Where to Buy Jamón Ibérico in Seville (And Where to Eat It, Too!)

If there’s one thing you should eat here in Spain, it’s the ham.

And no, we’re not talking about your standard, run-of-the-mill lunch meat ham you can find at the grocery store. We mean the real deal: Spain’s legendary jamón ibérico, made from pigs native to the peninsula and cured to perfection for years at a time. If you’re wondering where to buy jamón ibérico in Seville, there are plenty of great local businesses you can support. It’s just a matter of where to look!

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Corta y Cata

When considering where to buy jamón ibérico in Seville, one of our first choices is always the local market! Tucked away in the shadows of the city’s towering Metropol Parasol sculpture, the Mercado de la Encarnación has been an integral part of local life since 1842. It’s home to dozens of family-run stalls like Corta y Cata, where a husband-and-wife team prepare and serve some of the finest meat products in the city. Their friendly, personable service and commitment to quality—in addition to their excellent ham!—are just a few of the reasons why we stop by regularly. It’s a favorite stop on our Tastes, Tapas & Traditions Tour!

AddressPlaza de la Encarnación, s/n, Puesto 10

Not sure where to buy jamón ibérico in Seville? Head to a local market stall! We love Corta y Cata at the Mercado de la Encarnación.
Corta y Cata is one of our top picks for ham in Seville!

Maestro Marcelino

Another great option for where to buy jamón ibérico in Seville: the age-old abacerías. Think of an abacería as like a small, old-fashioned grocery store with a bar. (One-stop shopping, Spanish style!) Maestro Marcelino is one of our favorite abacerías in the city. Here, you can buy your jamón to go, or enjoy it at the bar accompanied by one of their excellent wines. They offer a truly authentic experience, complete with fair prices and outstanding service from the bar and shop staff.

AddressCalle Hernando Colón, 9

If you're wondering where to buy jamón ibérico in Seville, check out your local abacería. These are like small, traditional grocery stores with a bar!
It’s the little things like jamón and wine that make life so wonderful.

Jamonería José Luis Romero

Don’t forget about the charming neighborhood on the other side of the bridge! Triana is home to no shortage of gastronomic treasures, many of which can be found at the bustling neighborhood market. One of our favorite stalls here is Jamonería José Luis Romero, home to a small but dedicated local team serving the best ham on this side of the river. They work directly with the best Iberian pig breeders in the business and hand-pick only the finest hams to sell at the market. Recently, they’ve added a tapas space to their stall, where you can enjoy your jamón with a glass of wine or sparkling cava.

AddressPlaza del Altozano, s/n, Módulo 58

There are so many great options for where to buy jamón ibérico in Seville, including the Triana Market.
Nothing but smiles when the ham comes out!

Productos de la Sierra

What’s better than buying ham? Buying local ham! Productos de la Sierra takes pride in selling the finest products from Andalusia and nearby Extremadura, so you can be sure you’re helping support local producers. Their lovely little shop in the city center will remind you of a traditional village house with its rustic details. In addition to some of the most exquisite hams in the city, they also sell artisanal cheeses, wines, liquors, jams and more. Buy as much as you can carry and head down to the nearby riverfront walk for a picnic!

AddressCalle Adriano, 18

Not sure where to buy jamón ibérico in Seville? Support local producers at a shop like Productos de la Sierra.
Spain’s true gastronomic gem.

Sierra de Jabugo

For nearly 25 years, family-run Sierra de Jabugo has produced and sold some of the best quality hams in the region. Their commitment to quality shines through in every step of the production process as the ham makes its way from the mountains of Huelva to their cozy shop in Seville. Their business has grown substantially in the past few decades, and they are now proud to be the official ham supplier for businesses all over Europe. However, when you stop by their store, you’ll still receive the same excellent service that made them a reference for jamón in Seville in the first place.

AddressCalle Juan de Ledesma, 103

Come try some of the best ham in town when you join us on our Tastes, Tapas & Traditions of Seville Tour! In addition to starting your morning off with jamón (and really, what better way is there?), you’ll visit even more of our favorite family-run bars and restaurants throughout Seville, devouring delicious bites along the way.

Wondering where to buy jamón ibérico in Seville? Here are a few of our favorite family-fun bars, market stalls and gourmet shops where you'll find the best of the best!

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