The 6 Best Coffee Shops To Work in NYC

As remote work has become more and more of the norm over the past several years, many are understandably starting to go a bit stir-crazy. And while there’s no place like home, sometimes you just really have to get out. When that’s the case, it’s time to head to one of the best coffee shops to work in NYC.

Working at the Best Coffee Shops To Work in NYC

Set up shop at one of these workspaces away from home (which also happen to have great coffee)! Photo credit: Joseph Pearson

Felix Roasting Co. (SoHo)

Felix Roasting Co. is the epitome of New York City’s Soho neighborhood: picturesque, posh, and polished. Upon walking in, you’re greeted with pink, velour swivel chairs, quaint bistro tables, and painted floors.

The walls are decorated with regency-era inspired paintings and wall sconces. There’s a row of tables on the first floor by the coffee bar, as well as rows of tables on an upstairs mezzanine floor that’s removed from the hustle and bustle below.

Felix Roasting Co. wants you to reimagine your coffee break and workspace. Why rush around the city when you could find refuge in its relaxing atmosphere? At their lounges, rest and relaxation are paired with gilded glamour.

Felix Roasting Co, one of the best coffee shops to work in NYC
Felix Roasting Co sports murals, chandeliers, and an overall aestethic based on late 19th century tastes. Photo credit: Bex Walton

Nook (Bushwick)

Nook lies in the midst of Bushwick’s most buzzing neighborhood, just a few blocks off of Maria Hernandez Park. The space has huge floor to ceiling windows, lots of plants, unfinished ceilings, cozy lights, mismatched chairs and reading nooks throughout.

Not only are they one of the best coffee shops to work in NYC, they also offer acai bowls, baked goods, a large selection of craft beer and many different events. Pop in for a women’s writing group, chess tournament, trivia, knitting and crochet, live jazz, and more.

Book Club (East Village)

Book Club is an East Village establishment that serves three of the best things in life: books, wine, and coffee. The shop is perfect for someone looking for a snug respite among the chaos that is New York. It’s decorated with dark wood bookcases, old red rugs, leather seats and a long bar with high seats.

Book Club also organizes community events like writers’ workshops, book signings, and drinking and drawing. It offers a great opportunity to engage in your community, or to simply get a few hours of work in over a coffee or glass of wine.

Devoción (Williamsburg)

Devoción is one of the best coffee shops to work in NYC, although finding a table might be a fête in and of itself.

This coffee shop’s popularity is based on its incredible Colombian coffee that they roast in-store, a large assortment of pastries, and their overall industrial-meets-cozy décor. There are a handful of tables and chairs, a few large, leather couches, and counter spaces along the wall.

The coffee shop has a live plant wall and a huge skylight, as well as some of the best coffee in New York.

Devoción is one of the best coffee shops to work in NYC.
Devoción is one of the best coffee shops to work in NYC. Photo credit: Bex Walton

Brooklyn Kolache Co (Bedford–Stuyvesant)

Established in Brooklyn’s bustling Bed-Stuy neighborhood, Brooklyn Kolache Co is not only a perfect place to stay awhile, it also is a show-stopping bakery.

They specialize in small-batch Texas style kolaches, which are hand-filled sweet and savory pastries. One of the best coffee shops to work in NYC, Brooklyn Kolache Co also offers a full espresso bar and good amount of seating in their artfully decorated, modern shop.

Their most famous kolaches include Houston-style beef sausage, ham and cheddar, chocolate ganache, and blueberry sweet cheese.

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Ludlow Coffee Supply (Lower East Side)

Working at Ludlow Coffee Supply is like working within the comfort of your living room, without working in your living room. In that sense, it’s a perfect home away from home, filled with comfortable couches, decorative rugs, records, beautiful windows, and house plants.

Working there feels like you’ve been invited to work at your friend’s home who always knows where the coolest gallery and restaurant openings are. It’s pristinely decorated to feel like you’re in someone’s living room who is well-traveled and in the know.

Ludlow Coffee Supply is known for cozy, homey vibes as well as delicious food to snack on that expands past pastries and into actual health-conscious meals.

Ludlow Coffee Supply in the Lower East
Ludlow Coffee Supply in the Lower East Side. Photo credit: Bex Walton

Talea (Williamsburg and Cobble Hill)

Talea is a Williamsburg-based brewery that sports high ceilings, bright colors, modern décor, lots of greenery, and, most importantly, tons of tables and outlets. On an average workday, people start arriving in the morning, where they can order filter coffee and breakfast tacos, and continue to show up throughout the day.

And the best part about setting up shop in a brewery? When the clock strikes quitting time, your beer is just a few steps away. They brew delicious sours, hazy IPAs, lagers and more and they regularly partner with local kitchens to serve different foods throughout the month.

Talea is a woman-owned brewery in Williamsburg and Cobble Hill, so clean bathrooms and changing tables are in no short supply. However, we recommend working here during the week, as the eatery gets packed on weekend afternoons.

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