Osasuna! Check Out Our Tips On Where To Drink in San Sebastian

There’s nothing quite like a relaxing drink to round off your evening. If you’re unsure where to drink in San Sebastian, check out our expert neighborhood guide.

San Sebastian comes to life at night as people flood the streets to enjoy a social drink. When you’re visiting the city, you can’t miss the opportunity to mix with the locals in this evening ritual. And anyway, after a long day of sightseeing and sampling the city’s typical pintxos, we think you’ve earned a drink! The problem is, with such variety and so many bars, where do you begin? We’ve put together this neighborhood guide on where to drink in San Sebastian to make your decision that much easier.

After a day of sightseeing, there's nothing quite like a relaxing drink! Mix in with the locals with our guide on where to drink in San Sebastian!

Parte Vieja

San Sebastian’s Old Town, or Parte Vieja, is one of the most atmospheric areas of the city. This historic neighborhood is home to some of the must-visit pintxo bars of San Sebastian. Also, there is a huge selection of bars to enjoy a drink in too. Atari Gastroteka (Calle Mayor, 18) offers innovative pintxos, an amazing view of the Santa Maria church and delicious cocktails—it has it all!

Make sure to swing by Etxeberria (Calle Iñigo, 8) for some amazing craft beer and a unique blend of vermouth on the weekends. Sirimiri (Calle Mayor, 18) offers great wines and a cosy, welcoming atmosphere, while Altxerri (Calle Reina Regente, 2) combines a first-floor art gallery with a unique performance space where San Sebastian’s finest jazz musicians play on a regular basis. And for those looking for a late-night copa (mixed drink) head to local favorite Burunda (Calle Esterlines, 15) or the iconic Museo del Whisky (Boulevard Zumardia, 5)home to one of the biggest whiskey selections in the world! If you’re wondering where to drink in San Sebastian, you really can’t go wrong with the Old Town.

If you're wandering the streets wondering where to drink in San Sebastian, the Museo del Whisky with its huge selection of unique whiskeys is a safe bet!
The selection of whiskeys at Museo del Whisky is out of this world! Photo Credit: Museo del Whisky

La Concha

The area near the iconic La Concha Bay certainly has a special vibrance in summer, but it’s a great place to have a drink in San Sebastian all year round. Undoubtedly, the gem of this area is La Perla (Paseo de La Concha), a stunning bar with a waterfront terrace right on the beach. Enjoy some delicious cava in the ‘chillout’, the local way of referring to the terrace, and take in the amazing view. After an early evening cava, the amazing cocktails at La Madame (San Bartolome Kalea, 35) will take you into the early hours. One of the more authentic experiences in this somewhat touristy area is to step into Sidrería San Bartolomé (San Bartolome Kalea, 32). Cider is a huge part of Basque culture and this local cider house serves up amazing sidra.

You can learn more about cider and all the other things that make San Sebastian such a foodie heaven on our Ultimate Pintxos & Wine Tour of the city. Delicious pintxos, unique wines and the company of one of our passionate, expert guides—what more could you want?

Cheers to delicious Basque Cider! When planning out where to drink in San Sebastian, you must include a sidrería (or cider house)
Cider is a huge part of Basque culture, a must-try in San Sebastian


The up-and-coming, alternative Gros neighborhood is gaining in popularity more and more every year. This beachside area is a hotspot for surfers and sporty types both local and international. While there are amazing places to enjoy a delicious breakfast, Gros is also worth exploring in the evening. The perfect place if you’re unsure where to drink in San Sebastian.

The craft beer movement has taken over the world, and San Sebastian is no exception! Its most famous craft beer bar is Mala Gissona (Zabaleta Kalea, 53), home to an enormous selection of both Spanish and international beers. It also boasts a huge terrace, much like Teorema (Zabaleta Kalea, 1) located just down the street. For a more local atmosphere, head to the cozy Bar Desy (Calle Ronda, 4) or order the best gin tonic is San Sebastian in Gintoneria (Zabaleta Kalea, 6).

Gros is a great neighborhood for anyone unsure where to drink in San Sebastian, known for its craft beer and delicious mixed drinks
If you like a nice evening cocktail by the beach, Gros is the area for you! Photo Credit: Jenny Downing


When speaking about where to drink in San Sebastian, we can’t forget the amazing area of Egia. This neighborhood is the center of the San Sebastian music scene, full of bars where you can enjoy a variety of music, drink in hand. The most iconic venue in Egia is Bukowski (Egia Kalea, 18), known by locals across the city and enjoyed by locals and visitors alike. The nearby Taberna Egia (Virgen del Carmen, 45) is another local gem worth checking out. If you’d like to enjoy some live music as a prelude to some lively San Sebastian nightlife, visit Dabadaba (Mundaiz, 8) and enjoy a copa on their beautiful terrace.

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