Best Wine Bars in Napoli: 7 Local Favs for Self-Led Wine Tasting

There’s no better way to experience a city in Italy, than by taking it slow, at a local bar with a glass of wine in hand. An aperitivo or even just a caffè with locals can teach you much more than the major attractions could. Napoli of course is no different. Come with us to experience the true spirit of the city through Napoli’s best wine bars.

A bartender in a white shirt and tie pouring two glasses of white wine
Discover the delicious and diverse world of Italian vino at Naples’s wine bars!

Of course, we know it’s the pizzerie on your mind, no trip to Napoli would be complete without tasting the famous Pizza Napoletana. But while you wait for dinner to come along, swing by one of these excellent wine bars in Napoli to kick-start the evening.

Not sure what to order? Every region of Italy has its own particular wines, telling unique stories of the tradition and culture of the area. Check out our guide to the wines of Campania before you head to one of our favorite wine bars in Napoli.

Classic Wine Bars in Napoli

Enoteca Belledonne

Founded in the early 1960s, Enoteca Belledonne was originally a local quick stop to stock up on wine and olive oil. But then in the late 80’s it became exclusively a local enoteca – wine shop and bar.  You’ll find a wine for every palate, no matter the style you are looking for. Enjoy local Campanian wines, but also taste labels from across the country.

Step off the winding alley of Vico Belledonne and pull up a seat at the stylish wooden bar, where the staff is ready to strike up a conversation about their selection for the evening. Visiting in a group? There are plenty of tables hidden in the back to welcome all visitors.

charcuterie board and glasses on a wooden table
Complete your aperitivo with a delicious charcuterie board. Photo credit: Dmitriy Zaytsev

Archivio Storico

Heading into the heart of the Vomero neighborhood, you’ll come across the Archivio Storico wine bar. This upscale wine and cocktail bar is truly a local favorite. Once you go in you will quickly fall in love with the chic ambiance. Designed to be dedicated entirely to the historic Kingdom of the Two Sicilies, you’ll find noble decor in every corner.

You’ll even feel royal yourself when you order a glass from one of their plush armchairs. Their dedication to history doesn’t stop there, even their menu is organized by region as it once was. Order wine from the Kingdom of Two Sicilies, the Kingdom of Sardinia, that of the Hapsburgs, and more. 

Choose from over 160 wines, both Italian and beyond, and enjoy it with a light charcuterie board. This is a great location to head to if you are on the fence of ordering wine or cocktails for your aperitivo – Archivio Storico is also known for their elegant craft cocktails. 

Vineria San Sebastiano

If you start craving a little wine (and just a break from walking!) during your time in Napoli’s historic center, you can pop over to Vineria San Sebastiano. Tucked into a warm, glowing red atmosphere, you’ll find a large selection of wines from near and far, plus a delicious menu of charcuterie and crostoni. 

Vineria San Sebastiano welcomes visitors and locals into a convivial atmosphere. They always are ready to welcome newcomers and share a drink. Every so often you can even catch some great live music here. 

Red wine being poured into a glass
Vineria San Sebastiano offers a carefully selected wine list. Photo credit: Louis Hansel


A cozy wine bar with a vintage atmosphere of wooden decor and glowing golden light. Vinarium is found in the perfect location between the city center and the sea. For over 20 years this has been the local go-to for excellent wine, and food. Not only offering aperitivo bites, Vinarium has a rich menu of small snacks, appetisers and even first courses or sandwiches. They are open for both lunch and dinner. 

Enjoy a full meal of local cuisine with a selection of primarily Italian wines, but with some surprises. Glasses of local wine might start as low as €3.50, while they also offer fine wines by the glass for more. In fact occasionally, you might get to even try a glass of the famous Sassicaia.

If you are solo, or just here for a quick drink, pull up a stool at the bar counter to chat with the staff. Or if you are really here to check out the food – there are plenty of tables for couples and small groups, giving you more comfort for your experience. 

two glasses of red wine and small plate dishes on a wooden table
Rustic, charming, and with a delicious wine and food offer, Vinarium never disappoints. Photo credit: Jep Gambardella


This small locale is a true landmark of nightlife in Napoli’s historic center. This is the spot to be for an early aperitivo, through to an after-dinner drink. 

Bucopertuso (Via Giovanni Paladino, 21) is a social wine bar, with a warm ambiance, it is the spot to meet fellow visitors and locals. Here you will most likely find more local wines, giving you the chance to taste the true Campanian tradition.  Glasses are very affordable, ranging from €3-5, it is easy to see how it became a favorite among young clientele.

Natural Wine Bars in Napoli

For those of you with a curious appetite, looking for something a little more particular, Napoli offers a few niche wine bars focusing on natural wines. Here are two we’d recommend if you are on the hunt for local wine with a creative twist.

Vineria Bandita

Located in Napoli’s elegant hillside Vomero district, Vineria Bandita (Via Michele Kerbaker, 57) offers natural and organic wines with a delicious food menu to pair.  Behind the bar, the shelves are lined with funky wines not only from Italy but all around Europe. Here you can enjoy a German pet-nat, a Friulian orange wine, and much more!

The location is quite small – better for solo visitors, couples or small groups!

wine glass with orange wine
Explore orange wine at Vineria Bandita. Photo credit: Jim Fischer

Jus Enoteca Naturale

A few steps from the sea, in the popular Chaia district, you’ll come across Jus Enoteca Naturale. A small bar with seating for couples and small groups, the ambience is a clean modern style, but with a touch of vintage made complete by the candle-wax covered wine bottles on every table.

This is a go-to for fun, natural and organic Italian wines. They have quite the unique selection, and an enthusiastic staff ready to tell you more about what goes into each bottle. Here you can order just a few snacks as an aperitivo, or a creative appetiser to fill you up a bit more. Reservations are recommended.