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Sunday Sabor: DIY Spanish-Style Vermouth

Join Luke, an artisanal vermouth producer and Barcelona local, to discover how to elaborate your home-brewed vermouth and uncover the secrets to one of Europe’s most versatile and distinctive drinks as part of our special series in collaboration with Atlas Obscura.

What’s Included

  • Virtually travel to Barcelona and spend time with Luke, an artisan vermouth producer, learning how to make your own homemade vermouth (and how to drink it the Spanish way, too!)  

  • Uncover some of the secret ingredients that make vermút one of the most versatile and distinctive drinks in Europe
  • Trace vermút’s history with a Barcelona based culinary guide and sommelier
  • Create your own homemade vermouth that you can share with friends, gift to a loved one, or sip solo
  • This Spanish Sabor Series is in collaboration with Atlas Obscura, whose mission has always been to inspire wonder and curiosity about the incredible world we all share.


What to Expect

Traditionally in Spain, spicy vermouth, or vermút, has been enjoyed on Sunday mornings for before. And while today most Spaniards skip the mass and head straight for the bars, most socially acceptable choice of drink before noon continues to be vermouth.

 Join Barcelona-based guide and sommelier Luke Watson in exploring vermouth’s colorful past- the history and of course, the culture it has created. Not to mention its connection to some Spain’s most famous artists and creators.

Discover the ingredients that make this fortified wine one of the most versatile drinks in Europe and learn the tricks and tips to create your own aperitif at home! By the end of the experience you’ll have made your own homemade bottle of vermouth and be ready to share with friends (or drink on your own!)

This experience is part of the Sunday Sabor series in partnership with Atlas Obscura. Atlas Obscura’s mission is to inspire wonder and curiosity about the incredible world we all share. They started this series, and their other online experiences, because of our current need, more than ever, to stay connected—not only to our sense of wonder, but to each other.

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About Our Expert Guides

Leading tours in Barcelona since 2011, Luke knows the city inside and out. His insatiable thirst for knowledge in art and culture is matched only by his hunger to explore the world of gastronomy and wine – he even makes his own artisan vermouth! He is probably the only South African who can speak Catalan—that’s why you’ll always see him right upfront singing the FC Barcelona hymn at game time!

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