Where to Eat in San Sebastian: The Gros Neighborhood

If you’re staying in the Gros area of San Sebastian, you won’t be short of places to dine. We’re here to help you work out where to eat in San Sebastian’s Gros neighborhood with our list of amazing restaurants.

The Gros neighborhood is a relaxed, lazy area away from the buzz of the city center. It is also one of San Sebastian’s most popular surfing spots as it is home to the beautiful Zurriola Beach.

However, this sleepy neighborhood is not just for relaxing, it’s also a hub of the innovative cuisine the Basque capital is famous for. Whether you’re staying in the neighborhood or not, it’s a great option if you’re wondering where to eat in San Sebastian. Enjoy the city’s outstanding cuisine with our top Gros neighborhood recommendations.

Wondering where to eat in San Sebastian's Gros neighborhood? You've come to the right place! With our ultimate neighborhood guide, the only difficult thing will be saving room for dessert!

Restaurante Ama-Lur

Ama-Lur Bar and Restaurant has been open since 1978 and is run by the Lertxundi brothers. Focused on traditional Basque cuisine, they serve everything from pintxos and rations to sandwiches and skewers. Also, chicken fans are in for a treat as this place specializes in roast chicken and roast chicken knuckles. Such a great option if you’re looking for where to eat in San Sebastian’s Gros neighborhood.

Insider’s Tip: Paella is not typically easy to find in San Sebastian. However, Restaurante Ama-Lur does an amazing paella every Friday. Definitely worth checking out if you’re in the city on a weekend break!

Address: Karkizano Kalea, 7

When asking about the cuisine in San Sebastian, many people ask about paella and the rice dish is amazing in Restaurante Ama-Lur, served with fresh prawns and, of course, a big slice of lemon. If you're wondering where to eat in San Sebastian's Gros neighborhood, give them a try!
The paella at Restaurante Ama-Lur is one of the best in the city, unmissable if you are searching for the iconic rice dish in San Sebastian

Bar Bergara

A classic San Sebastian pintxos bar, Bar Bergara offers plenty of gourmet treats in miniature. With its funky and modern interior, Bar Bergara has won many awards for its mouthwatering pintxos bites. The innovative team at Bergara deviate from the typical pintxo style of placing ingredients on small pieces of bread. Dishes here range from beef chunks cooked in red wine to a mini risotto of wild mushrooms or a large spoonful of seafood stew.

Insider’s tip: Don’t leave without trying their scrumptious desserts including raspberry cheesecake and local Idiazabal cheese with walnuts and quince jelly.

Address: Calle del General Artexe, 8

Idiazabal cheese is a typical dessert from the Basque Country, and the Idiazabal option at Bergara is an amazing version! That's one of the reasons why they made our list of where to eat in San Sebastian's Gros neighborhood
Smoky, nutty and delicious, Idiazabal cheese is a typical dessert in San Sebastian!


Tedone is where to eat in San Sebastian’s Gros neighborhood if you want something a little different. An organic, slow food and ecological restaurant, it serves many vegetarian options. There are also a number of great dishes for gluten-free eaters. Plates include brown rice with sautéed vegetables and tofu, avocado with prawns and red berries and Iberian pork with baked potatoes. Presented artfully and creatively, the dishes are always photo-worthy and taste as good as they look.

Insider’s tip: Tedone also holds events, workshops and live music nights.

Address: Corta Kalea, 10

Whether you're vegetarien, gluten-free or can eat anything and everything put before you, Tedone is a great Gros neighborhood option if you're unsure where to eat in San Sebastian's Gros neighborhood
The beautiful presentation of the dishes at Tedone is almost as impressive as the taste! Photo Credit: Tedone

La Txuleteria del Iraeta

La Txuleteria del Iraeta is a friendly place, particularly well known for its large juicy T-bone steaks. Each steak arrives at your table sizzling on a hot griddle. This is where to eat in San Sebastian’s Gros neighborhood if you’re the ultimate meat lover. It’s also an ideal place to try the much sought-after Basque delicacy of percebes (goose barnacles)—a tube-shaped crustacean, which is boiled in seawater.  

Address: Calle del Padre Larroca, 2

The huge, juicy steaks served at Txuleteria del Iraeta are so full of flavor and you can see the fresh meat when you enter the restaurant, and even watch them grill it up for you! This is definitely one of our top choices for where to eat in San Sebastian's Gros neighborhood
These steaks are so tasty—a meal in San Sebastian you won’t soon forget!

Galerna Jan Edan Jatetxea

Cozy and contemporary, Galerna Jan Edan is definitely one of the Gros neighborhood’s treasures. Here everything is thoughtfully presented, from the white dining room decorated with maritime memorabilia to the stunning and precise presentation of the plates. The inspiring menu features traditional Basque and Spanish dishes with a twist. Think cold salmorejo soup made from hazelnuts and served with goat’s cheese ice cream; fresh asparagus with poached egg, bonito fish cream, and wild mushrooms; or octopus ragout with fresh broad beans.

Address: Kolon Pasealekua, 46

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