Where to Eat in Madrid on Mondays: 7 Delicious Options

Despite being the buzzing capital of one of Europe’s most vibrant destinations, the pace of life in Madrid slows down a bit on Mondays.

After the busy weekend, the pace of life returns to normal as madrileños head back to work and school. Many of the city’s main attractions close up shop on Monday, as do some of the best eateries. Luckily, some of the best bars and restaurants in town stay open! Not sure where to eat in Madrid on Mondays? Here are some of our best picks to start your week off right.

Trying to figure out where to eat in Madrid on Mondays? Here are our top 7 picks!

1. Lhardy

A true Madrid institution, Lhardy first opened its doors in 1839 and hasn’t changed much since. Trust us, that’s a good thing! The beautiful, old-world decor and impeccable service make this a top pick for where to eat in Madrid on Mondays. The menu is spectacular, featuring many French-inspired dishes alongside traditional Madrid fare. This is one of our favorite places in town for a piping hot mug of caldo (traditional meat and vegetable broth) on a chilly day!

AddressCarrera de San Jerónimo, 8

Not sure where to eat in Madrid on Mondays? Head to Lhardy for some delicious caldo!
We love warming up with some homemade caldo!

2. Sala de Despiece

At the other end of the spectrum, you’ll find trendy and modern Sala de Despiece. This meat-focused restaurant—appropriately located in what was once a butcher’s shop—is transforming the Madrid dining scene. After you take a seat at one of the long counters, smartly dressed servers will take your order on an iPad. The unique presentation of the top-quality food makes this a must if you’re wondering where to eat in Madrid on Mondays for a one-of-a-kind experience.

AddressCalle de Ponzano, 11

Head to Sala de Despiece if you're wondering where to eat in Madrid on Mondays for a more unique experience!
Sala de Despiece is a unique, modern dining experience! Photo credit: Nan Palmero

3. Asturianos

Sometimes all you need is a traditional home-cooked meal in a family run restaurant. That’s exactly what you’ll get at Asturianos, a local favorite that’s a bit off the beaten path. This is where to eat in Madrid on Mondays if you want to taste your way around Spain without leaving the capital. Their fabada (pork and bean-based stew from Asturias in the north) is comfort food to the max. In the summer, try their salmorejo, a perfect chilled tomato purée typical of southern Spain, served at Asturianos with cider-cured sardines.

AddressCalle Vallehermoso, 94

Asturianos is where to eat in Madrid on Mondays for cuisine from all over Spain!
Salmorejo is our favorite way to cool off in the summer!

4. La Tasquita de Enfrente

The simple yet beautiful decor and mouthwatering seasonal menu at La Tasquita de Enfrente make it a must any day of the week. Despite its prime location just off of touristy Gran Vía in the heart of Madrid, the atmosphere and clientele here are nothing but local. We especially love the ensaladilla rusa—they make their version of the classic tapa with homemade mayo!

AddressCalle de la Ballesta, 6

La Tasquita de Enfrente is where to eat in Madrid on Mondays for delicious ensaladilla rusa!
One of the best tapas in Madrid? Ensaladilla rusa!

5. Casa Salvador

Founded in 1941 just after the tumultuous Spanish Civil War, Casa Salvador managed to hang on and become a Madrid icon. The interior is an homage to both the most well-known Spanish bullfighters as well as other cultural icons like Sophia Loren and Ernest Hemingway. Still run by the original founder’s nephew, this is a true family establishment and where to eat in Madrid on Mondays for some of the city’s most emblematic dishes.

AddressCalle Barbieri, 12

6. Casa Dani

At this simple yet delicious restaurant inside Mercado de la Paz, you’ll find the one of the best tortillas de patatas in town. That may sound hard to narrow down, but the traditional Spanish omelet at Casa Dani is second to none. They must know what they’re doing, considering they make more than 200 tortillas a day! Get there early to avoid the lunchtime crowds and enjoy yours with a piping hot cafe con leche.

AddressCalle Ayala, 28

Looking for the best tortilla in town to start off your week? Casa Dani is where to eat in Madrid on Mondays, then!
Cooked to perfection on the outside and gooey on the inside: just how we like our tortilla!

7. La Castela

La Castela is where to eat in Madrid on Mondays if you’re looking for classic, simple food in an elegant setting. The classy interior decor will transport you back to the Madrid of the past. As for the menu, their seafood takes the top prize, although you can’t really go wrong with anything you order. Don’t forget an ice cold beer or a glass of local vermouth to wash it down!

AddressCalle Doctor Castelo, 22

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