Where To Eat In San Sebastian: The Amara Neighborhood

The Amara area is one of the newest neighborhoods in San Sebastian. Located south of the center, along the River Urmea, it’s a quieter, more local area. Read on to see where to eat in San Sebastian’s Amara neighborhood.

While there are not many sights in Amara, it is a great place to stay in San Sebastian, especially if you are in town for a football match. Situated far off the well-trodden tourist area of the city, it can be a bit of a walk to the center. However, this is the neighborhood for you if variety and authenticity are a top priority when looking for where to eat in San Sebastian. Here are our favorite restaurants in the Amara neighborhood for you to explore.

Amara, one of San Sebastian's newest areas, is home to both traditional and modern cuisine. Check out where to eat in San Sebastian's Amara neighborhood!

Bar Restaurante Casa Javier

Restaurante Casa Javier is the perfect spot for anyone unsure where to eat in San Sebastian’s Amara neighborhood. With a location near the train station, it is surrounded by touristy establishments. However, this spot is authentic and full of delicious bites. Having first opened its doors back in 1967, Casa Javier has evolved into a modern gastro-bar. But, the exposed brick walls, sleek white bar, and pictures of old steam trains on the walls make for a cozy feel not usually found in modern establishments.

You’ll find classic pintxos along the bar, as well as larger tapas plates to share and a menu of the day. Dishes include black rice made from squid ink served with alioli (a garlic mayonnaise), Vizcayan-style cod fish or steak with green peppers.

Address: Easo Plaza, 4

Unsure where to eat in San Sebastian's Amara neighborhood? The delicious food at Casa Javier, like this amazing roast chicken leg with roasted vegetables, makes it a great choice
Restaurante Casa Javier brilliantly combines a modern interior with traditional, local ingredients. Photo Credit: Restaurante Casa Javier

Casa Maruxa

A traditional Galician restaurant, located near the river, Casa Maruxa is a cozy place with lots of natural wood and a few tables outside. Here you’ll get the chance to try classic dishes from the Galician region of Spain, located in the northwestern corner of the country. Try the traditional octopus (pulpo) sprinkled with paprika or caldo gallego, a delicious stew made from cabbage, white beans, pork fat and chunks of beef. A great option for anyone looking for where to eat in San Sebastian’s Amara neighborhood.

Address: Paseo Vizcaya, 14

Casa Maruxo is a great option for anyone looking for where to eat in San Sebastian's Amara neighborhood, mainly for this dish of octopus chunks, boiled, covered in paprika and served on a bed of potatoes
The iconic Galician octopus covered in paprika is one of the standout dishes at Casa Maruxo. Photo Credit: Viaje Jet

Restaurante Amelia

Restaurante Amelia is a modern fine dining spot serving the avant-garde cuisine San Sebastian has become so famous for. Head chef Paulo Airaudo was born in Argentina to a family of Italian immigrants. Having worked in Michelin star restaurants in San Sebastian, London and Italy, he decided to create his own restaurant.

His pairing and tasting menus feature beautifully-presented dishes. They use local Basque ingredients inspired by the Italian kitchen. Think plates of white asparagus with mussels, pannacotta and salmon eggs, or lamb with eggplant, tomatoes and spinach.

Address: Moraza Kalea, 1B

Restaurants Amelia is the perfect place for those looking for where to eat in San Sebastian's Amara neighborhood, with innovation and creativity in every dish, like this pickled artichoke ravioli with local cheeses and spices to season
The unique combination of flavors found in this pickled artichoke ravioli perfectly sums up the innovation at Restaurante Amelia. Photo Credit: Restaurante Amelia

Chutney Gastrobar

Vegetarians can often find it difficult to eat in normal Spanish or Basque restaurants. However, that is not the case in Chutney. Something different from the norm in San Sebastian, this contemporary bar offers bites taking inspiration from around the world. You’ll find a whole host of vegetarian-friendly dishes, as well as those for meat and seafood lovers. Undoubtedly, if you’re craving a bit of spice, this place will not disappoint.

Address: Pedro Egana Kalea, 8

Chutney Gastrobar is a great spot for anyone looking for where to eat in San Sebastian's Amara neighborhood, epsecially for any vegetarian travelers, as they use fresh fruit and veg from local markets in all their dishes
Being vegetarian is made easy with dishes using fresh, local products at Chutney Gastrobar

Bar Igueldo

Right at the point where the river turns back down towards the city sits Bar Igueldo. A different take on a pintxos bar, this place serves mini-bites Colombian style. If you’re feeling hungry, this is where to eat in San Sebastian’s Amara neighborhood, as their main dishes are nicely sized. They use fresh ingredients like refried beans, barbecued banana, avocado, rice, fried egg and crispy pork. Igueldo also doubles as a smoothie and juice bar, blending up delicious and healthy concoctions.

Address: De Felipe IV Hiribidea, 5

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