Where to Eat Near the Westin Palace in Madrid: Our Top 8

So, you’ve booked a trip to Madrid—yay! You’re staying at the iconic Westin Palace—lucky you! All that’s left to do is make your dinner reservations…but where?

That’s where we step in—Devour Madrid is at the ready to help you decide where to eat near the Westin Palace in Madrid!

Exterior of the Westin Palace Hotel in Madrid illuminated at night.
The legendary Westin Palace is one of Madrid’s best hotels. Photo credit: Negugogor

Smack-dab in the middle of Madrid’s Literary Quarter, the Westin Palace’s location is ideal for exploring Madrid. The Barrio de las Letras (as it’s known in Spanish) is a historic neighborhood, once home to great writers of the Golden Age of Spanish literature, like Cervantes and Quevedo, and also once the stomping grounds of Ernest Hemingway.

The Westin Palace is part of this history. Built in 1912, this luxury hotel has hosted luminaries like Pablo Picasso, Marie Curie, and Mata Hari—and later, Ava Gardner, Lauren Bacall, and Rita Hayworth, just to name a few. 

These days, the Literary Quarter is still a very artsy neighborhood, with one-of-a-kind boutiques and avant-garde art galleries. It’s a bustling local community, with packed terraces and tapas bars and of course, fantastic food. So, if you’re looking for where to eat near the Westin Palace in Madrid, look no further and check out our list!

1. La Rotonda

When it comes to location, there’s no better option for where to eat near the Westin Palace in Madrid than the hotel’s own restaurant!

La Rotonda gets its name from the beautiful cupola dome that crowns the space. It makes for an absolutely gorgeous setting to enjoy their menu of fresh, locally sourced food. Whether you sample one of their takes on a Spanish classic or go with a more inventive menu option, you’re in for a special treat at this beautiful restaurant.

Interior dining space at the La Rotonda restaurant at the Westin Palace hotel.
La Rotonda’s dining space is elegant but unpretentious. Photo credit: pegatina1

2. Gofio

One of the best things about Madrid is that Spanish culture converges here. For instance, you don’t have to go all the way to Spain’s Canary Islands for good Canarian food. You can just pop in to Gofio where chef Safe Cruz—who hails from the Canary Island of Tenerife—works with his team of Canarian chefs to bring tastes from home to the capital.

Gofio is a dream for those of us who like to try a little bit of everything. Here, the only decision you have to make is which of the tasting menus you want, and the chef takes it from there! We recommend coming for lunch (and with a big appetite!) so you can follow up the meal with a much needed siesta back at the Westin Palace.

3. Antón Martín Market

There are a lot of excellent options for where to eat near the Westin Palace in Madrid. But if you’re feeling indecisive, you can’t go wrong with the nearby Antón Martín market.

This traditional neighborhood market is the perfect place to find all sorts of delicious variety under one roof. A local fixture for 80 years, it’s long been home to dozens of stalls selling typical Spanish products. But today, you’ll also find an excellent selection of modern bars and restaurants offering the best in contemporary domestic and international fare.

Selection of cured meats, spices, and other gourmet products at a traditional Spanish market stall.
Another great idea: pick up some cured meats and other gourmet goodies from the market and take them to the park to enjoy a picnic!

4. Plenti

Whether you’re craving something beyond the typical Spanish tostada to start your day or you want a filling brunch after a morning spent exploring the Prado, you can’t go wrong with Plenti.

Opened by a local group of friends in 2017, Plenti serves British and Scandinavian-style breakfast and brunch food in a cozy, bright space. From warming baked egg dishes to smorrebrod-style open-faced sandwiches, everything is fresh and homemade from high quality ingredients.

Two pieces of avocado toast topped with jammy eggs and roasted pine nuts on a white plate.
The fresh and healthy dishes at Plenti are the perfect way to start your day! Photo credit: Foodie Factor

5. Inclán Brutal Bar

For tasty tapas with a twist head to Inclán Brutal Bar. Named for the famous Spanish Modernist writer Ramón del Valle-Inclán, this Literary Quarter bar is as original and creative as its namesake.

Inclán Brutal Bar’s tapas are perfect for sharing, and a great way to kick off your Spanish cuisine experience (we especially love the beet gazpacho and the pulpo, or octopus). Also a plus: the service is fantastic, food and drink are affordable, and the atmosphere is friendly and relaxed. So, if you’re not sure where to eat near the Westin Palace in Madrid, you’ll most definitely want to stop here!

Table full of multiple small tapas plates and glasses of red wine.
It’s not a trip to Spain without tapas (and wine)!

6. La Sanabresa

Sometimes there’s no need to mess with perfection, and La Sanabresa’s commitment to traditional Spanish cuisine is proof of that. This restaurant’s unassuming exterior would be easy to miss if not for the habitual groups waiting outside for a table in the packed dining room.

Inside, you’ll find simple, honest Spanish home cooking: lentil soup, cocido madrileño, stuffed eggplants, and one of the most diverse menú del día selections in town. Top all that off with prompt service and an authentic vibe that can be hard to come by in Madrid’s more central neighborhoods, and you’re in for a real treat.

Plate of cocido madrileño: blood sausage, chickpeas, cabbage, pork, potatoes
Be sure to come hungry if you’re craving cocido!

7. La Venencia

The best place to drink sherry in Spain is its homeland of Andalusia. But if you can’t make it down south, La Venencia is a perfect alternative.

Legend says that this enigmatic sherry bar was one of Ernest Hemingway’s favorite haunts in Madrid, and we’re willing to bet that not much has changed since his days. They don’t make places like this anymore—the dark wooden paneling, vintage posters adorning the walls, and the age-old practice of keeping track of your tab in chalk on the bar top will take you back in time to 1930s Madrid.

There’s only one kind of drink available—sherry wine—and a short and sweet menu of simple tapas. But when a place is this steeped in history and legend, it doesn’t need much else.

Close up of a group of people holding glasses of brown amontillado sherry wine.
La Venencia brings the classic sherry bars of the south to Marid.

8. Cervecería Alemana

When it comes to eating on or around Plaza Santa Ana, you’re spoiled for choice. One standout is Cervecería Alemana, a tried and true classic dating back to 1904.

The bar’s name (which translates to “German Brewery”) hints at its roots. Originally founded by a group of German immigrants, today it boasts a menu full of Spanish classics with the occasional homage to its founders’ homeland. Whether you sit down to enjoy a round of raciones at one of the marble tables or would rather prop up the bar with an ice-cold beer, you can’t beat the bustling atmosphere of this old-school favorite.

Wood paneled exterior of Cerveceria Alemana bar in Madrid
Cervecería Alemana hasn’t changed much in over a century—and that’s exactly why we love it. Photo credit: Boca Dorada

Where to Eat Near the Westin Palace in Madrid: FAQs

Can I eat breakfast at the Westin Palace in Madrid?

Yes—the hotel offers a good variety of breakfast options. Continental, halal, Asian, American, and buffet-style breakfasts are available.

How far is the Westin Palace from the center of Madrid?

The Westin Palace is less than half a mile (700 meters) from Madrid’s city center. Its location in the historic Literary Quarter gives it easy access to the center in tranquil, picturesque surroundings.

Update Notice: This post was originally published on June 26, 2018 and was updated with new text and photos on March 11, 2021. Please check with each restaurant to ensure their most up-to-date operating hours before you go.

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