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The Spanish Olive Oil Experience: Learn, Taste & Cook with EVOO with Yvonne

Join Yvonne, a Spain travel expert and Madrid local who’s got a passion for Spain’s liquid gold—extra virgin olive oil!—to learn about this local specialty and prepare a deliciously sweet and simple snack.

NOTICE:This experience is available as a private experience exclusive for your group. Prices start at €119 for the first screen, and €19 for any additional screens. 

What’s Included

  • Virtually travel to Madrid and spend an hour with Yvonne, who has traveled all over Spain and is passionate about the cuisine, especially olive oil!
  • Discover the difference between the virgin categories of olive oil and what to look for when choosing a bottle to use at home.
  • Get creative in the kitchen as you learn to prepare a deliciously simple snack—a favorite afternoon snack among Spanish kids!
  • Spend time with your friends in a unique and entertaining way—if your friends are foodies too, they are going to love this!
  • Receive the recipe for the dish beforehand so you can cook along with Yvonne at home—plus a special discount for our Recipes from the Devour Tours Kitchen digital cookbook.
  • If you’d like this experience private for your family, friends or team, please contact us for pricing and information.

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What to Expect

Please note that the times available for this experience are in CEST (Central European Summer Time). To check the time in your local timezone check this timezone converter.

Join Spain travel expert and Madrid local Yvonne as she takes you on a trip to the south of Spain to follow the journey of a succulent Spanish olive from tree branch to tabletop. Along the way, you’ll learn the history of how olives came to Spain and the exact process of extracting their juice to make olive oil. Yvonne will clear up any confusion about the differences between the various virgin categories of olive oil and show you what to look for when buying a bottle of olive oil.

At the end of your journey, you’ll do a fun olive oil tasting with some slurping and mouth-swirling involved (be warned!). And finally, you’ll prepare your own delicious Spanish snack at home using the simplest of ingredients and showcasing your best olive oil. You’ll never want to snack on anything else after you’ve tried this!

Here is a shopping list and the recipe so that you can prepare this delicious snack along with Yvonne if you wish. And of course, like all of our online experiences, you will receive a special discount for our Recipes from the Devour Tours Kitchen digital cookbook so you can create even more delicious dishes at home!

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About Our Expert Guides

Born in Ireland, Yvonne travelled far and wide before finally settling in Madrid. She has planned and researched luxury cycling and food trips all over Spain, getting out on the bike herself in many regions to check out the routes and try the food along the way! Now in Madrid, she loves the vibrant Madrid food markets, live jazz music at the Sunday Rastro market and swing dancing.

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