The 5 Best Restaurants in Soho That No Trip Would Be Complete Without

Soho is a labyrinth of restaurants surrounded by iconic theaters and media company headquarters.

Choosing where to eat in Soho can be overwhelming for a first time visitor. As part of the West End of London, Soho is known for its past as a sort of red-light district and its connections to the entertainment industry. You’ll likely find yourself searching for a restaurant here if you have show tickets and need a place to eat before or after. 

Also, Soho’s north and west borders are some of London’s most popular shopping areas, Regent Street and Oxford Street. Whether you need a great food suggestion to follow hours of searching for that perfect London souvenir, or a place to digest your review of “The Lion King,” we have the behind-the-scenes scoop on where to eat in Soho.

Where to eat in London's Soho district

Where to Be Naughty But Nice: La Bodega Negra

With a focus on entertainment and nightlife, Soho also has a dark past. It was hit hard by a cholera outbreak and was home to quite a few sex shops until recent decades. One restaurant that has turned this history into a booming business is La Bodega Negra. In fact, one side of the building is a façade that fools many innocent tourists.

Flashing neon signs signaling “Girls Girls Girls” might send the wrong message to everyday passersby. But if you take a chance and step inside, you’ll be surprised to find one of London’s best Mexican restaurants in the basement. The only real danger at this faux den is the gigantic list of tequila they have available!

Where to eat in Soho: La Bodega Negra Mexican restaurant
La Bodega Negra is one of Soho’s most intriguing eateries. Photo credit: La Bodega Negra

Where to Play With Your Food: Inamo

If games get you excited, then you will be a definite winner with a dinner at Inamo. This restaurant doesn’t just serve great Japanese, Chinese, Thai and Korean cuisine. It’s also where to eat in Soho if you want to have some tech at your table, too.

Guests at Inamo can play retro games that are projected on their table while they wait. If you’re a good sport, you can bet your Battleship that you’ll have a fun and exciting meal here.

Inamo interactive restaurant, London
Say goodbye to boredom while you wait for your food—at Inamo, your table becomes the entertainment! Photo credit: Kristian Strøbech

A Restaurant That’s Instafamous: Dirty Bones

To share the old spirit of Soho, Dirty Bones takes #foodporn to the next level with their tableside Instagram kit. It’s the top place to eat if you want to use a burger to blow up your feed. 

For a piece of the action, you just need to request this special light kit from management when you sit down at your table. Within minutes, you’ll have a glowing opportunity to capture the mother of all cheese pulls with the Mac Daddy steak burger. 

Dirty Bones restaurant in London
In addition to their mouthwatering burgers and unique Instagram kits, Dirty Bones offers a sleek, cozy setting that’s perfect for both date night and dinners with friends. Photo credit: Dirty Bones

Where to Find Luxury on the Lips: Chotto Matte

However, if you just want a posh plate full of delicious Japanese-Peruvian food, then Chotto Matte is where to eat in Soho. Local food lovers have been hitting this restaurant regularly since it opened in 2014. 

With locations also in Toronto, Miami and Saint-Tropez, the Chotto Matte experience offers an explosion of flavor and color in its dishes and ambience. The crowd is chic and full of foodies who like a fun atmosphere with fancy food.

Octopus dish at Chotto Matte in London
Everything at Chotto Matte, like these tentáculos de pulpo, is made with fresh, natural ingredients that shine on their own. Photo credit: Chotto Matte

A Place If You’re Feeling French: Cafe Boheme

Finally, a hot spot both during the day and late in to the evening is Cafe Boheme, located on the corner of Old Compton Street and Greek Street. If you like escargot, steak tartare and other French classics, this London hot spot is somewhere you can’t miss. While you’ll find most London restaurants close their doors fairly earlier, Cafe Boheme stays open until 3 a.m. Monday through Saturday.

Cafe Boheme restaurant in London
You don’t have to go all the way to Paris to get the French bistro experience of your dreams. Photo credit: Ewan Munro

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