events, New York City is the perfect place for a food truck to thrive. Here both locals and tourists are always on the lookout for new, affordable, and delicious food, so knowing how to prepare tasty meals quickly is a recipe for success.

man or
Food trucks in NYC are so much more than your typical hotdog. Photo credit: Rikke Filbært

Here on this list, you will find some of the best food trucks in NYC. These venues move around the city, and locals love to grab a bite from them at any time of day. From coffee to grilled cheese, tacos and gyros, you will always find something exciting and tasty!

Uncle Gussy’s

Right in Midtown, Uncle Gussy’s always has long lines in front of it. Specializing in traditional Greek cuisine, this is the perfect option if you’re looking for some delicious Mediterranean food. We recommend ordering the Greek salad with juicy tomatoes and crunchy cucumber and topping it with pork or lamb Souvlaki, charred to perfection. Fresh ingredients and tasty dishes are why this food truck was featured in many important news outlets like The New York Times, the Food Network, and BBC.

Wafels & Dinges

You can probably smell Wafels & Dinges’ warm Belgian waffles from a mile away. A spectacular breakfast option for those hurried days, you can order fresh hot coffee along with your stack of toasted waffles covered in various toppings. Belgian chocolate, strawberries, maple syrup, or cookie spread are just a few of the options. These pastries are extraordinarily crispy and will warm up your heart and day, so head to Bryant Park to get a dose of sweet waffles.

serving waffles at nyc food truck
Wafels & Dinges have been serving waffles since 20007. Photo credit: City Foodsters


Birria Landia used to be one of the best-kept secrets of New York until people figured out they could have a satisfying meal for a very affordable price. With a menu of only four items the ‘I don’t know what I want’ complication that tends to hold back lines is avoided. This delicious Tex-Max venue has been around for quite a while, and it is now one of the favorites among locals who want a quick, practical, and substantial meal. We recommend ordering tortillas and birria, a variation of the chili-con-carne, and top it with cheese, onions, and cilantro.

DiSOS Italian Sandwich Society

DiSOS Italian is a deli on wheels. Here you can order entire or half-size portions of classic Italian subs. You simply pick the bread and your base (salami, veggie, and various Italian meats) and then fill it up with a bunch of add-ons. The food truck moves around the city and always attracts long lines of people, no matter where they choose to park for the day.

Italian Sandwich
DiSOS Italian Sandwick Society was founded founded to continue the long tradition of great Italian sandwich shops . Photo credit: Eaters Collective

Gorilla Cheese

In the movie Chef, Jon Favreau appears in an iconic scene, preparing a grilled cheese sandwich for his son. Four different kinds of cheese melt harmoniously to create an umami blend of impeccable flavor. Maybe the idea came from a Gorilla Cheese sandwich, which even comes with a side of tomato soup for dipping your grilled cheese.

Their slogan, ‘It’s Easy Being Cheesy,’ speaks the truth. When you have a triple-cream brie with strawberry preserve and prosciutto sandwich in your hands, it’s hard not to fall in love in the cheesiest of ways. They specialize in events and catering, so you can even book the truck for your wedding.

King Souvlaki

King Souvlaki is a gastronomic voyage to Greece without even crossing the street. Around for over 40 years, this food truck brings some of the finest fire-roasted Mediterranean meats and veggies to New York. We recommend ordering gyros packed with charred strips of lamb, crunchy lettuce and onions, and plenty of yogurt dressing. You can even order the platters and eat them with a fork if you want to taste a bit of everything. Souvlakis are their specialty, and you will happily walk away with your flavorful pork or chicken on a stick.

chicken Souvlaki with bread
King Souvlaki serve authentic, handmade Greek food across NYC. Photo credit: Joseph Morris

The Halal Guys

The Halal Guys is one of the most iconic food trucks in New York. It was opened by three Egyptians who wanted to bring a taste of home to the city. Today they operate several trucks at different locations spread across the city, with Union Square and Midtown being the most popular. At this spot, you can get a complete meal with plenty of mild and hot sauces and incredibly flavorful grilled meats. Lamb gyros are a popular option and worth waiting in line for.

men preparing food
The Halal Guys serving platters of chicken and gyro over rice, falafel sandwiches. Photo credit: John Li

Exotic Bowls

Exotic Bowls is ideal for those seeking a healthier alternative to classic food truck dishes. Here you can find the famous Brazilian açaí bowls, and plenty of different smoothies, bubble tea flavors, and antioxidant juices. You can customize the toppings on your bowl, from sweet-toothing chocolate chips to immune system boosting superfoods and seeds. Perfect for a hot summer afternoon in the city, the options of Exotic Bowls will keep you fresh and healthy.

Big D’s Grub

Big D’s Grub offers Asian-fusion food from a mustard-yellow food truck that roams around the streets of New York. Mixing flavors of China and the South American country Guyana, the truck crafts flavorful peculiarities like bulgogi tacos, with soy sauce marinated beef and garlic with kimchi and cool crema – can you even imagine the taste of that? Tacos, rice-based platters, and even breakfast make up the dishes of Big D’s Grub.