Everything You Need to Know About Mozzarella di Bufala

Toast of buffalo mozzarella balls on toast with pesto, tomato and some sort of meat

You may think you know mozzarella, but mozzarella di bufala campana is a whole different story. What most non-Italians think of as mozzarella is usually a type of cow’s milk mozzarella called fior di latte. Instead, mozzarella di bufala has an explosive tanginess that is amazing by itself, with fresh tomatoes, or on a pizza. […]

The Best Michelin Star Restaurants in Naples, Italy

dark dining space of fine dining restaurant

Naples is well-known for its homestyle cooking, excellent pizza, and street food. It’s a city where you can eat well for a very reasonable price. Sometimes, though, it’s nice to have a more luxurious experience. This is where Naple’s Michelin star restaurants come into play.  There are many creative restaurants to choose from that have […]

The Ultimate Guide to Winter Activities in Naples

sunset over water in naples

People often think of South Italy as a sunny beach getaway. And don’t get us wrong, the hot city of Naples and the surrounding coast make an amazing summer vacation! In Naples, however, there are many entertaining things to do in winter, especially around the Christmas season. Read on for what to pack, what to […]

The Ultimate Procida Day Trip from Naples

Procida shore line

Procida is a tiny, colorful island off the coast of Napoli that was formed by now-submerged volcanoes. It’s less glamorous than Capri, and much smaller than Ischia, but has a lot to offer for a day trip. It was named Italy’s Capital of Culture for 2022, making it the first island to ever win the […]

Best Gelato in Naples: 6 Artisanal Gelaterie to Satisfy Your Sweet Tooth

Person's hand holding a small cup of pink gelato garnished with a cookie

While Naples may be best known for its pizza, its bounty of fresh ingredients and strong emphasis on local production means that the gelato here is absolutely delicious. And since Napoli has a hot summer and a mild winter, its perfectly suitable to eat this chilled sweet year-round. In the Parthenopean city, you won’t find […]

Gluten Free in Naples: Traditional Cuisine that’s all Flavor and Zero Gluten

various pizzas and pastas

Even though carb-heavy Italian cuisine might be intimidating to someone who doesn’t eat gluten, there’s a surprisingly good number of choices of gluten-free food in Naples. From pizza to pastries, you can enjoy all the great food Naples has to offer without compromising your food intolerance. What’s the first thing that comes to mind when […]

Strictly Spritz: Naples Spritz Crawl

row of glasses of spritz

While aperitivo is a wonderful pre-dinner tradition all over Italy, this guide will not talk about aperitivo. We’re here to talk strictly business, and that business is spritz in Naples.  The drink has its origins in the Veneto region in the North as far back as the 1800s and is made with prosecco, bitter aperitif, […]

Best Vegan and Vegetarian Restaurants in Naples

Close up of a plate of zucchini spaghetti

Italian food in general is known for being pretty meat-heavy, and some of the most famous Neapolitan dishes are no exception. Ragù, seafood pasta, meatballs, and steamed mussels, just to name a few. But don’t let that discourage you, vegans and vegetarians! There is a growing number of awesome vegan and vegetarian restaurants in Naples, […]

Street Food in Naples: An Insider’s Tips for Eating Well on the Go

baked rolled up with cheese and vegtables

One of the most exciting things to do when traveling around Italy is to try the local street food. Naples is definitely one of the great street food capitals of the country.  Walking around, you often get a whiff of frying food. Stay here for a while and you’ll see just how much Neapolitans love […]