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Madrid is a bustling and vibrant city with the heart of a small town. Home to millions of people hailing from all corners of Spain and the world, it offers a cosmopolitan vibe and a strong sense of community all at once. 

This exciting blend also makes for an incredible food scene. While there’s something to be said for a stroll through the Prado or Retiro, save some room in your schedule for a morning at the market, a long Spanish lunch, a tapas crawl—or all of the above! 

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Are you a group of more than 12 people traveling to Madrid and interested in a private tour? Check out our private food tours in Madrid.

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We’re proud to support small, often family-run businesses on our food tours throughout Europe and North America. By visiting and befriending the owners and staff of local eateries, you’ll see a different side to some of the world’s most iconic (and delicious!) destinations. And our tour partners are just as eager to share their stories and expertise with curious guests – we can’t wait to introduce you to them.

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