Our Favorite Wine Shops in San Sebastian

Chic, classy San Sebastian is a fabulous place to enjoy good wine.

From big-name riojas to rare wines from smaller local producers, there isn’t anything you can’t find when it comes to vino. But where to look? Luckily, there are several great wine shops in San Sebastian where you can browse for your next favorite bottle and maybe even enjoy some wine by the glass. Here are just a few of our favorites.

Looking for a wonderful new bottle of wine to take home? Find it at one of these great wine shops in San Sebastian!

Essencia Ardodenda

Looking for more than just wine? You’ll find dozens of wine-related items as well as more than 700 Spanish and international wines at Essencia Ardodenda. Their mission is simple: they care about sharing their passion for good, honest wine with their customers. Owners Iñaki and Dani have a soft spot for lesser-known wines from small producers, so this is easily one of the best wine shops in San Sebastian for wine aficionados looking for something new. What really makes them stand out is their spectacular selection of sherry wines, many available by the glass, which is practically unrivaled outside of Andalusia!

AddressZabaleta Kalea, 42

Drink amazing sherry and more at Essencia Ardodenda, one of the best wine shops in San Sebastian!
Who said you can’t find amazing sherry in San Sebastian?

Don Serapio

Don Serapio is more than just one of the best wine shops in San Sebastian. Yes, their selection of wine is incredible, but so is just about anything else you’ll find here. This local neighborhood gourmet shop will transport you back to a simpler time when the quality of products reigned supreme. They sell hundreds of fantastic Basque products in addition to their fabulous selection of local wines. Their commitment to freshness, quality and the local community on all fronts make this one of the best wine shops in San Sebastian.

AddressAntso Jakituna Hiribidea, 22

Find more than just amazing wines at Don Serapio (one of our favorite wine shops in San Sebastian). It's also a great place to pick up a fabulous cut of local steak!
Don Serapio has amazing Basque steaks, too!

Goñi Ardoteka

Three siblings followed in the path of their wine expert father and created Goñi Ardoteka. Since its conception in the 1970s, it’s become one of the most talked-about wine shops in San Sebastian. Their selection includes just about anything you could imagine, from little-known local wines to wines from major international producers. With a steadfast commitment to excellent customer service, they are more than happy to share their passion and knowledge of wine with anyone who walks into the beautiful little shop.

AddressAldamar Kalea, 3

There is so much to choose from at the fabulous wine shops in San Sebastian!
So many amazing wines! Which one will you take home?

Ezeiza Vinos y Licores

As one of the best wine shops in San Sebastian as well as in the entire Basque Country, Ezeiza Vinos y Licores is a must for any wine lover in the area. The clientele in this unassuming little shop is almost exclusively local, making for a truly authentic wine-buying experience. The selection remains fairly local as well, with the majority being high quality Spanish and Basque wines. However, they also offer an interesting selection of older, unique French wines as well. If you want to experience a time-honored tradition beloved all over Spain, be sure to try some of their vermouth straight from the barrel, too!

AddressPrim Kalea, 16, bajo

Enjoy straight-from-the-barrel vermouth at Ezeiza, one of the best wine shops in San Sebastian!
Have you really visited Spain if you haven’t enjoyed vermouth straight from the barrel?

Vinos Martínez

This century-old bodega in the old town has remained virtually unchanged for four generations. Upon stepping inside, it’s easy to see why Vinos Martínez is one of the favorite wine shops in San Sebastian among locals. In addition to classics like rioja and local txakoli, they also sell a fantastic selection of Basque ciders and patxaran, a unique local liquor you won’t easily find outside northern Spain. Don’t forget to pick up some of their delicious local food products, like anchovies and idiazabal cheese, to create the perfect gourmet meal!

AddressNarrika Kalea, 29

Vinos Martínez offers an amazing selection of local products, which makes it one of our favorite wine shops in San Sebastian!
Sometimes all you need is a bold, classic Spanish red.

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