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Discover Seville’s History Through 10 Dishes with Maria

Join Maria in Seville as she tells the story of Spain’s southern region through 10 of its most legendary dishes—from cured Iberian ham to our favorite “Holy Week” dishes—and how they shaped Spain as we know it today.

NOTICE:This experience is available as a private experience exclusive for your group. Get in touch for pricing and availability!

What’s Included

  • Virtually travel to Seville and spend an hour with Maria, as she shares her passion for all things sevillano.
  • Discover 10 of Andalusia’s most iconic dishes and the fascinating stories behind them.

  • Get a glimpse into Spanish history and culture through the lens of snacks, desserts, drinks and more.
  • Use this culinary journey through time as the perfect meal planning tool for your future trip to Seville
  • Spend time with your family or friends in a unique and entertaining way
  • This experience is private and exclusive for you and your family, friends or team. Please contact us for pricing and information.

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What to Expect

Please note that the times available for this experience are in CET (Central European Time). To check the time in your local timezone check this timezone converter

Seville and Andalusia have been the land of the Romans, the Moors, and the famous reconquista and the Spanish Inquisition. And for the best way to learn about Seville’s fascinating history and culture, look no further than its most famous foods. From its world-famous jamón ibérico to its delicious fried fish or pescaíto frito, the flavors of Seville’s cuisine are almost as rich as its unique story.

Join Seville native María, a lover of her local culture and cuisine, as she introduces you to 10 iconic local specialties, each of which reflects the sevillano identity in its own unique way and tells the story of over 2000 years of history. Whether it’s Christopher Columbus during the Age of Discoveries or customs dating back to the Roman Times, these special moments in history have shaped the Seville and Andalusian culture to what it is today—especially the foods.

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About Our Expert Guides

Born and raised in Seville, María has been showing guests around her city ever since completing her history degree. She has won local trivia competitions about Semana Santa on TV and is known among for friends for making the best “croquetas de puchero” in town!

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