Best Wine Bars in Florence: Our Top 5

We’ve got to be honest: No day in Florence would be complete without a glass of wine. Wine is a tradition, a ritual, true Tuscan heritage, and probably one of the main reasons Firenze was calling your name.  

You’ve most likely heard of Chianti, but there’s much more waiting for you to discover in Florence’s hidden wine bars. For example, look out for a glass of ansonica or Sangiovese al Governo.  

A bartender in a white shirt and tie pouring two glasses of white wine
Discover the delicious and diverse world of Italian vino at Florence’s wine bars!

You won’t have to look far for great wine in Florence; it’s waiting for you in bars, cafes, osterie, ristoranti, sandwich shops, and then the enoteche 

What’s that?  

A spot entirely dedicated to wine, serving up plenty of labels by the glass, with walls lined with great bottles to take home with you. Run by either certified sommeliers, or expert wine lovers, they are always ready to help you find the perfect Tuscan wine for your taste. Plus they keep some good snacks on hand so you can fully experience the Italian aperitivo. 

Sounds like the perfect evening, no? Well, here are the five best wine bars in Florence to enjoy it for yourself! 

1. Le Volpi e L’Uva 

Hands down one of the best wine bars in Florence. Tucked away just off the corner from the famous Ponte Vecchio, Le Volpi e l’Uva is a local favorite, one that has won numerous awards for its cheese and wine selection.  

Pull up a seat at their elegant marble bar and enjoy remarkable wines by the glass—even including some Brunello (very tough to find by the glass and very expensive by the bottle!). Every night the selection changes, but the unforgettable experience is always constant. Don’t skip out on their cheese plates—you won’t regret it! 

Close up of a person holding a small black tray with 4 different cheeses
Cheese and wine are a match made in heaven.

2. Casa del Vino 

A true Florentine staple, you can step into a little bit of local history here.  

Casa del Vino is an excellent wine bar in Florence tucked behind the San Lorenzo market. An old-school enoteca where glasses of wine cost just a few euros, the walls are lined with dozens of vintage bottles and the counter hosts a tower of delicious cheese.  

This is the spot to go if you are in the mood for something quite casual. Order a few panini or crostini with pâte and have a taste of numerous local wines. 

Close up of a small glass of red wine being poured with a smiling man holding another glass of wine in the background
Sometimes an old-school, no-frills wine bar is the way to go.

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3. Vineria Sonora 

If you’ve been jumping on the natural wine train, you’re going to want to head straight to Vineria Sonora. Here you will be able to taste organic, biodynamic, natural wines, and wineries of vignaioli indipidenti. Sip a little local pet-nat with smiling staff ready to teach you all about their producers and winemaking methods.  

Vineria Sonora may be new on the block, opened in 2018, but they’ve succeeded in creating a full vintage vibe through small intimate seating and wooden decor. As the name sonora (“sound” in Italian) may suggest, you’ll rarely find an evening where live music isn’t drifting out their door. One of the best wine bars in Florence, Vineria Sonora is truly a vibe on its own.  

Blue windowed door opening up into a wine bar in Florence with several tables and shelves of bottles lining the walls
Vineria Sonora is the place to go for great wine and music. Photo credit: Vineria Sonora

4. Procacci 

We’ve covered the classic and the hip wine bars of Florence—now how about a little luxury? If that sounds more like what you’re looking for, head to Procacci.  

Serving up elegance since 1885, Procacci is one of the best spots for a filling aperitivo of local fine wine and delicious panini. You can also get a taste for Tuscan truffles here, as that is their specialty—they were even official suppliers to the royal family of Italy! 

Exterior of Procacci restaurant and wine bar in Florence with an arched stone doorway
From its excellent wine selection to its tasty truffle dishes, Procacci is a gourmand’s dream come true. Photo credit: remster_9

5. Il Santo Bevitore / Il Santino 

Literally the “Saint Drinker,” Il Santo Bevitore actually isn’t technically a wine bar, but rather more of a restaurant with a great passion for wine. They also have a bar next door, Il Santino (“the little saint”), and you can grab a seat at either.  

They love to show off their wine list and pair it with gourmet food, so best to swing by at aperitivo hour. Then, of course, you can stay into the night for an unforgettable meal.  

Il Santo Bevitore is romantic elegance but with a modern urban twist, and their wine list sticks to Tuscan tradition. Divided by appellation, you have the chance to taste your way around Tuscany’s wine regions, from Chianti to Bolgheri to the Maremma. 

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More Fantastic Wine Bars in Florence 

We can never get enough of good Italian wine, so here are a few more wine bars in Florence to mark on your maps.  

If you’re loving the vintage hole-in-the-wall vibe like Casa del Vino, head to Fiaschetteria Nuvoli (Piazza dell’Olio, 15/r). Instead, if you just want to taste your way through all of Italy head to Enoteca Vigna Nuova—or Enoteca Fuoriporta, where they’ve got hundreds of labels available by the glass. For high-end and limited production wines, you’ll find unique labels at Enoteca Pitti.

Enjoy an evening full of fantastic Tuscan food and wine with us! Our Florence evening food tour will take you into our favorite wine bars and restaurants in the vibrant Oltrarno neighborhood. Bring your appetite!