The 10 Best Full English Breakfasts in London by Neighborhood

There’s no better way to start the day than with a full English breakfast. One of the staples of British cuisine, the full breakfast started in the decadent dining rooms of Victorian Britain and was cemented in contemporary culture by 1950s workers looking for a filling meal to get them through the day. 

Full english breakfast with fired eggs, bacon, beans, and tomatpoes
Photo credit: There may not be anything more traditional—or satisfying—than a hearty full English. Photo credit: Ajeet Panesar

The version we know today comes from Edwardian England, and traditionally comprises bacon, sausage, black pudding, eggs, baked beans, grilled tomatoes and toast, although of course, variations abound. 

Visitors to London can sample this British classic in many venues around the city, from upscale restaurants to retro greasy spoons. Wherever you find yourself in the city, these are some of the best English breakfasts in London for a stellar start to the day.  

Westminster: Regency Cafe

Often referred to as one of the best breakfast spots in London, Regency Cafe has been serving up the full English breakfast since 1946. The no-frills cafe has retained its post-war charm with red-checkered curtains and Formica tables, and its retro look has attracted filmmakers—it’s been featured in movies like “Layer Cake,” “Brighton Rock,” and “Pride,” as well as TV shows like “Judge John Deed” and “Rescue Me.” 

Its English breakfast includes egg, bacon, sausage, and beans or tomato, but diners can add on black pudding, hash browns or bubble and squeak for a little extra. Pick between tea or coffee, and bread or toast to complete the set for a satisfying start to the day. 

Overhead shot of Regency cafe full english breakfast with beans, sausages, bacon and eggs
Regency is the no-frills diner of your dreams. Photo credit: Joel Goodman

Canary Wharf: Billingsgate Cafe

Going to a fish market for a traditional English breakfast, bacon, sausages, and all may seem like an oxymoron, but hear us out. What you get with Billingsgate cafe is not only a great start to your morning but also what could be one of the most unique breakfast experiences available!

Located in the famous Billingsgate fish market, which in name has served London since 1698, come and get a taste of the action. Their famous bacon and scallops bap is a treat, and you can be sure it is as fresh as they come. Getting a feel for how the city is fed is a must for any real foodie, so come bright and early. Visit the hustle and bustle of the market, open to the public from 4am, and finish it off with a toasty fry-up.

Insider’s Tip: As you can imagine, they are focused on their target market (workers). Get there early as they are closed by 10am.

Greenwich: Heap’s Sausages

As the name suggests, the star of the show at Heap’s is the sausages. Chef Martin Heap makes mouthwatering gourmet bangers in a variety of flavors, made with top-quality meat and natural casings. Diners can choose from the classic Smithfield Breakfast Sausage to exciting seasonal ingredients like the festive Pork Chestnut and Bacon Sausage, or flavors from further afield like the South African “Boerewors” Sausage with pork and beef. 

In addition to the made-on-site sausages, the full English “Breakfast Plate” comes with bacon, beans, mushroom, eggs and toast. 

Hackney: E. Pellicci

Said to be London’s oldest family-run cafe, this East London eatery opened its doors in 1900. While the menu has Italian influences, breakfast—which is served all day—takes on a distinctly English flare. 

Pellici’s full English breakfast uses Cumberland sausages with all the trimmings, and there’s a veggie breakfast too for vegetarians looking to try one of London’s best English breakfast experiences meat-free. You’ll be in good company at this greasy spoon, too: over the years, it’s hosted A-list celebrities including “Friends” star David Schwimmer, Irish actor Colin Farrell, and English actor Tom Hardy.

Overhead shot of a full English breakfast including beans, eggs, mushrooms, and tomatoes on a white plate beside a cup of coffee
Sometimes a good full English is all you need. Photo credit: Deepansh Khurana

Islington: Dishoom King’s Cross

Dishoom is already regarded as one of London’s top Indian restaurants, but it’s also home to one of London’s top full English breakfasts, with an Indian-fusion twist. 

The Big Bombay breakfast plate includes streaky bacon, Shropshire pork sausages, tofu akuri (similar to scrambled eggs), masala beans, grilled tomato and mushrooms, and homemade buns. There are five locations around the city, but the King’s Cross venue transports you back in time to a chic 20th-century railway bar—and it’s perfect for those passing through the city, too.  

Vauxhall: Kennington Lane Cafe

Back down to south London we go to include a cafe that has managed to hold on to its 5-star Trip Advisor rating for a reason. Famed for its friendly staff as well as a smashing fry-up, part of the appeal is also Kennington Lane’s flexibility. While we all like the idea of a full English, when you get to the nitty-gritty, nearly everyone has something that they would rather swap or remove. Kennington Lane Cafe bypasses all potential set menu awkwardness by having a “build your own breakfast” option, leaving you with nothing but your version of deliciousness on your plate.  

Kensington & Chelsea: The Ivy

A chic flower-filled brasserie in the heart of Kensington, The Ivy always feels like spring, and with an al fresco terrace, you can start your morning with vitamin D and a stellar fry up: smokey bacon, Cumberland sausage, fried eggs, black pudding, roasted plum tomatoes, grilled mushroom and baked beans, all served with toast. Plus, there’s a veggie option for those looking to skip the meat, served with halloumi, avocado, and potato hash instead. This picture-perfect venue is just as ideal for a classy Saturday brunch with friends as it is for solo mornings with a book and cuppa. 

Southwark: Maria’s Market Cafe

It doesn’t get more old-school than Maria’s Market Cafe. The now-retired Maria Moruzzi served up a no-frills English breakfast for over 55 years after taking over the cafe from her parents and the new owners have kept the tradition going. Located in the legendary Borough Market, one of London’s oldest and largest food markets, Maria’s is an essential part of any foodie itinerary here. Diners can choose different combinations of egg, bacon, tomato, sausage, black pudding, and the cafe’s famous bubble and squeak for a customized full English. 

Entrance to Borough Market, London

Borough Market may be drawing more tourists every year, but Maria’s is a standby that Londoners love. Photo credit: Bruno Martins

Tower Hamlets: Duck & Waffle 

For an upmarket twist on the full English breakfast, don’t miss out on Duck & Waffle’s brunch offerings with spectacular views across the city, from the famous Gherkin to the River Thames. The 40th-floor, 24-hour restaurant in London’s business district serves up breakfast from 6 a.m., perfect for early risers and morning meetings. The full English includes Lincolnshire sausages, dry-cured bacon, eggs, tomato, mushroom, hash browns and a cheddar and buttermilk scone.  

London skyline with 30 St Mary Axe The Gherkin and The Shard in view
Enjoy breakfast with a view at Duck & Waffle! Photo credit:

Wandsworth: The Breakfast Club

As you’d perhaps expect from somewhere called The Breakfast Club, breakfast is kind of their thing, and they do one of the best English breakfasts in London. With multiple locations around the city, you’re never far from a fry-up, be it morning, noon or night, but the Battersea Rise location is home to the brand’s—and maybe the world’s—first “Breakfast Pub.” 

The Full Monty is a glorious plate of bacon, sausage, black pudding, potatoes, mushrooms, tomato, beans, eggs and toast. Make it a boozy brunch, and grab a Bloody Mary cocktail or a pint of Camden Pale Ale to wash it down.

This blog post was originally posted on April 25, 2022 and was updated on December 22, 2022.

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