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Spain Wine 101: Discover Spanish Wine, Its History And Its Unique Culture with Nika

Join Nika, a wine expert and Barcelona local, to discover the wonderful world of Spanish wine. Learn how to better choose and enjoy the perfect bottle of vino no matter where you are in the world and get a fascinating insight into Spanish wine culture and history!

NOTICE:This experience is available as a private experience exclusive for your group. Get in touch for pricing and availability!

What’s Included

  • Virtually travel to Barcelona and spend an hour with Nika, a certified Spanish wine scholar and educator.
  • Get a crash course in Spain’s most classic styles of wine and find out what to look for when you come to Spain or at your local wine shops.
  • Learn what the Romans had to do with Rueda wine (and learn about Rueda wine, too!) and more lesser-known facts and stories behind the drink we all love.
  • Spend an evening at home in a unique and entertaining way—invite your friends and turn it into a social occasion!
  • Receive our Spanish wine cheat sheet so you can discover other great Spanish wines.
  • If you’d like this experience private for your family, friends or team, please contact us for pricing and information.

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What to Expect

Please note that the times listed for this experience are in CET (Central European Time). To check the time in your local timezone check this timezone converter

As diverse in culture as it is in landscapes, Spain has long been a crossroads for people and civilizations from across Europe and North Africa. And thanks in part to the plentiful sunshine and perfect wine-growing conditions in much of the country, each of these has left its mark on the “living history” of Spanish wine.

Join certified Spanish wine scholar and wine educator Nika from her home in Barcelona where she will lead you on an exploration of the history and culture behind five emblematic wines and regions: sherry, cava, Rioja, verdejo and sweet moscatel. These are absolute Spanish classics that you might have already tried—but how they connect to Spain’s history is the part that not everyone gets to find out!

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About Our Expert Guides

Raised in Barcelona, Nika is a translator-turned-wine expert. When not on tour, she shares her passion and knowledge of Spanish and international wines through her events, her teaching in a wine school and her consulting with some of Barcelona’s most exciting restaurants. She has tried a wine from every single wine region of Spain – which when there are 70 of them, is no easy feat!

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